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5 Best Cooking Games like Cuisineer



A woman brushing her hair in Venba.

Cooking games are fantastic for those players who enjoy the simple feedback loop that cooking provides. Breaking down ingredients to turn them into beautiful dishes always feels rewarding. The ability to turn raw ingredients into masterful dishes. It gives the player a great sense of accomplishment and does so in a way that feels frantic and fun. These games often place a significant amount of emphasis on the player's ability to juggle multiple tasks as well. Here are our picks for the 5 Best Cooking Games like Cuisineer.

5. The Sushi Spinnery

An order of sushi in The Sushi Spinnery.

We are beginning today's list with a cooking title that revolves around one main dish, namely sushi. Here, we have The Sushi Spinnery. For players who are fans of time management in cooking games, this game has you covered. Players will have to manage a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, which will not only require their full focus but will be fun along the way. The game gives players an amazing amount of control over their dishes as well, as you are able to serve multiple different varieties of sushi. The ability to take a multitude of ingredients and make new dishes is always rewarding.

The game also does a great job of incorporating competition into the game. This is done through the game's sushi contests, which players will have to attempt to win in order to progress. Winning these competitions will not only serve to boost the fame of your restaurant but also progress players through the game as well. There is also a seasonal system for ingredients, making knowing when to stock up vital to success. In short, The Sushi Spinnery is one of the best cooking games like Cuisineer on the market.

4. Venba

Venba Launch Trailer

We are changing things up quite a bit for our next entry. With our previous entry, the game focuses more on the business aspect of cooking. In our next entry, Venba, there is a much more poignant emphasis on the importance of cooking to family, culture, and the self. Venba is a game that not only does a phenomenal job of incorporating traditional Indian dishes but does so in a way that informs the player while being able to create these stunning dishes. The stylized art of the game also makes it stand out amongst the crowd in a really powerful way, which is fantastic.

Throughout the player's journey in the game, you will not only learn more about your family and the characters in the game but recipes as well. This makes the game informative all around while also tugging at the player's heartstrings. For players who enjoy a more concise experience, this game also has you covered. This is due to the fact that Venba can be completed in its entirety in around two hours. Despite not having the longest runtime on this list, Venba is, simply put, one of the best cooking games.

3. Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator

Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator | Launch Trailer

We are switching things up a bit for our next entry. Here, we have Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator. As the name would imply, this game revolves around the player running a restaurant. The game manages to tackle this topic from multiple angles and does so in an enjoyable way as well. Players will be in charge of everything from restaurant decor to the menu and much more. This gives the player complete control over most of the elements that go into running a great restaurant. There are a variety of choices of cuisines to choose from as well, making the game very well-rounded.

Players will be able to participate in many of the activities that one would expect from such a title as well. These activities include things like mixing, baking, and, of course, cooking. Preparing the meals naturally also plays a huge role in the game as well. The game also has a great sense of progression as players slowly watch their restaurant go from a tiny establishment to a highly rated restaurant. So, if you are looking for one of the best cooking games like Cuisineer, check out Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator.

2. Cooking Simulator

Cooking Simulator Xbox One - Lunch Trailer

We are staying somewhat in the same vein for our next entry. Here, we have Cooking Simulator. For players looking for a cooking game that is simple to jump into but hard to master, this title should be right up your alley. In Cooking Simulator, players will take on the role of chefs in a way that is supposed to simulate cooking as realistically as possible. Players will have to operate the various machinery in the kitchen themselves, as well as learn how to cook in the process. All of these elements combine to make Cooking Simulator perhaps the most realistic take on the cooking genre of games.

In addition to this, the game features a staggering amount of recipes, with over eighty to learn. Each of these recipes is in-depth in its own right and will require the player's utmost focus and attention. In terms of ingredients, the game also features over a hundred and forty ingredients with which to shape your dishes. This is great, as it gives the player plenty of variety with which to approach their dishes. All around, Cooking Simulator is one of the best cooking games like Cuisineer.

1. PlateUp!

PlateUp! Trailer - Release Announcement

We are wrapping up today's list of the best cooking games like Cuisineer with PlateUp! Despite being one of the more casual-friendly entries on this list, there is quite a bit of mechanical depth to this title. Players are able to progress their characters throughout the game, which feels rewarding and unique. Players are given tons of control over the design and general layout of their restaurant, which is also great. The game features a fantastic cooperative component as well, making it great for friends to jump into together.

PlateUp! also manages to vary the player experience through the type of restaurant they wish to create. But it also manages this using a procedurally generated system. This essentially ensures that every playthrough of the game will be different. This not only presents new opportunities but also new challenges. All of these aspects combine to make this title a wonderful title for players to get into cooking games with. For these reasons, we consider PlateUp! to be one of the best cooking games like Cuisineer.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Cooking Games like Cuisineer? What are some of your favorite Cooking Games? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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