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Most Anticipated Battle Royale Games of 2024

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Two soilders standing in Contractors Showdown

It’s really something to battle against several online players and come out on top. You may have to play dirty to be the last man standing. Or work on honing your skills until you become the best of the best. Over the years, battle royale games have given us addictive pastimes to bond with friends and family. But now, it’s time to switch up the game to something you haven’t tried before. Check out the most anticipated battle royale games of 2024 below, and let us know which one’s your favorite.

5. Contractors Showdown

Contractors Showdown - Official Teaser Trailer | Upload VR Showcase 2023

Trapped on a desolate island, Contractors Showdown tasks you with surviving, looting, and upgrading gear. You’ll use tactical combat to fight relentless enemies and the dangers lurking around the corners of the world. 

The game plays a lot like the Survivors reality show, where a group of players are taken to an isolated area and must scavenge limited resources. In Contractors Showdown, however, large corporations have deployed bounty hunters onto treacherous lands. Soon, they transform the abandoned base into an arena, and it’s every man for himself. 

Exploration will be at the core of the Contractors Showdown. You’ll set out to uncover the secrets and loot the resources of the game’s uninhabited, rugged lands. With no clue of what to expect, you’ll need to be constantly prepared to face hostiles and protect yourself from harm. 

Platforms: All Major VR Platforms

Release Date: January 2024

4. Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2

Fortnite CHAPTER 5 SEASON 2 - Trailer

As Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1 will likely wrap up on March 8, 2024, Season 2 will likely go up on the same day, and we absolutely can’t wait. It’s common for some downtime to happen between seasons, yet it shouldn’t take too long for servers to go back up.

Fortnite has, for a long time, held the crown for the best battle royale game ever. And with the constant updates streaming in over the years, fans remain ever so pleased to jump back to the arena. Chapter 5, Season 1, in particular, treated us to some sparkly new modes and skins. It also overhauled the map and movement system and added new content to Maule.

And so, as we wait for Season 2, some of the leaks hint at a Greek mythology theme. More rumors suggest we’ll see Ninjago for Lego Fortnite and possibly new movement mechanics. Regardless, Fortnite remains as charming as ever, boasting collaborations with high-profile characters and artists across all cultures. We certainly can’t wait to see what Chapter 5, Season 2, has in store.

Platforms: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch, PC, & Mobile

Release Date: March 8, 2024 

3. Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys - Gamescom Xbox Reveal!

Stumble Guys may have already spent some valuable time with some of you, but now, Xbox owners have the chance to get in on the fun, too. It’s a multiplayer battle royale game that focuses on obstacle courses. Essentially, players kick off racing against one another. Some will stumble on the tough tracks, hence the name. But the overall goal is to become the last one standing.

Unlike most battle royales, Stumble Guys tends to ease more into a genuinely good time. It tests your speed. Which player will be the fastest to cross the finish line? But at the same time, it also tests your stamina to survive its tough obstacles, as well as your skills to manoeuvre each one. With 32 players to start, can you run, jump, and dash your way faster and smarter than everyone else to take the crown?

Platforms: Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S

Release Date: January 23, 2024

2. Battle Crush

Battle Crush - Official Trailer

Battle Crush, on the other hand, doesn’t hesitate to make you sweat. It only gives you 8 minutes per round to survive a collapsing stage. Meanwhile, enemies come from all directions, threatening to destroy you. But despite all the pressure, Battle Crush maintains an explosive action brawl energy that’s both addictive and entertaining to return to constantly.

Its controls are easy enough to master. And rightly so, as the battles can become quite intense in the heat of the moment. To make light of the battles as well, the electrifying skills and visual spectacle each hit creates. It’s fun watching your opponents explode on impact and silently praying you’re not the next one to get blown to bits. 

With up to 30 players per round, which mythological hero will you pick to fight on your behalf? As the arena collapses from beneath your feet, can you find safe ground in time? Meanwhile, enemies lurk all around you. Can you beat them in time to be the last one standing? 

Be sure to watch out for treasure chests and items littered all across the arena. Finding them can easily turn the table in your favor. You can also team up in groups of three, ensuring you pick the best fighters to make the perfect team.

Platforms: PC

Release Date: Spring 2024

1. Off the Grid

Off the Grid - Official Gameplay Trailer | gamescom 2023

The dystopian cyberpunk battle royale shooter Off the Grid has been slipping into later years, with the previously slated release date of 2023 now confirmed to be in 2024. We have no complaints here whatsoever, as the game has some mega plans cooking for us. It’ll, unlike most battle royales, feature a 60-hour-long immersive narrative campaign. 

Battle royales typically exclude deep storylines. So, it’s interesting to see how Off the Grid captures your attention from start to finish. It might quite possibly set a new standard for the genre, with 150 players joining a session at the start and duking it out on a tropical island until the last one standing wins the game.

With the freedom to explore the world as you please, all while following along with a story, it’s interesting to see how captivating and immersive Off the Grid will be in the realm of battle royale games. 

Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X/S, & PC

Release Date: 2024

So, what's your take? Will you be picking up any of the above most anticipated battle royale games of 2024 this year? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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