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Dead Space: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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Dead Space tips for beginners

So much praise has been poured into the newly released Dead Space remake from the original 2008. For the most part, the remake is absolutely breathtaking and fits modern standards. Also, it features new mechanics, side quests, and storylines you might want to explore. Even if you haven’t played the original, the remake more than makes up for it with its fully seasoned take on scouting Ishimura’s doomed spaceship. So, what’s the strategy for completing Dead Space? How can you get a head start, even without prior experience playing any Dead Space games before? Stay tuned for our Dead Space best tips for beginners.

5. Aim for the Limbs

It’s become a daily mantra for shooters to aim for the head or upper torso. Call of Duty fans, what’s up? But things are a little different in Dead Space. Put simply, if you want to get ahead, and the only way to do that is to kill the Necromorphs seemingly crawling all over the place, you’ll want to aim for the limbs as they move toward you.

Otherwise, the damage you inflict will prove next to nothing. While if you aim for limbs, they sever more easily and make the Necromorph lose its mobility. In particular, try aiming for the legs a lot more. This way, the necropost is helpless, and you can finish them off on their knees. Alternatively, if you manage to sever the arms, it can help, too, as the Necromorph will be less likely to slash through you.

This tip is so essential that the game literally points it out for you at the start. In case you missed it, it’s the “cut off their limbs” message you get the minute you get your hands on your first weapon in Dead Space. Or, when a character says to you earlier, “Don't bother shooting them in the head.”

4. Stomp Away

Dead space

So, you’ve killed your first Necromorph? Great. Now, it’s time to stomp on its corpse for goodies like ammo, health kits, stasis packs, and credits. If you think that’s gross, then Dead Space is probably not the game for you. However, stomping on corpses is almost as essential a gameplay element as killing the actual thing. Otherwise, you get nothing out of it except escaping the jaws of death. 

The same applies if you run into any “already dead” Necromophs. It doesn’t cost you anything. Rather, you gain quite useful items for free. Another often ignored advantage to stomping is that it could help kill the Necromorphs for good. This way, they don’t revive themselves and return to attack you from behind. I should also mention the possible fun it could be to get payback for the jump scares.

3. You Have Kinesis, Stasis, and More. Use Them

Dead Space tips for beginners

One thing about Isaac is that he’s not your average fighter. He has special sci-fi abilities like kinesis and stasis that you need to always maximize to their full potential. Kinesis is a pretty crucial skill that allows you to lift and hurl all kinds of objects, like red cylinders that explode on impact, buzz saws, poles, and more, at enemies. It can do the opposite as well, by bringing items that are out of reach closer to you. 

Stasis, on the other hand, allows you to slow down time and freeze one or more enemies in place, or something like a fast-moving door, for a good few seconds. This is quite a special skill that can come in handy during intense, hectic fights, especially when you want to take a difficult shot, get out of range, or reload. It’s also a neat way to save ammo. 

It’s good to note how stasis and kineses are mostly used for exploration and puzzle-solving. However, they do just as well to survive attacks. Also, keep in mind that stasis is a finite resource. So it needs to be used sparingly. However, since you’re getting these perks early in the game, it should become second nature to manage them wisely as you progress. Speaking of asset management.

2. The Suit Says it All

It’s clear how much effort the Dead Space remake puts into Isaac’s new suit. You may have noticed how finely detailed it is now. But beyond the look, it packs some pretty powerful stats and features you should pay close attention to. 

For example, the suit displays Isaac’s current health, stasis energy, and other stats on the back. You can see how much stasis energy you have left in the tank via a small, circular indicator on your back that’s next to a vertical health bar along your spine. These stats glow, so it’s pretty easy to see them without much strain. 

1. Remember to Upgrade

Like in any other game, upgrading your gear in Dead Space is crucial, so do it as often as possible. There are several ways to upgrade in Dead Space. First, there’s the stomping on necromorphs, whose corpses could be holding upgrades you need. 

The other way is to explore the ship for nodes. These could be easy to find or a little tough. When you have them, you’ll need to use them at item benches to upgrade. I recommend upgrading your suit as a priority for more slots. More slots give you room to carry more items, like ammunition. Nodes can help increase your health and oxygen levels, too.

For a choice of weapon to upgrade, the Plasma Cutter is a good start. That’s because it’s pretty reliable and easy to scavenge ammo for. You can upgrade its power or get other special upgrades at the stores. Another way is to save up credits to buy upgrades at the store. The aim here is to constantly make Isaac stronger via his suit or weapon mods, always aiming to boost his overall chances of survival.


So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our top five Dead Space tips for beginners? Are there more tips we should know about? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.


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