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Rumble Club vs. Fall Guys



Rumble Club vs. Fall Guys

Rumble Club, a relatively new game that launched on April 12, 2024, is reminiscent of Fall Guys, which launched in 2020. Both games are Battle Royales inspired by competitive TV shows like Gladiator, Total Wipeout, and Takeshi’s Castle. However, unlike classic Battle Royale games that feature hardcore gameplay designs, these games are more charming than bloody.

Fall Guys and Rumble Club share many similarities. Most notably, the characters and gameplay designs are eerily similar. However, they also have several distinct differences that make each one unique and worth playing. Here is a comprehensive comparison of both games’ features, including their stories, characters, and gameplay designs.

What is Rumble Club?

Rumble Club - Launch Trailer

Rumble Club is a new Battle Royale game released on April 12, 2024. It was developed by Lightfox Games and published by Mad Mushroom.

The game offers a more charming take on Battle Royale games through its cartoonish characters and casual combat style. The characters look like cute jellybeans, and the fights are bloodless, albeit epic. Playing the game involves fighting and eliminating all other characters in the arena while avoiding various hazards. Players can also undertake diverse challenges through the game’s various modes.

What is Fall Guys?

The Fall Guy | Official Trailer 2

Fall Guys is a Battle Royale game developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital. It launched in 2020, making it slightly older than Rumble Club. It involves avoiding diverse hazards while racing against 59 other characters to reach the finish line first or remain the last one on the racecourse. Interestingly, its approach to the Battle Royale genre is as charming and casual as Rumble Club’s.



The stories behind Rumble Club and Fall Guys are somewhat vague. The story behind Rumble Club involves taking justice into your own hands, literally, by beating your enemies senselessly. However, Fall Guys doesn’t seem to have a solid background story. Overall, both games are inspired by competitive TV shows like Takeshi’s Castle. Both games’ objectives are to beat all other characters to remain the last one standing.


Characters in the game

Character appearance is the most notable similarity between Fall Guys and Rumble Club. Characters in both games look like jellybeans, giving the games their cartoonish appeal.

Notably, both games feature diverse customization options for the jellybean characters, enabling you to create a unique character. The customization options vary between the two games and generally include diverse skins, emotes, paints, and accessories. Moreover, the mechanisms for unlocking the customization also vary.



Rumble Club involves 20 jellybean-like characters fighting each other and avoiding diverse traps and hazards. The objective is similar to other Battle Royale games: beat everyone else to remain the last jellybean standing. You can play solo against 19 other characters or team up with other players in co-op mode.

The fights in Rumble Club are epic and dynamic. The objective is to beat your enemies senselessly and eliminate them by throwing them into pools of goop. However, you must also watch out for hazards like swinging wrecking balls and avoid them amidst the chaos.

Players can use their bare fists to punch or arm themselves with diverse weapons and gadgets to make the fights more entertaining. Interestingly, some of the weapons and gadgets are bizarre, making things more interesting. For example, you can use a boombox to blow your enemies away or flatten them using a giant donut. Notably, the combat mechanism is strictly based on the laws of physics. The idea is to position and time your hits properly to cause the biggest possible impact.

Besides senseless fighting, Rumble Club also features dynamic modes with diverse challenges. For example, the Sugar Rush and King of the Hill modes involve collecting as many cupcakes as possible while standing within specific zones in the arena. Interestingly, the developer regularly adds new modes and arenas to keep things interesting.

In contrast, Fall Guys doesn’t involve any fighting. The gameplay is instead based on players racing to the finish line while avoiding diverse obstacles and hazards. However, the objective is similar to that of Rumble Club and other Battle Royale games: to remain the last jellybean standing. Falling is easy, which can be frustrating. However, fallen characters respawn quickly, getting you back into the race and keeping the fun going. Moreover, eliminated players can sit back and watch the remaining characters scramble over each other.

The game features 60 characters, 40 more than Rumble Club. The characters are placed on diverse race courses featuring diverse hazards designed to make them fall, slowing them down. The obstacles are diverse and bizarre, including fake doors, giant fruits falling from the sky, and more. Characters can avoid hazards by running, jumping, diving, and grabbing onto objects. Interestingly, players can use different routes and apply different strategies to win the races, making every playing experience unique. Notably, players can only play in solo mode, as the game lacks an online co-op mode.

Fall Guys features 24 minigames (modes) with diverse racecourses, hazards, and challenges. Each minigame is divided into four categories: Race, Survive, Team, and Final Round. Moreover, the minigames run for about 15 minutes and barely last 3-5 rounds, making the fun fast-paced. Notably, some minigames are easier or more challenging than others. However, the minigames are rigid and do not change over time, unlike Rumble Club’s dynamic modes. Fortunately, the dynamic strategies, varying routes, and chaotic obstacles help keep things fresh and interesting.


Rumble Club vs. Fall Guys

On the one hand, character appearances, avoiding hazards, diverse modes, and colorful arenas and racecourses are the most notable similarities between Rumble Club and Fall Guys. On the other hand, the most notable differences are the differing gameplay designs, co-op playing, and number of characters.

Each game has a unique appeal and delivers a fun, casual playing experience. Ultimately, the final verdict on the best game between Rumble Club and Fall Guys depends on your unique tastes and preferences.

So, what’s your take on our comparison of Rumble Club vs. Fall Guys? Which game do you consider better? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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