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5 Best Zombie Games on VR (2023)

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Zombie games allow players to fight off hordes of the undead or infected. This is a great way to relieve stress, as mowing through these hordes of zombies always feels satisfying. Now, take VR into consideration, and players will be able to get closer to the action than ever before. This makes for an exciting concept and lends itself well to the gameplay found in these games. So if you, like us, enjoy VR zombie games, enjoy our picks for the 5 Best Zombie Games on VR (2023).

5. Propagation VR

We begin today by starting off our list with a wonderful VR title. Propagation VR brings players into its world in a whole new way using VR technology. Players will be able to play, either solo or co-op, with friends as they go through this terrifying survival horror game. There are a number of ways to play the game, which is great for player choice and variety of gameplay. These include different modes of the game, such as increased difficulty modes and much more, and all in a free-to-play package.

There are also quite a few options for the player to tweak in order to make their VR experience more comfortable. Another great aspect of this game is the fact that it doesn't necessarily overstay its welcome. While there are certainly challenges that the player can choose to complete, all of that is up to the player as play sessions for Propagation VR are relatively short. This is great and really ensures players get plenty of bang for their buck, so to speak. So if you are someone who enjoys zombie VR games, make sure you check this one out.

4. Killing Floor: Incursion

Next up on our list of VR zombie games we have Killing Floor: Incursion. Now anyone who is familiar with the Killing Floor series knows they specialize in cooperative FPS gameplay. This means that the game, at its core, has a really strong foundation upon which to build upon. And it manages to do just that. This is a game that not only allows players to experience its storyline but has quite a few game modes in order for the player to try. This adds quite a bit of variety to the player experience and is overall great for the player.

For players who prefer more of a survival wave experience, the game has an endless game mode. This game mode allows players to face off against hordes of infected to their heart's content. The story for the game is also quite good and will provide the player with a great time. The weapon variety in the game is also pretty spectacular and gives players many choices over how they want to dispatch enemies. So if you are looking for VR zombie games that are accessible and great to play with friends, make sure you pick this title up.

3. Arizona Sunshine

Switching things up a bit, we have Arizona Sunshine. This is a game that takes a much more laid-back approach to its zombie apocalypse and sees players exploring beautiful environments. The game is built from the ground up for Vr, which makes it a great game to have for VR. There are solo and co-op experiences which each bring their own bit of flavor to the game. Players can team up with friends as they thwart zombies together, which is great. This makes the game a more social experience, which is great for overall gameplay.

The game even features a fully fleshed-out cooperative campaign which is sure to keep you and your friends busy. There also has been significant attention paid to the weapon handling in the game, which adds just that little touch of more immersion to the overall experience. Players will have to scrounge for supplies and make the most of what they have along their journey. This does a great job of feeding into the gameplay. Simply put, Arizona Sunshine is one of the best VR zombie games you can play on the market today.

2. Resident Evil Village VR

Next up on our list of the best VR zombie games, we have a title that hardly needs an introduction. Resident Evil Village VR is a game that is simply stunning. The environmental design and the amount of detail poured into the world around the player are superb. Around every nook and cranny, there are new things to discover, whether that be a bit of great lore or simply supplies needed to survive. And survival is at the forefront of what makes this game so great.

Harkening back to the experiences presented in older Resident Evil titles, this game balances its survival horror gameplay. Players can deal with enemies in several ways and navigate this VR journey using the tools provided. This can mean collecting a particular weapon or item in order to deal with a specific enemy. This serves to bring the game to life through its survival mechanics. Overall, Resident Evil Village VR is a superb example of a VR zombie game done right.

1. After The Fall

For our final entry on our list, we have one of the most excellent VR zombie games on the market. After The Fall is a game that places cooperative gameplay at the forefront of this wonderful title, players can team up with friends and go through the game's many missions, all while engaging with the various systems within the game. There are quite a few unique enemies that players will have to contend with, which each require their own strategy to take down. This is great for moment-to-moment gameplay and feels fantastic when put into action.

The game also does a great job of immersing players in its crafting system. This serves to really sell the zombie apocalypse angle. Not only that but After The Fall also features a stellar PvP mode for those who wish to switch things up every now and then. So, to close, After The Fall is perhaps one of the best zombie games on the market, not simply speaking of VR titles, but zombie games in their entirety. Players should definitely give this title a chance if they haven't already.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Zombie Games on VR (2023)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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