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5 Best Games Like Close to the Sun



A gilded staircase draped in lavish embellishments in Close to the Sun.

Close to the Sun, as well as adventure games like it, manage to capture a sense of wonder. Whether the overall tone and presentation of the game are bright and cheery or if it's dark and melancholic, these games are great. These games allow players to explore these worlds wholeheartedly and come to their own conclusions. This open-ended nature makes these games great for the player who wishes to find their own journeys. Here are our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Close to the Sun

5. Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest - Official Gameplay Trailer

For players who want a game that fully encourages a sense of adventure with a horror twist, Sons of the Forest is for you. This game takes the groundwork laid by its predecessor, The Forest, and builds on it wonderfully. Many of the game's core mechanics have not only been improved upon but reworked from the ground up in many respects. This shows the developer's commitment to bringing players a stellar survival horror experience. But it also is a testament to the strong foundation the game utilized as a framework.

Despite being in Early Access, the amount of quality in the content that players can enjoy is undoubtedly commendable. The game's very open-ended nature allows players to write their own narratives as they go along. This is in great contrast to the more structured and regimented style of adventure games. The game features a fantastic crafting system for players to use as well, making survival a vital part of the game, to say the least. In closing, Sons of the Forest is one of the best games on the market, like Close to the Sun.


GTFO - The Final Chapter Trailer | The Game Awards 2023

With our next entry, we are switching things up considerably. Here, we have GTFO. Despite being an FPS title, this game manages to incorporate many of the aspects that make games like Close to the Sun so great. For one, the game features a heavy emphasis on cooperative play and teamwork. The game also allows the player's moment-to-moment decision-making to matter immensely. One wrong move can spell disaster for you and your party. This, in turn, requires players to use more communication in order to succeed.

That said, the game isn't all bombastic action, as the game also incorporates stealth mechanics. In doing so, players will have to sneak and skulk about to avoid the game's stellar enemy AI. The game features four-person cooperative play, meaning there is room here for everyone, and the sessions for this game can be as extensive as you want them to be, which is wonderful. All in all, GTFO is a game that captures the essence of what games like Close to the Sun can offer.

3. BioShock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite Launch Trailer

We are continuing on with today's list of the best games like Close to the Sun with our next entry, BioShock Infinite. For fans of the franchise, there is plenty to love here. Whether you enjoy the more colorful world of Columbia or the game's narrative more, there is plenty to love here. Additionally, from a visual standpoint, the game still holds up remarkably well today. If you are a fan of the steampunk aesthetic style, this game absolutely is a must-play. With political intrigue, subterfuge, and much more throughout the game, there are plenty of stakes to keep players invested.

One of the most substantial aspects of this game is its narrative. Throughout the player's journey, they will come to question not only everything they have seen in the game but also how it relates to them as a whole. This makes it a fantastic experience for those who wish to explore and truly immerse themselves in the game's world. All around, BioShock Infinite still remains not only a treat for the eyes but also an incredibly touching and solid title. For these reasons, we consider it to be one of the best games on offer, like Close to the Sun.

2. Lies of P

Lies of P - Official Launch Trailer

Our next entry on our list of the best games like Close to the Sun is one of our most recently released titles. The world of LIes of P is one that takes the dark and gritty nature of the original fairytale and brings it to life in a way that is simply superb. The characters and the world they inhabit are all incredibly fleshed-out as well. This ensures that players are not only enjoying a polished gameplay style but also getting a fantastic story atop it all. In Lies of P, players must uncover secrets about the world around them after puppets have begun to go mad.

This will see players enlisting the help of others along the way. Each of these characters is important to the plot. However, you don't have to be bogged down in the game. There is a plethora of weapons for players to learn and master, making for an excellent variety of weapons. The aesthetic of the game also taps into that industrial, steampunk feel, making it a great title for new and old players alike. In conclusion, Lies of P is one of the best games like Close to the Sun.

1. Sunless Skies

Sunless Skies | Launch Trailer

For our final entry on today's list of the best games like Close to the Sun, here we have Sunless SkiesSunless Skies is a game that focuses almost exclusively on exploration. This makes travel of the in-game world feel phenomenal and epic from start to finish. The player's method of traversal is rather interesting as well, as you travel through the use of an interstellar train. In doing so, players are able to maneuver how they wish throughout the game. In addition to this, as far as aesthetics go, this entry has done a miraculous job of capturing the essence of its Gothic horror inspiration.

This allows the game to focus heavily on its narrative. This narrative focus allows players to immerse themselves in the world slowly. This not only makes for an overall more calculated and enjoyable experience but also helps the moment-to-moment gameplay. This emphasis on narrative also spreads into the game's progression mechanics, making it one of the most intriguing entries on our list. In short, Sunless Skies is one of the best games like Close to the Sun players can find currently.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Close to the Sun? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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