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5 Games Capcom Should Remake After Resident Evil 4

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It's difficult to ignore Capcom's dying love for its award-winning video game IPs. In fact, the firm cherishes its past projects so much, that a great deal of time is devoted to rebuilding them using tools that were never originally available. That seems to be the way with Resident Evil, anyway, which has received the bulk of the studio's time since 2019. And now, well, Resident Evil 4 is on the cards, surprise, surprise.

Anyway, seeing as Capcom clearly has an interest in remaking old games using newer engines, we thought we'd chip in our two cents. What we really mean, of course, is that we have five Capcom games that we honestly think would make for stellar remakes. The chances of them happening, on the other hand, are pretty low, given the fact that they're a little outdated and no longer of interest to the gaming giant. Still, what we'd give to have these five returned to us on current-gen hardware.

5. Dead Rising

Dead Rising - 10th Anniversary Announce Trailer | PS4

Capcom is known for making excellent zombie games, as it has proven time and time again with its Resident Evil saga. Dead Rising, although nowhere near as prominent, has of course had a number of great moments in the spotlight, and has spawned quite a few sequels and spin-offs. But, in spite of the efforts made, nothing immersed us as much as the debut chapter did. Should that warrant a remake? I mean, yeah.

The last we saw of the ludicrously entertaining survival horror saga was in 2016 with Dead Rising 4. However, it just didn't gel well with the aesthetic of the franchise, and unfortunately drove the original charm down into the dirt. But Dead Rising, on the other hand, was a masterclass in motion, as well as a clean-cut example of how horror can mesh with mindless mayhem and not lose its spark. For that, we'd love to see it returned on a much, much bigger canvas.


4. Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis Trailer 1999

Ah yes, Dino Crisis, a game that Capcom takes great pleasure in dangling in front of us, but never puts aside to serve up on a silver platter. The hardest pill to swallow there, of course, is that Exoprimal, Capcom's newest dinosaur-themed game, will probably dismantle the chances of Dino Crisis ever getting a remake in the future. So, we might as well consider the fossil dead and buried, because Capcom evidently has no interest in digging it up anytime soon.

That all being said, the fans' momentum has remained at an all-time high ever since the PlayStation 2 came about. Not a lot has changed since, to be fair, though it's definitely a one-sided battle, as it has been since day one. And yet, a remake of the dino action-adventure game still idles as the top of most lists. It's just a crying shame Capcom refuse to act on it.


3. Marvel vs. Capcom

Marvel vs. Capcom Origins Trailer 1

Marvel vs. Capcom has been a popular fighting franchise for the best part of twenty years now, with entries dating way back to the mid-90s on PlayStation and Sega Saturn. But, with the last entry being put out in 2017, there's definitely an alluring itch that has yet to be scratched. A scratch that, in all fairness, could quite easily dissolve with a little TLC from its creators.

While fighting franchises do make up a huge chunk of the modern market, what with Mortal Kombat forever reigning over its combatants, there is definitely a soft spot that gets allocated to the likes of Marvel vs. Capcom, and it's something we'd honestly like to see more of. That isn't to say we want a whole line of sequels or anything, but a HD collection of its golden years would definitely suffice in this current time.


2. Resident Evil — Code: Veronica

Resident Evil - Code: Veronica X HD - Official Launch Trailer

Resident Evil — Code: Veronica was a real step up for the survival horror series, mainly because it discarded the familiar pre-rendered backgrounds and made way for real-time 3D visuals, all while keeping the signature gameplay style and iconic roster. And for that, it made sense that it went on to receive a HD remake on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. But, you know, that was eleven years ago. Times have changed, and we're still hungry.

On one hand, it would only make sense for Capcom to remake the main timeline and turn a blind eye to its spin-offs. Code: Veronica, however, deserves so much more, and it pains us to see it lumbered with the cold shoulder given its immense popularity that continues to bolster it even to this day. And so, rather than rebuilding Resident Evil 5 from the ground up, how about rerouting a few wires from the Dreamcast era? It wouldn't hurt, that's all we're saying!


1. Chaos Legion

Chaos Legion Official trailer

It's certainly no easy task, living up to your sibling's accomplishments, especially when they're bathing in copious amounts of accolades. Nevertheless, Chaos Legion was one for trying, though it did mean aiming to one-up none other than Capcom's star child, Devil May Cry. But was it a mountain worth trekking? Well, it was an admirable effort, to say the least.

Although Dante and the universally acclaimed Devil May Cry series did go on to bear the torch for Capcom's hack and slash subdomain, a lot of love and appreciation was cast on Chaos Legion for taking up the saddle. And to be fair, if we had a modern remake of it, we know for a fact it would stand a much higher chance of making its kin blush crimson red. Of course, whether Capcom will decide to revisit it or not is another story. Though, in all honestly, it isn't one we're expecting to hear anytime soon.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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