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5 Best Battlefield Games of All Time, Ranked

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Battlefield has been around since 2002, so it’s come a long way in the two decades. Since its first release, the franchise has had 11 main editions with 12th expansion games. As one of the first shooters to feature World War 2 multiplayer, Battlefield quickly became a fan-favorite. This makes deciding which Battlefield game to play for newcomers, or a game to go back to, can be challenging. 

Battlefield Games have held on to incorporating gritty battles, whether it is a WWII setting in Europe to war-torn cities in the modern-day. While similar to Far Cry and Call of Duty, Battlefield games have stood out for its gritty vehicle, team, and extensive maps, making it a popular first-person shooter franchise to date. It's more than just a shooter; it's a war simulator that lets you battle with modern-day military weapons in large scale battles.

So, do yourself a favor and get ready to fight on the front line as we count down five of the best Battlefield games of all time, ranked.


5. Battlefield 1942 (2002)

Battlefield 1942

As the first-ever Battlefield Game to introduce first-person online shooting in an extensive map across the air, sea, and land, Battlefield 1942 deserves a notable mention. The game was released a year before the first Call of Duty game was released, and it set the pace for future releases in this lore setting.

Besides being the first release, the game’s quality was pretty good. It had a wide range of features spanning over sixteen maps. It introduces players to global warfare, with the game doing well to match up the feeling of fighting multiple battles in a global scene. 

Perhaps restricting the platform compatible with this release to PC only also made sure that the detail in the game was noteworthy. If you’ve played this game, you'll agree that most of the authenticity in the original gameplay is maintained with the most recent titles. This authenticity is what has made Battlefield Games the popular franchise that it is today. Would I recommend playing the original game today? Probably not. However, the strong start the game set for future games is worth ranking it among the best.


4. Battlefield 1 (2016)

Battlefield 1 is claimed to be one of the best of the most recent games in the franchise, and for good reason. It takes on a new perspective where players experience a war-setting way before the 20th century. This is just before technology and when World War 1 changed the future of warfare for years to come. 

As the main game was about six and a half hours long, players highly appreciated the attention to detail on the six War Stories that had medals and ribbon awards upon completion of specific tasks in a mission. Unlocking some classic weaponry used in World War 1 also follows a similar fashion which makes the game more exciting to play. The title incorporates historic combat features like gas masks against using chemical weapons such as gas grenades from World War 1  

The battles are explosive, the past installments executed almost perfectly that Battlefield 1 certainly makes it to one of the best battlefield games ever made.


3. Battlefield 3 (2011)

Battlefield games

For some players, Battlefield 3 is the best game of the franchise. Mostly because it was the game that validated Battlefield's rivalry to Call of Duty. With stand-out features, EA and DICE exemplified its extensive maps, explosive battles, and vehicle variety that we all know Battlefield games for making it a whole load of fun to play. 

The difficulty in the game was welcome, as players always had to be on their toes to evade snipers and explosives coming their way. You could also compete with other players in the multiplayer mode that had similar gameplay and rewards for teamwork. The only reason this title does not top the list is that there simply were better contenders in the franchise.


2. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (2010)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

To spice things up, EA and DICE introduced personality to the franchise through the Bad Company sub-franchise. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 stretched the limits players were used to through all-out chaos gameplay. It makes sense to value realism in the battlefield games, however, introducing a spark of chaos seemed to sit well with fans. 

Stand-out features of the game include the writing that is full of humor and characters that are fun to play. There is also a multiplayer mode that is just as carefree, chaotic, and fond of fans. You could destroy buildings to dust, and face battles at the most extensive aftermath scenes. While the game may seem outdated, and its graphics subpar compared to recent games, it definitely was superior for its time, and an excellent fit for the second best battlefield games of all time.


1. Battlefield 2 (2005)

Battlefield 2


The first Battlefield game was a great start for future battlefield games. On the other hand, the second Battlefield 2 game was what set the stage for the future of first-person gameplay. Before Call of Duty caught up to the modern-day combat we’ve come to in recent games, Battlefield 2 was the first game to feature seamless bullet penetration and 64-player PC battle missions. 

Some of the new features of this title include Commander Mode where a player would oversee a battle from flying a helicopter in the sky. This mode would later become a staple of the lore setting, featuring in future games to add onto teamwork and tactical attacks. It is also the squad quality that is famous with battlefield games, where team squads would work towards accomplishing more specific objectives. 

The game is as intense as it is immersive. It features a wide range of vehicles to drive or fly and influences vehicle gameplay in future games. Ultimately, Battlefield 2 refined first-person shooter games, focusing on an open-map functionality in ways that have been adopted in the modern games of today.


So, what do you think of these top five battlefield games of all time? Do you agree with our listing? Do let us know in the comments below or our socials here.

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