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5 Best Capcom Games of All Time

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Capcom have undeniably made a name for themselves with their power franchises over the years — and not only from Resident Evil, either. Of course, Resident Evil still wears the gory crown for its renowned status as best zombie franchise in the community — but there is so much more to the Japan-based developer than flesh and bone. In fact, Capcom has produced hundreds of titles since its 1983 launch. From side-scrollers to RPG's, Disney-themed classics to bloodthirsty horrors — and a whole lot more to bulk out the wealthy portfolio, too.

Looking back at Capcom's rather admirable career, it seems like a weighty task having to select just five of the best franchises. But taking stats and sales onboard, it really does come down to which platforms made the biggest impact in the market. Taking that into account — and it releases just a shred of pressure from close-quarter fans who're itching for a reason to argue. So, perhaps we'll stick to the figures set in stone and discard the opinion piece. That might be the better route, eh?

5. Devil May Cry

DmC doesn't only bring style to the table — but also genuine story components and refreshing gameplay.

Selling well over twenty million units from its six major instalments plus definitive collections, Devil May Cry has established itself as one exceedingly powerful hack and slash series. Thanks to Capcom's inspiring abilities to cram as much addictive action into story-driven games as possible, this franchise has gone on to achieve enormous respect from action fans worldwide. With a mouthwatering metal score backing every battle, fans have been able to slice through every new chapter and execute some of the most stylish combos ever produced. Now, take the amount of style Devil May Cry produces and combine it with Capcom's top-tier ambition — and you've got yourself a stellar series that never falls short of quality gameplay.


4. Mega Man

Mega Man has been keeping the side-scrolling genre thriving since 1987.

Spanning over a thirty-year career, Mega Man has produced eleven major games that spread over several platforms. Oh, and another forty spin-offs to boot, too. Combining all fifty-plus games in the series and we're talking about a thirty-six million dollar franchise. That's almost forty million grossed in revenue since its NES debut back in 1987. Although providing new and exciting stories with each entry, Mega Man has more often than not used a similar side-scrolling algorithm that never fails to entice all generations of gamers. Plus, as they say: if it isn't broke — don't fix it. Mega Man, thankfully, is a franchise that will never need patching up — so long as Capcom maintain the nostalgic vibe that millions of us never want to lose sight of.


3. Street Fighter

Street Fighter set the bar incredibly high during the golden era of arcade gaming.

Setting the bar on how arcade fighters should be, Street Fighter made its mark spectacularly back in the golden era of arcade gaming. With one of the most ambitious entries to the arcade universe to date, the Capcom kingpin ended up amassing multi-millions in credits from gamers worldwide. This, unsurprisingly, led on to Street Fighter becoming a household name within the community — and a complete turn in gaming development. Thanks to its raw gameplay and fighting mechanics, thousands of aspiring developers looked to Capcom as the podium dweller to beat. And now, after over thirty years in the business, Street Fighter has gone on to become the best-selling fighting franchise of all time with well over forty-five million sales worldwide.


2. Monster Hunter

Capcom's portrayal of overwhelming enemies has always proved to be a hit with RPG fans.

If there was ever a time we would want to take the reigns of a heroic monster-slayer — this would be it. Thanks to Capcom's fantastic portrayal of death-defying surroundings and gigantic creatures, Monster Hunter steps up to be one of the greatest role-playing action series ever produced. With picturesque worlds and sparkling loot to boot — slaying, trapping and outsmarting monsters has never been more addictive. Plus, with hundreds — if not thousands of hours of open-world gameplay, Monster Hunter hands over stacks upon stacks of gripping tales that always feel fresh and enticing.


1. Resident Evil

Taking the gold for Capcom is, of course, Resident Evil.

We almost knew Resident Evil would be the top dog of the Capcom world, didn't we? After all, with the amount of media circulating the franchise in terms of movies, comics and spin-offs, it sort of makes sense why this zombie empire is at the apex of Capcom's throne. Of course, it all started with the release of the PlayStation classic way back in 1996. Since breaking down the doors with its innovative approach to survival horror gaming, Resident Evil opened up a new route to millions of red-faced developers. Since then, Resident Evil has ported on to several consoles, backed a film adaptation and even shifted into a book series. With over a hundred million sales worldwide, this Capcom legend lights the way for the developer and continues to prove its worth with every new entry to the series.

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