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The Callisto Protocol vs. Dead Space

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The Callisto Protocol Vs Dead Space

The hype surrounding the upcoming survival horror game The Callisto Protocol just keeps getting bigger as we near the game's release date. It is set to come out in December 2022 and has got horror game fans all over the globe excited. The fact that Glen Schofield is in charge of the game is largely responsible for this excitement. This is the same director for the incredible sci-fi horror series Dead Space. You may have heard this name before, and if so, then you already know The Callisto Protocol is in good hands. 

The game's trailer illustrates its attempt to recapture and alter the tense gameplay from the much-loved franchise Dead Space

All while trying to incorporate its own unique twists into the mix to come up with an incredible yet equally if not more gory gameplay. There are a ton of horror games dropping between the remainder of this and the coming year, and we couldn't be happier. Especially due to how impressive they appear to be, and this particularly applies to The Callisto Protocol. Most argue that the game is a true spiritual sequel to Dead Space. However, the game hints at the potential to stand on its own despite sharing a lot in common with Dead Space. In that case, let's take a look at the various ways in which The Callisto Protocol and Dead Space compare to one another.


What Differences Can We Note Between The Callisto Protocol and Dead Space?

It's not difficult to see how closely related these two titles are. And with the remake of Dead Space coming out just a month after The Callisto Protocol, you can bet there will be a lot of comparisons between them. According to the trailers, the games look a lot similar so far and one can mistake one for the other easily. However, The Callisto Protocol appears to insist on more traditional action mechanics. This is just one of the few notable things that set these titles apart. Let's look at more traits that deviate one game from the other:


Gameplay Mechanics 

As mentioned earlier, The Callisto Protocol has opted to go with more traditional mechanics. However, its atrocious gore has been taken a notch higher. Due to modernized mechanics, the game features ten times the brutal scenes of previous Dead Space titles. This can be seen in the trailer, where the main character is swallowed into a grinder and chopped into pieces. It is both very real and ominous, which tells you to prepare for some pretty crazy stuff. 

In terms of combat mechanisms, Dead Space has doubled down on limb damage and has gone a bit easy with the sudden attacks. Here, players seem to walk for a while longer before confronting an enemy. On the other hand, The Callisto Protocol has reinvented limb damage and put more emphasis on melee elements. This one aspect is bound to be a subject of division among fans between the two games once they both come out.


Upgrades and Improvements 

The Dead Space remake aims to improve what was on all the previous series, with one major change being the modern console advantage. The game makes use of modern SSDs to get rid of loading screens. It also features the same protagonist Isaac, but this time the character will be voiced. This way, he can lighten up the atmosphere by speaking during awkwardly silent scenarios. One other upgrade we all can't wait to see are the legendary Necromorphs that are looks twice as scary and vicious.

You may see a lot of common traits from the original and even get some nostalgia for the plot being too familiar. However, the Dead Space remake aims to build the game from the ground up in terms of visuals, soundscape and details in graphics. Needless to say, this will be the best and most polished title to come out of the whole Dead Space franchise. The Callisto Protocol, however, is a new project with its own sets of innovations to add to the horror genre. 


Combat and Enemy Design

We can see the Dead Space legacy living on in The Callisto Protocol, as the game's protagonist is equipped with the same powerful abilities that allow him to fling enemies into death traps. The game also features a more aggressive melee combat system. However, by letting go of limb damage attacks, Dead Space may have to some degree, muffled their combat. In the previous titles, the players could enjoy creative ways to dismember the horrific monsters they faced. Hopefully, the game's developer compensates for this one expense with a more elevated enemy design.

In The Callisto Protocol, we see more vicious enemies that can mutate in the middle of a fight. Monsters sprout tendrils that, if not removed, allow them to grow larger. Players must mutate monsters and eliminate tendrils because these enemies are more dangerous. Adding to the horror and chaos is a massive mechanical giant that wants to squash you on site. The atmosphere in The Callisto Protocol is filled with tension, terror and brutality. This is thanks to horror engineering mechanics the developing team has strived to perfectly fit in the game.


Final Take: The Callisto Protocol vs. Dead Space

Both of the titles are sci-fi, third-person survival horror games, making it very easy to pick one over the other. And the biggest influence in both productions is video game director Glen Schofield. Most fans trust his passion for the survival horror genre, something that is going to be hard to match against. Even though Dead Space may have established itself among the biggest horror movies, a remake is just not as exciting as a new release. But again, none of the games are out yet, which leaves a window for most fans to change their minds. Since Dead Space is a known quantity, it's safe to assume a lot of people will be driven towards it. However, according to what we have for now, The Callisto Protocol is looking way more captivating.

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