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best weapons and upgrades

Dead Space is a well-known sci-fi horror game from publisher EA, and its recent remaster has gamers jumping out there seats to experience its sci-fi horror all over again. Mostly because the re-master will retain the nostalgic feel of the original while incorporating modern cutting-edge graphics to increase immersion. If you haven't played the original game, your mission is to explore a distillate mining ship and planet in order to discover, solve, and eradicate the horrible monsters that have taken over. You will have seven weapons at your disposal to get the job done, each with various upgrades to help deal with those horrific and dreaded Necromorphs. So, let's take a look at the best weapons and upgrades for dealing with these monstrosities.

5. Plasma Cutter

Best weapons and upgrades

The Plasma Cutter is one of the first weapons in your arsenal, and it is extremely effective when used correctly. This weapon has two firing modes that shoot beams horizontally and vertically. The beams are used to slice through Necromorph limbs, with horizontal beams used on legs and vertical beams used on arms. This weapon will become dependable and most likely your best friend in combat.

Ammo is a valuable commodity in Dead Space, and that’s why one of the best weapon upgrades for the Plasma Cutter is the Cartridge Rack. This increases each clip by five beams, which is a significant advantage. As you progress through the game you’ll have more powerful firearms, but the Plasma cutter will be a great secondary nonetheless, and knowing you have ammo for it will help a lot. It can be found early in the game in the Ishamru Clinic on the medical deck. You’ll want to grab this weapon as quickly as you can as having early access to one of the best weapons and upgrades is an enormous advantage.

4. Ripper

This wrist-mounted mining tool uses saw blades as ranged ammunition and also doubles as a melee weapon. Safe to say, this weapon will shred any Necromorphs in its path. The blades for the ripper feature fired, incredible range and speed, but the best part is their ability to ricochet, making it much more deadlier and fun to use. As a result, the Ripper is great when fighting in hallways and narrow spaces. It’s still reliable in open spaces but you can’t make use of its ricochet feature, which is a big part of its appeal.

The most powerful upgrade for the Ripper is Deflecting Edges, which increases the number of ricochets to three. Further maximizing the damage of each blade can due by granting a higher chance for it to hit multiple enemies and dismember limbs with surgical precision. The Ripper with Deflecting Edges easily makes for one of the best weapons and upgrades in the game, with strong melee and ranged damage. Together this combo with is very reliable and one you’ll always want to have access to in your back pocket.

3. Pulse Rifle

This rifle, discovered early in the second chapter, has consistent stats all around. As a result, it's one of the most well-rounded weapons throughout the game. The Pulse Rifle has two firing modes, the first fires hard-hitting rounds that will stop enemies in their tracks. The second mode fires proximity mines that deal insane damage and can kill multiple enemies within blast range. The ladder will be your bread and butter, as it is one of the best weapons and upgrades available.

This is not a cheap upgrade, but the High-Yield Grenades are well worth it. This upgrade increases the damage and blast radius of the alternate proximity mines firing mode. This will aid you in taking out more enemies with the ability to one-shot the majority of solo enemies.

2. Line Gun

In comparison to the other best weapons, the Line Gun has only one function. As a result, it may be unappealing to some players since it's not as versatile as your other weapons. But, despite its limitations, the Line Gun is one of the game's most powerful weapons with some of the best upgrades in the game. Essentially, the Line Gun acts as a triple-beaming tripwire that blows Necromorphs into tiny bits.

One of the best upgrades for the Line Gun is The Photon Energizer. This upgrade ups the damage for each laser mine and will deal massive damage to Necromorphs that approach you. Because this weapon does not hold many rounds, you must choose your shots carefully. Still, when used correctly, it will deliver every time. As one of the best weapons and upgrades available, this gun will be your go-to in boss fights.

1. Contact Beam

The contact beam is the king of one-shotting enemies. The primary mode must be charged up before use, but is almost guaranteed to one or two-shot enemies. When you're cornered by enemies and need to make a quick escape, knocking enemies back with the Contact Beam will open up some great opportunities to take them out. The only downfall is its high ammo consumption. Make sure to be aware of this. It is to be expected, however, given that this is one of the best weapons in the game. Still, the Contact Beam takes the cake in comparison to the other best weapons and upgrades in the game.

Any upgrade will suffice, but for the best, we recommend the Portable Heliotron. This is one of the best upgrades because it greatly increases your ammo capacity. The one fault of this weapon. Nonetheless, this upgrade will provide some cushion room, making it more expendable. When ammo is no longer an issue, this adds to one of the best weapons and upgrades in the game due to its room-clearing abilities and satisfying explosions.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other weapons and upgrades in the Dead Space Remake you think are best? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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