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5 Mouth-Watering Zombie Games That Nobody Talks About



Zombies: if you've killed one — you've killed 'em all. Of course, that might be the case with ninety per cent of zombie-based video games these days, seeing as there really is only so much you can do with flesh-eating corpses before the concept just becomes a little strenuous. That's pretty much why Capcom ended up steering more towards alternative diseases rather than sticking with the same old undead formula. We can't say many others have followed in those footsteps, but, you know — each to their own.

Of course, Resident Evil does still stand at the pinnacle of zombie-based gaming, despite the fact that Capcom no longer puts their attention on the neck biters. However, beneath the six-foot grave that is Capcom's catalogue of survival horror games, there are actually plenty of alternative titles that have since been forgotten. Sure, they might've had a beating heart once upon a time, but these days — not so much. Still, we'd love to see a few of these given a second life for current-gen hardware.


5. Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse Trailer(Rare, awesome)

Originally launched as an Xbox exclusive, Stubbs the Zombie became one of the most talked-about games of 2005. Unfortunately, that tale was short-lived after the release of the Xbox 360 only a couple of months later. After that, Stubbs sizzled out as one of the final original Xbox games and ultimately paved the way for thousands of fresher titles on newer hardware. Luckily for us, however, the game has since been remastered for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A few days ago, as it happens. Small world, eh?

As the pioneer to the zombie apocalypse, you must chew your way through suburb after suburb while harvesting an undead following along the way. Destroy the local landmarks, crush the enemy lines, and raise one heck of an army as you sweep the city of Punchbowl off its feet. But, eh — just try to keep all of your limbs intact.


4. Lollipop Chainsaw

Lollipop Chainsaw - Announcement Trailer (PS3, Xbox 360)

Who knew “Lollipop” by The Chordettes would make such an appropriate theme song for so many zombie games, right? Of course, it does seem rather fitting for a game quite literally titled Lollipop Chainsaw. But we can't help but give a nod to Stubbs for the inspiration on that one. Anyway, in case you missed out on the cheerleader turned zombie assassin entry — you'll be pleased to know that it isn't too late to check-in to the madness. However, you might need to dig out your old Xbox 360 of PS3 first. We can thank Microsoft for that one for not making it backwards compatible.

Lollipop Chainsaw follows the twisted love story of cheerleader Juliet Starling as she ploughs her way through San Romero High on a bloodthirsty quest to rescue her boyfriend. Unfortunately, with various undead leaders blocking her path, Juliet must destroy each faction if she ever wishes to reclaim her beloved Nick's severed body. And yes, it is incredibly over the top — but we love it nonetheless.


3. World War Z

World War Z - Launch Trailer | PS4

While it's not exactly Left 4 Dead 2 — it is definitely a noteworthy entry to the zombie survival genre. In fact, you can almost see where half of the influences stem from with World War Z, and that isn't technically a bad thing, either. Thanks to Saber Interactive's keen eye for detail and research, their spin on coop gaming was able to amass global praise right off the bat.

Whether you're playing solo or entering the ring with three other players — World War Z offers you a platform to hone your skills and tally up the body count. Over several meaty chapters that are all equally crammed with undead hordes and sky-high obstacles, you and your team must shovel through waves of zombies in search of an escape. However, if you're expecting the journey to be just a hop, skip and a lunge away — then you've got another thing coming.


2. Resident Evil: Outbreak

If you thought Raccoon City was well past its use-by date after the events of Resident Evil 3 — then think again. Outbreak, in case you missed it, was a spin-off entry to the timeline that took place around the same time as both Resident Evil 2 and 3. Though, unfortunately, neither Jill Valentine nor Leon Kennedy makes an appearance in this chapter. Instead, Outbreak focuses on eight newcomers to the series — all of which can either live or die, depending on how you progress through the campaign.

As a PlayStation 2 exclusive, players were able to connect to the Resident Evil servers and form a team to tackle one of the five scenarios. Through teamwork and persistence, each character could progress through Raccoon City and escape the wretched streets before becoming overwhelmed by the undead. Unfortunately, like real life, if you chose not to keep up with the pack and do your part — then you'd be as good as dead before even leaving the first room. Not bad for a game from 2003, right? If only Capcom kept those servers running post-2007.


1. ZombiU

ZombiU Trailer - E3 2012

You know, as far as post-apocalyptic cityscapes go — London is a rather beautiful looking place — especially as a host for a zombie invasion. After all, with so many New York City backdrops and American metropolis fantasies running amock these days, it's sort of neat to spot something that tears away from the norm. ZombiU (or Zombi, as it's known on Xbox One and PlayStation 4) is a survival horror game that uses London as its playground for the final stand against the undead.

With some of the most recognisable landmarks in British history playing a major role in the story, you'll be tasked with rummaging through the likes of Buckingham Palace, St. George's church and the Tower of London in search of an escape from the city. With only a few tools on hand and a shadowy cesspit of a borough surrounding you, you must liaise with unknown entities in order to survive the longest night of your life. Are you ready to put all of your trust on a single lifeline?


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