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Ravenous Devils: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



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If you’ve ever so much as dreamt about working as a humble tailor in a Sweeney Todd-like outfitter, then you’re probably going to get a kick out of Ravenous DevilsA business management sim at heart, the inexplicably gory side-scroller comes loaded with a treasure trove of hilarious tidbits and other pie-infused shenanigans. To add, it also comes with its own series of challenges and other timely tasks. But, if that’s the sort of gig you’ve been yearning to try out, then you’ll probably want to onboard these quick tips before jumping into the deep end.

5. Preparation Is Key

Stocked pies in Ravenous Devils

If you are planning on running a successful two-for-one chop shop in Ravenous Devils, then you’re going to want to utilize the pre-opening hours on each working day for prep work. And by prep work, we’re talking about having each of the platters on your counter essentially swimming with meat pies, and the ingredients for additional meals ready to hurl into the oven at a moment’s notice. Additionally, you’ll want to have Percival attach tailored suits to all of the mannequins on display in the shop window, too.

As a reminder, time does not move forward when your stores are not open. Therefore, do yourself a favor and use this time to prepare for the day ahead, even if it means spending five to ten minutes grinding out mince meat and sausages for your repository. You’ll also want to have a spare outfit on hand, too, as clients can often be quick to strip a mannequin and leave the storefront completely empty.

4. Unlock the Assistant ASAP

Tailor and Pub in Ravenous Devils

It’ll come at a bit of a steep price ($70, to be exact), but unlocking the assistant in Ravenous Devils will essentially remove one of the three floors from your daily checklist. Simply put, having the assistant means not having to travel between the kitchen and the pub to collect orders and restock the pies and platters. Instead, you’ll be given a rather nifty dumbwaiter to utilize down in your meat dungeon — and that means less effort on your part, too. With the pub pretty much seen to on a daily basis, it means you can spend more time prepping meals, and less time worrying about commuting back and forth several times over in a relatively timely fashion.

The good news is, your trusty assistant won’t mess up any orders, nor will they take a sudden sabbatical when the going gets tough, either. Rather, they’ll manage the day-to-day and keep the shelves stocked for all the while you continue to send out courses in the dumbwaiter. So, to make your life a whole lot easier, aim to skip out on a couple of upgrades for a day or two until you’ve acquired enough to purchase the oddly naive co-worker.

3. Don’t Skimp Out on Gin and Decor

Tailors in Ravenous Devils

One of the toughest things to deal with in Ravenous Devils is the client’s inability to sit around and physically wait for their meal. To start out, you’ll no doubt struggle to prepare and deliver their orders on time, which means you’ll either need to put your assistant to work, or invest in certain key items, such as plants, pictures, or even gin. The latter, which can be unlocked for $35, will essentially replenish your client’s patience meter, and will therefore allow you to spend a bit more time dealing with additional requests on the side.

If you can help it, aim to flesh out the pub with decor and the casket of gin before investing in additional tables for your patrons. And remember, Ravenous Devils isn’t made out to be a sprint, but more of a slow stroll — so don’t worry about unlocking all of the best features as early on as possible.

2. Sell Pies for Quick Cash

Meat grinder in Ravenous Devils

One of the easiest ways to make money in Ravenous Devils is to sell minced pies, which only require a single slab of meat from the grinder and some flour. Ideally, you’ll want to invest in three additional platters for your pub, as pies are typically the first item to fly off the shelves upon opening up each morning. To make your life a little easier, aim to stock all four platters with a minimum of nine or ten pies. If prepared properly, you should be able to devote more time to fulfilling table orders throughout the day.

It is worth noting that, while only two or three table orders will pop up on your to-do list each day, the platters will often sell out three or four times per shift. To keep on top of this, simply reserve one of your cooking stations for the sake of resupplying your platters as and when needed. If possible, always aim to keep a plate doused in flour and a single portion of meat, as this will reduce the amount of work needed to restock the shelves.

1. Don’t Neglect Your Veggies

Greenhouse in Ravenous Devils

As it turns out, one of the best ways to boost your profits in Ravenous Devils is to incorporate vegetables into your dishes. Aside from tomatoes and onions, you can also use eggs and other ingredients found in the Greenhouse area, all of which can make a single-star dish a two, or maybe even a three-star meal. To get the ball rolling on this one, you’ll first need to purchase the tomatoes from the upgrade menu for $60. Once done, you will have full access to the Greenhouse, which will allow you to experiment with new flavors and cuisines down in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, having such a facility within reach of your kitchen does come with a downfall: the lack of compost. To get more of it, you will of course need to sacrifice a human corpse or two to the bathtub in the Greenhouse, which means losing out on additional meat for the grinder down in the kitchen. For this reason alone, you’ll only want to resupply your veggies after you’ve obtained enough meat in the kitchen.


So, what’s your take? Do you have any useful tips for newcomers to the Ravenous Devils universe? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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