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FIFA vs PES: Which one is the Better?

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Electronic Arts FIFA series and Konami’s PES have been around for decades and have constantly provided the best sports gaming experience to their respective audiences. Both are inspired by football leagues that have been played by International football teams over the years. Throughout this time, the two have been in competition over the development of the best football video games in the world. 

However, despite the rivalry, FIFA and PES developers have much more in common in their production than one would think. They both try to cater to their fan bases in various ways. To highlight some of the differences and similarities they share, this article compares two of the most successful football games. That said, let's dive in, FIFA vs PES, which one is the best?

What is FIFA?

FIFA is a video game series that is published by Electronic Arts (EA) and developed by EA Canada. FIFA games are released annually, with the latest one being FIFA 22. Their games are accessible to over 51 countries worldwide and usually feature over 17 different languages. The FIFA series launched in 1993 and was the first game to be granted a license from the Fédération Internationale de Football Association [FIFA], the official governing body for international football. The game series features in the Guinness World Record for being the best-selling sports video game franchise in the world.

It is easy to recognize that even in the beginning, FIFA was already stridden ahead of PES. This is perhaps why FIFA obtained more licenses in comparison to its rivals. The licenses obtained include permits for stadiums, players and their respective clubs. This helps guarantee the production of realistic football games; since users prefer playing with real characters, they are familiar with and can relate to. That and various other aspects are what make FIFA a remarkable series. In terms of sales, FIFA is ahead of PES, although the latter has always been regarded as the better game. Nonetheless, it may still have a long way to go before it achieves the same commercial effect as FIFA.

What is PES?

Pro Evolution Soccer [PES] is a video game series that is published by Konami and developed by PES Productions. PES games are released annually, with the latest one being PES 2021. In these games, players compete in leagues with the leading team of their choice. PES is one of the biggest sports video game series worldwide. It is also one of the best-selling sports video game brands today, having made over 400 million downloads on mobile and sold over a hundred million copies across the world.

Much like FIFA, PES aspires to be as realistic as possible when it comes to depicting real-life football. Hence, the gameplay in its series is identical to association soccer, whereby players control either one player or a whole team. The ideas of the game also correspond with the rules and regulations of the football association. PES offers its customers a diverse gaming experience for both mobile and console; players have access to several game modes, such as Offline, Online and Kick-Off. Similarly, players have various editing options that make the games more relatable. If not for insufficient licensing, the series would be more successful than it already is. 

What are the Main Differences between FIFA and PES?

FIFA Vs PES, Which one is the Best


The most apparent difference between the two game brands is the time gap between the first launch of PES's first game and that of FIFA. This gave FIFA a chance to fully develop a fan base and perfect its products over the years. 

However, PES was able to compete as they adopted much more diverse models in their gameplay compared to FIFA. Similarly, in terms of gameplay, most fans regard PES as more practical, whilst FIFA is considered more refined in design and presentation. 


This is one of the most noticeable differences between FIFA and PES. FIFA’s graphics have been consistently better than PES’s for a few years now. FIFA’s player models look more realistic and the stadiums are more accurately recreated in FIFA games. PES’s graphics have improved in recent years, but they still don’t match up to FIFA’s.

Game Play

The gameplay is where PES really excels. PES games have always had great gameplay, with players feeling more responsive and the controls feeling tighter than FIFA’s.

Game Modes

FIFA games have always had more features than PES games. The Career modes such as the Europa League and Champions League featured by FIFA have the liberty to be as authentic as possible with their gameplay.

Other various modes provided in FIFA games include Career Mode, Volta, Ultimate Team and Manager Mode. On the other hand, we have PES making the best of its various but limited modes which include Master League and myClub, which is the equivalent of FIFA's Ultimate Team mode.

Football Teams

For a long time, FIFA has enjoyed a monopoly in terms of real players, teams and stadiums. This has been a big factor in enhancing the game's realism in a way that PES is still trying to measure up to. They have unlimited access to players, logos and teams, making it easier to replicate the most realistic games possible. Hopefully, PES will be able to do the same, thanks to Juventus and various other teams who intend to exclusively grant them a license. Nonetheless, in this category, FIFA remains dominant.

Football Players

For PES, the player rosters are not as complete as players would wish them to be; these constraints not only go beyond teams but with players as well. However, PES has made progress in acquiring significant players like Messi so far, such that players will not experience as much difficulty when playing major leagues using international teams. As for FIFA, their advantage is apparent as all the divisions of players and their teams are accounted for. 

FIFA vs PES: Which is Better?

fifa vs pes

The eternal question among football game fans on which is better between FIFA and PES is sometimes hard to answer. This is because both have their set of pros and cons. FIFA has been around for longer and is therefore more established. It has more licenses, meaning that it features more real-life teams and players. FIFA also boasts better graphics than PES. On the downside, FIFA can be quite buggy, and some new features don't always work as intended.

PES, on the other hand, is often seen as the more challenging game. It doesn't have as many licenses as FIFA, but it makes up for it with excellent gameplay. PES also has a more dedicated fan base, which means there's a thriving community of modders who create new teams and players.


Which football video game developing brands do you think is the best between FIFA and PES? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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