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LEGO Fortnite: Everything We Know

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LEGO Fortnite: Everything We Know

If I were to count the number of reasons why Fortnite is the top-ranking battle-royale game, I'd probably run out of fingers. In such a short time, the game has skyrocketed to prominence, ranking as the most revolutionary game to hit the gaming world. Besides being a free-to-play game, the devs have been intentional about increasing players' engagement with the game. 

From celebrity performances to collaborations with pop culture franchises, Fortnite is a platform that considers everyone. And now, LEGO fans have more reason to jump aboard the Fortnite ship. LEGO Fortnite is the new crossover to hit Fortnite, and we have all the details about it. Ready to dominate the brick world? Here's LEGO Fortnite—everything we know.

What is LEGO Fortnite?

LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite is a new game mode in Fortnite, described as a survival crafting game that draws plenty of inspiration from Minecraft. The new mode integrates LEGO minifigures as the new outfit skins. The good news is you can import your skins to the “Everything is Awesome” world, but they'll be shrunk down to Lego sizes. 

The game's Minecraft angle lies in its gameplay. Ideally, players will collect resources, build villages, recruit villages, and explore the environment. However, there are certain elements that deviate from Minecraft's way of doing things. For instance, you can't skip the night; you'll have to wait it out and brace for the horrors it holds. But worry not; it's not that terrifying. We're speaking of LEGO, where even the toughest criminal is an adorable miniature figure.

LEGO Fortnite is not an entirely different game. In fact, to access it, all you need to do is select the title from the menu. It's a similar procedure to switching to the battle royale mode in the game. The mode is completely free and doesn't require a Battle Pass to access it.



Unlike the four chapters of Fortnite that attempt to stick to a storyline, LEGO Fortnite sways away from any narrative. Instead, it places much emphasis on survival skills, crafting, and, most importantly, online cooperation with friends.


LEGO Fortnite is available in two modes: Survival and Sandbox. In Survival mode, you must brace for the unknown in the wilderness. This includes defending yourself against foes and building your abode. The latter calls for roaming the environment to collect resources and craft your village. The Sandbox mode removes the hassle of collecting resources to build your dream village. You simply spawn the items you need. Ideally, the game lets your creativity run the show by limiting the number of worlds you can create to eight.

Speaking of creativity, the game features loads of customizable features to amplify every player's experience. You can alter your enemies, villagers, temperatures, elimination, friendly creatures, stamina, and hunger. Plus, you can choose whether your inventory drops after elimination.

Now, since Fortnite is a game that encourages community engagement, so is LEGO Fortnite. You can team up with eight friends in one world and let your imagination run wild. To spice it up, you can think of yourselves as the last remnant of the brick world (just saying). Each player gets their own set of perks to let their imagination run wild and free. Plus, the game encourages neighborliness, so you can pay each other a visit. If your neighbor wishes to access your house while you're offline, you can invite them to be a keyholder. Essentially, you'll be having a roommate.

Moreover, LEGO Fortnite features rare events where you can collect some special loot. Some may be easy to obtain, while others will need a bit of crafting. For instance, to access the Rainbow Loot, you must craft a ladder or staircase to get above the cloud to access the next challenge. The Rainbow is a rare sight to see, but you can't miss it.


LEGO Fortnite

The LEGO franchise is among three other game franchises joining the Fortnite craze. The idea behind the crossovers and collaborations is to incorporate various games on the platform, like a better version of Roblox. Epic's executive VP, Saxs Persson, revealed that the studio is embracing a different way of thinking in the gaming ecosystem. 

He says the plan is to have a game that “can hold both the smallest creator games to the biggest of our first-party games, and anything in between.” He also revealed that LEGO was the right fit for the studio since they were aiming at creating a virtual world with similar identities. The idea behind the partnership between LEGO and Fortnite was to “build a space in the metaverse that's fun, entertaining, and made for kids and families.” 

And since LEGO is a franchise loved by people of all ages, the collaboration couldn't have come at a better time.

Moreover, the game mode is expected to get better over time. As Epic plans to redefine its Fortnite ecosystem, it's providing more incentives to improve user-made experiences. In March, the studio unveiled the Unreal Editor for Fortnite during the State of Unreal 2023 presentation. According to Epic, players will create custom worlds by importing custom assets. 

This will transform Fortnite's cartoonish vibe. The studio also launched a major Halloween update that encourages creator-made maps. What's more enticing is its YouTube-like design. So we can expect more in-store for Fortnite and LEGO Fortnite

As Persson puts it, “The goal is absolutely anything we do benefits creators over time.”


LEGO Fortnite Cinematic Trailer

Are you excited to see how Epic is piecing all this together? Well, you don't have to let your imagination run wild; save it for the game. The devs launched a cinematic trailer, and it looks stunning. You can see for yourself in the video embedded above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

LEGO Fortnite: Everything We Know

LEGO Fortnite is already on Fortnite. The new mode debuted on December 7, and it is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Android. You can also access the game via NVIDIA GeForce Now, Cloud Gaming for Xbox Cloud. Gaming, and Amazon Luna. The mode is a permanent addition to the game, and we can expect to see more additions in the near future.

If this game floats your boat, you can keep up with the devs on the official social media handle here. If anything exciting is added to LEGO Fortnite, we'll be sure to give you the exclusive scoop right here on

So there you have it. Will you try out the new LEGO Fortnite? What features of the game stand out the most for you? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials here.

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