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Fortnite, as a gaming experience, has wholly taken over the multiplayer battle royale space. This isn't for no reason, either, as the game features solid gameplay and can be enjoyed by players on any number of systems. One of the most fantastic aspects of the game is its ability to be modded. With an incredibly talented group of mapmakers, this game has some of the most creative maps in the business. So without further ad, here are our picks for the Best Creative Maps in Fortnite.

5. Prison Break

Starting off this list is the fantastic and intricate Prison Break map. This map, simply put, is phenomenal and does a tremendous job of capturing the feeling of a prison break. Set inside the ruins of a long abandoned castle, players will have to deal with its labyrinth of interlocked rooms in order to survive. What this map lacks in vibrance and visual flair, it makes up for in its sheer size and connectivity. Many of these rooms can be accessed from other rooms making for a frantic experience fighting over them from space to room.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the map is how different it feels from the base game. Firstly, the map uses its older feel to accomplish this in a few ways. Secondly, the map allows the player to engage with the castle around them. Finally, the map is interesting enough both visually and functionally that it can be replayed over and over again. Lastly, for these reasons, we believe this map is one of the best-created creative maps within Fortnite.

4. Lordly LabrinythFortnite Week 12 Quest Guide

First, Lordly Labarinyth certainly lives up to its name. Secondly, this massive expanse allows the players to get lost in its world simply. Being a giant maze, you would think that it would be incredibly difficult to navigate. And you'd be correct for the most part. However, this map is actually a bit easier to deal with than other created maps because of how it is laid out. players could definitely have a rather thrilling game of hide-and-seek on this map.

It is partially due to how grand of a concept this is that it feels so good to play. This is a world to get lost in, literally. Players could spend an afternoon searching their way through the maze in order to find each other. This makes the fights you do get into really intense, however. The map also is wrapped in a wintery coat, which makes it a marvel for the eyes. Snow glistening off the labyrinthian walls is simply beautiful. To close, Lordly Labrinyth is a wonderful example of what can happen when creative minds apply themselves to Fortnite.

3. Counter-Strike Dust 2Fortnite Week 5 Quest Guide

One of the most iconic maps in multiplayer history is Counter-Strike's Dust 2. This map has been reimagined in a number of games, and Fortnite is no exception. What this recreation features that many other games lack, however, is Fortnite's solid mechanics and gameplay. This makes it a great fit, as one of the best multiplayer maps of all time would no doubt be aided by the game's mechanics. Although the physics system is entirely different, it manages to feel right at home with the rest of the creative maps for Fortnite.

So if you are looking for an alternative to Counter-Strike, then this might just be up your alley. The cartoony art style of Fortnite also aids the map to make it stand out overall. The simple map design is deceptively tricky to master, however. So if you and some friends are looking for a different experience to play in Fortnite, loom no further than this fantastic recreation of Dust-2 in Fortnite. It is for the reasons stated above that we believe this to be one of the best creative maps in Fortnite as a whole.

2. The Pit

Halo fans will no doubt recognize The Pit from Halo 3. This is one of the best multiplayer maps of all time and has been lovingly recreated within Fortnite. The creators have made way for players to enjoy this classic map within an entirely different game. So if you are a fan of the map, it would be a no-brainer to download it and start playing it now. The maps feature rather long sightlines as well as many different closed areas in which to engage in close-quarters combat. This adds to the map's variety and appeals overall.

Crafty players have even taken to recreating specific game modes on these legendary maps as well. This is great as it allows players to enjoy the game of Fortnite in a way that they haven't before. In addition, this gives the player a chance to experience the best of both game franchises. Part of the crossover appeal of Fortnite is its ability to be adapted to whatever the player wishes at the time. It is in no small part due to this fact that we consider the recreation of Halo's The Pit among some of the best Fortnite Creative Maps creations.

1. Minecraft Maps Fortnite Week 12 Quest Guide

Minecraft is a staple of gaming in its own right. So it only makes sense that players would want to recreate some of these worlds within Fortnite. Players can enjoy thrilling gameplay as they visit many familiar locations from the Minecraft universe. For example, players can find things such as villages and even Nether portals within these maps. This breaks a beautiful feeling of both immersion as well as creativity to the maps themselves.

So if you are looking for a map that has both the visual flair of Minecraft as well as the stability and gameplay of Fortnite, then this entry could be right up your alley. Players can engage in any number of antics within this map. This is in no small part due to the adaptability of the Fortnite framework. If you are looking to blend together these worlds, then this is a fantastic way to do so. So make sure you are on the lookout for these Minecraft maps within Fortnite, as they offer some of the best Creative Maps experiences you can find.

So, what's your take on our picks for Best Creative Maps in Fortnite? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.



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