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Flight Simulator 2020 Vs Flight Simulator 2024



Microsoft Flight Simulator has single-handedly managed to change the world of aviation in a video game format—a legacy that will now induce a second generation with the upcoming Flight Simulator 2024. Question is, what more can the franchise do to exceed the limits of the benchmark that already exists? How will a three-year hiatus contribute to the future of the series? And above all, how will it differentiate from its former masterpiece that still holds up remarkably well even by today’s standards? Well, therein lies a slew of questions that, quite frankly, hundreds of thousands of avid pilots are desperate to have answered.

Of course, it’s a still a little ways off yet, so there’s still plenty of time to mop up those leftover flight paths and aircraft blueprints. For when the time does come, though, will you even need to obtain Flight Simulator 2024 at all, or will you be able to find your aviation kicks in what’s already available to you today? Here’s what we can tell you about the IP’s forthcoming extension, and of course, whether or not you should take the dive. Let’s talk turkey.

What Is Microsoft Flight Simulator?

In case you don’t have the foggiest idea about Asobo Studio’s Microsoft Flight Simulator, then allow us to quickly clue you in. To make it short, both the 2020 and 2024 versions of the game are standalone projects—simulators in which players are invited to embark on breathtaking and fully immersive journeys around the world in one of hundreds of licensed aircrafts.

Regardless of the chapter you select, Flight Simulator offers an extensive range of airports, planes, and iconic landmarks and cities to wrap your head around. What’s more, each entry boasts an enormous catalog of downloadable content, which includes additional skins, flight paths, and crafts. To this end, pilots can explore any part of the world in a way that’s unique to them, whether it’s a short haul flight between cities or a long haul stint across faraway oceans.

Traditionally, Flight Simulator 2020 opts for custom flights over constructed ones, meaning users can plot their courses from anywhere in the world without any drawbacks. And this is the game’s selling point, plain and simple: freedom, and the ability to feel the thrill of piloting your own aircraft in any part of the world imaginable, be it Alaska or Egypt, Australia or the Arctic Circle. Question is, what more will Flight Simulator 2024 do to evolve this already refined technology?

What’s New in Flight Simulator 2024?

Flight Simulator 2024

According to the guys over at Asobo Studio, Flight Simulator 2024 will be built on a “significantly evolved Asobo Studio engine.” With that, users can expect to take flight in a fully realized version of the classic Flight Simulator schematic, but with the addition of all add-ons from the 2020 edition. So, if you’ve already purchased a variation of DLC from Flight Simulator 2020, then rest assured that it’ll carry over to the 2024 episode, no questions asked.

In addition to all the tweaked gadgets and gizmos and graphical enhancements, Flight Simulator 2024 will also make way for dozens of new playable scenarios—activities in which players can take control of all-new vessels and embark on a series of odd jobs around the world. And judging from the trailer that aired back at the Xbox Showcase, that’ll include the likes of hot air balloon tours, mountain rescue services, VIP charter flights, crop dusting, and even a pinch of air racing. But that’s barely scratching the surface, what with the trailer also shedding light on numerous other planes, locations, and in-flight features to engage with. So, hardly a clone of its predecessor, after all.

What Will Happen to Flight Simulator 2020?


The good news is, Flight Simulator 2020 isn’t going anywhere — yet. Matter of fact, Asobo Studio has committed to a ten-year support plan, meaning users can still very much expect to see future updates hit the market over the next several years. The only difference here will be, well, Flight Simulator 2024 will receive more, and as a result, gradually take over the yoke as the years draw closer toward 2020’s eviction notice. Rest assured though that, in spite of a new episode coming to light, it won’t be completely taking over for several years or so.


Asobo Studio has clearly spread the foundation for a realistic flight simulation model that can carry over for decades, more so now that the next-gen upgrade has been propositioned. Knowing that, and how the 2020 version still has years of life left in the vessel, it’s difficult to shoot down one in favor of the other. For what it’s worth though, if you’re an avid aviation enthusiast and long to have all the latest updates within your grasp, then there’s no doubt about it — Flight Simulator 2024 is a near-perfect upgrade, and one that’ll draw mass attention come launch.

Let it be said that, while then next leg of the journey will boast additional scenarios and planes to explore, the current edition is still one of the best and most immersive flight simulation experiences in the world of gaming. And with Asobo Studio still continuing its support for it for another several years to come, there really is no reason to touch down on the nearest runway just yet. Fact is, there’s still plenty of life left in the not-so old girl, and you can bet there’ll be countless updates and DLC steering its way before Flight Simulator 2024 finds its bearings.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 will be heading to Xbox Series X|S and PC at some point in 2024. It will also be available to play on Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate on day one, so be sure to keep your subscriptions active as the months draw on. We’ll be sure to let you know when there’s a release date set in stone.


So, what’s your take? Will you be getting your hands on a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 when it arrives? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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