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Bloodborne Vs Elden Ring

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Bloodborne Vs Elden Ring

FromSoftware is very well known for delivering immersive and challenging action role-playing games (ARPG). Of particular note is the Dark Souls franchise, which consisted of three video games released between 2011 and 2016. As of right now, you probably know FromSoftware best for their critically acclaimed 2022 game Elden Ring. The game appears to be FromSoftwares crowning achievement, yet players still prefer their other titles, like BloodBorne, which utilize the same gameplay mechanics but explore vastly different themes. That leads us to question, Bloodborne Vs Elden Ring?

Regardless of your pick, one thing you have to come to the fact with is that both games aim to challenge their players to the point of torture. It's essentially what you're signing up for, so you can't really avoid it. Oddly enoughy, that's also where a lot of the joy lies.

Apart from that, there is a lot of variation between each game's story, world, and the cast of characters, especially between Bloodborne and Elden Ring. In fact, fans of the game frequently compare these two games as the best FromSoftware has to offer. With that in mind, you might be stuck on which game is the better title for you. That's exactly why we're comparing Bloodborne Vs Elden Ring, so you can confidently pick the game that suits the fiction and fantasy you're aiming for.


What is Bloodborne?

The first aspect to note is that Bloodborne has no ties to any of FromSoftware's other titles. It is its own standalone game, that possesses much deeper gothic, depressing and dystopic themes than that of Elden Ring. In a third-person perspective, you take on the role of a Hunter who is sent to investigate the blood-borne disease-infected kingdom of Yharnam. The RPG element of the game is based primarily on this idea. The action, on the other hand, comes from unraveling the numerous mysteries of the world as you explore. While slaying any beasts or demonic creatures that get in the way of your adventures.


What is Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is FromSoftwares largest and biggest ARPG title to date. Director and writer Hidetaka Miyazaki joined forces with renowned fiction writer George R. R. Martin to comprise the studio's biggest world in a game yet. Furthermore, it is FromSoftware's first game that is truly open-world, with multiple paths to its storyline, that get linear as you progress throughout the game. Once again, you'll utilize a third-person perspective, while exploring, adventuring, and battling a wide range of enemies.



Bloodborne Vs Elden Ring

Elden Ring map (Left) – Bloodborne Map (Right)

More or less, one correlation between BloodBorne and Elden Ring is that their stories are mainly told through character cutscenes, boss cutscenes, and item and world descriptions. However, as you progress through both games, the story becomes much more clearer and defined.

In Bloodborne, you're basically thrown into the story, left to explore and further uncover the events that took place in Yharnam. Although the world is rather linear in following the events of the story, there is some slight open-world implementation with optional places to uncover. Don't let this discourage you, though, since it creates an atmosphere and world-building environment that are incredibly detailed and engaging. It is therefore far richer than the majority of the world in Elden Ring, despite the fact that there may be less content to explore.

In Elden Ring, an epic opening cutscene immerses you in the environment of the Lands Between and vaguely introduces you to the plot. Essentially, the Elden Ring has shattered and its shards had fallen into the hand of demi gods, known as Elden Lords, tantalizing them with power. You play as the tarnished one, exiled from the Lands Between, and set to reclaim all the species to become the one true Elden lord. From there, you can pretty much explore the world as you please. The distances between locations are quite massive, meaning a good portion of you're exploration and even fighting will be on horseback. As a result, there's lots of open space that is immersive and detailed but not to the same extent you'll find in BloodBorne.




Bloodborne Vs Elden Ring

One of the main differences between Bloodborne and Elden Ring is designing your character and the combat. In Bloodborne, you have a good portion of armor and weapons to pick from, including guns. Additionally, how you design your character will further influence your fighting style and the weapons you use in battle. While the same concept is present in Elden Ring, it takes on much more importance.

In Elden Ring, the class you choose will define the weapons and fighting style you take on – rather than influencing it. To further explain, if you go, Astrologer, you'll mainly be fighting with a staff using magic and sorcery. Whereas if you go, Hero, you'll heavily rely on melee combat. This is significant for another reason: Elden Ring has considerably more armor, and weaponry than BloodBorne, but many of them are tailored to particular classes and skill levels. Again, Bloodborne similar does this, but Elden Ring emphasizes and relies on it much more.

In terms of the enemies you'll fight, Elden Ring has a ton more. In total, there are 120 bosses and tons of minor enemies, however, a good portion of both are re-used. While there are just 42 bosses and an average variety of regular opponents in Bloodborne, each one is incredibly different and unique from another. Again, the combat will stem around how you build your character but there is something vitally important to note. You cannot block in Bloodborne, only dodge and stun. While in Elden Ring, depending on you're class, you can block, dodge, and parry.


The Final Verdict

In conclusion, the right game for you depends on the content and combat you're looking for. Elden Ring contains a lot more content—pretty much in every way—but it's not quite as well-developed. Although Bloodborne doesn't offer as much, it's considerably more detailed and cared for; especially in its world-building. You'll consistently find a far more atmospheric and immersive world than Elden Ring. Although Elden Ring does deliver a good presentation of this, it tends to come and go.

Regarding character customization and combat, again there is a lot more in Elden Ring. However, the weapons and armor you use are typically restricted by your class and build, narrowing your choices.  Bloodborne on the other hand isn't as restricted per class. And don't forget, it has guns and you can't block or parry, making for a much faster and uniquely different combat approach.


So, What’s your take? Which game do you think is the best between Bloodborne vs Elden Ring? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

Riley Fonger is a freelance writer, music lover, and gamer since adolescence. He loves anything video game-related and grew up with a passion for story games such as Bioshock and The Last of Us.