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8 Best Mods for Minecraft

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What’s Minecraft without a hearty batch of mods, eh? It seems that, in this day and age at least, the block-centric sandbox IP is thrice as entertaining with a tapestry of creative mods thrown into the framework. Don’t believe us? Consider adding these to your files the next time you’re booting up a session and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.

8. Alex’s Mobs

Alex’s Mobs is arguably one of the most sought-after mods in 2023, and for good reason, too. Simply put, it adds hundreds of critters and beasts to the vanilla edition of Minecraft, from kangaroos to tigers, mammoths to bone serpents. What’s more, it also adds its own unique mechanic and loot system, which essentially allows players to both hunt and obtain new trophies for their growing collection.

7. Serene Seasons

It’s all well and good being able to literally walk between seasons in a common server, but without the natural transition and changing of the elements, it isn’t all that realistic, either. Thanks to one modding group, however, seasons can finally feel like a natural occurrence, and quite simply make an otherwise mediocre experience feel a bit more, I don’t know, lifelike? That’s Serene Seasons, in a nutshell, and it’s arguably one of the best visual mods on the current network, no questions asked.

6. Decocraft

Like it or not, you’re going to run out of things to craft at some point or another. Fear not, though, as adding the mod known as Decocraft will actually present you with an additional 3,000 items to craft for your humble abode. And that’s only scratching the surface, too, as the creators behind it are often known to introduce new items on a frequent basis. So, if you’re looking to flesh out your blocky pad with a few new gadgets and gizmos (or a few dozen beer kegs), then be sure to give this mod some food for thought.

5. Cave Dweller

If you thought collecting eight pages while under the watchful gaze of Slender Man was terrifying, then wait till you get a load of the Cave Dweller, an all-new slender-type foe who stalks the underbelly of the world’s caves. By adding this mod to your files, you’ll essentially have an entirely new obstacle to overcome—a sneaky, dangerous, and most of all, horrifying creature with a knack for mindlessly slaughtering whatever falls within its grasp.

Let it be said that, as of 2023, there are dozens of mods that can transform that family-friendly sandbox sim of yours into a bottomless cabinet of oddities. For what it’s worth, though, the Cave Dweller mod is definitely the one to keep an eye out for — especially if you’re an avid fan of psychological horror and classic hide-and-seek gameplay.

4. Twilight Forest

If you’ve grown tired of exploring the same old biomes and fighting the same critters in the bog-standard servers, then perhaps it’s time to up sticks and head to a new world—a twilight forest of a world, to be more specific. Thanks to this particular mod, you too can forge the portal needed to create a whole new region—a standalone continent in which every creature is different, and every piece of scenery is unique. There are also new dungeons to explore, boss battles to unlock, and even a treasure trove of new materials to dig out. That’s Twilight Forest, in a nutshell, and it does the modding community justice, tenfold.

To reach the Twilight Forest, you’ll first need to forage for the correct materials to craft a portal. Not sure where to begin? You can find all the steps on the official mod page here.

3. Pixelmon

If you’re a bit of a die-hard fan of Pokémon, then you’ll definitely want to check out the Pixelmon mod—an all-new love letter to the beloved monster franchise. Its purpose is simple: bring a whole bunch of original Pokémon to Minecraft, and allow players to both find, capture, and even battle with other creatures around the realms. It’s very Pokémon GO, in a way, so if that’s your thing, then it’s a mod worth savoring.

2. Vault Hunters

Vault Hunters is a full-blown story-driven mod, and one that just so happens to transport its players to a series of—you guessed it—vaults. As a fledgling loot hunter, you must enter each of these procedurally-generated dungeons and scrape their floors of all the materials and artifacts you can find. Your ultimate goal: to find 25 golden treasures and unlock the final vault—a locker that is rumored to have riches beyond your wildest dreams.

On paper, Vault Hunters pretty much comes across as just another portal mod with a few added biomes. Fact is, though, there are also several other elements thrown in, such as combat, role-playing, and even the odd roguelite mechanic. There’s armor, weapons, and plenty of new materials to get your hands on — making it something of a Minecraft 2.0, in essence.

1. World Edit

To answer the question, how do famous streamers build mesmerizing locales with little to zero effort: World Edit, in short. This tool, although a bit of a pain to wrap your head around, is used to not only copy and paste elements, but completely rewrite certain parts of the game, too. And while the package as a whole does require some amount of effort to learn, the results that one can salvage from the final product are parallel to none, making it one of the best mods in the entire community. So, if you’d much rather leave all the legwork for another project, and instead flex your creative muscles on a canvas with infinite utensils, then look no further.


So, what’s your take? Will you be adding any of the above mods into your Minecraft game this week? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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