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Lies of P: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



Lies of P is a stylish and competent title that allows players to experience a wonderfully stylized world. The combat within the game is a fantastic balance of tough but fair that manages to immerse the player. That said, starting out in the game can be quite daunting. This is in part due to the fact that many of the game's mechanics are learned with time, as well as trial and error. To bring you some great tips for starting out, enjoy Lies of P: 5 Best Tips for Beginners.

5. Choose Weapons WiselyLies P

To start our list of the best tips for beginners in Lies of P, we have a very useful tip. Weapon choice is something that matters quite a bit within Lies of P. This is due to the fact that, for the most part, your weapon dictates your battles. This means that choosing a weapon that coincides and synergizes with not only your playstyle but also your build, is essential. This not only will make your time throughout the game easier but can save you quite a bit of grinding.

For players looking for weapon options in the game, there are many weapons that can be found throughout the game. These often are in the possession of merchants that players meet throughout the game. This makes it so that players have an assortment of weapons readily available. Additionally, there is a workshop within the Hotel Krat in which players can upgrade their weapons. This coupled with the importance of weapon choice makes choosing your weapons wisely one of the best ways to get ahead.

4. Staggering

Next up on our list of the best tips for beginners in Lies of P we will cover staggering. For those unaware, players can take advantage of enemy weaknesses, as well as their lack of stamina. This can be done by striking the enemy with several heavy attacks. This will open up an opportunity for players to use a powerful attack to stagger their enemies. This is a mechanic that especially becomes important later on in the game when you will fight more fearsome foes. Additionally, bosses in the game can also be staggered under the right conditions.

This makes Staggering a great mechanic to learn. The simplest way to pull this off consistently is to engage enemies on your own terms. This will ensure not only that you will have the time to strike, but that the enemy will take massive damage. This is due to the fact that attacking a staggered opponent will always deal critical damage. This makes the mechanic one of the best to learn to utilize early on in the game. In conclusion, utilizing Stagger is one of the best tips we can give beginner players in the Lies of P.

3. Explore For RewardsLies P

Our next entry on our list of the best tips for beginners in Lies of P is perhaps the most open-ended. Exploring the world of Lies of P can often give players great rewards. These rewards materialize themselves in a few different forms in the game. These things include items, weapons, and lore books. Each of these things gives an incentive for the player not only to explore the world but also they can have a significant impact on the player's playthrough. For example, if players complete a specific side quest, perhaps they get an item that tips them off to an upcoming boss.

This makes going out of your own way to explore in the game really rewarding. Additionally, soaking in the atmosphere of the game is wonderful. One of the greatest treasures that players are able to find throughout their adventures is called Trinity Rooms. Within these Trinity Rooms, players will gain access to a varied amount of weapons and other items. These serve as wonderful rewards for players' time and effort. To close, exploration for great rewards is one of the best tips you can follow in Lies of P.

2. Perfect the Parry

Switching things up quite a bit for our next entry, here we will cover parrying. Parrying within Lies of P is one of the best ways to mitigate damage in the game. with such overwhelming bosses, being able to block all of the incoming damage is phenomenal. That said, this is a mechanic that can take players quite some time to learn. This is due to the specificity of the parry's timing. That said, the game does feature a few things to help the player in this regard. Other than simply testing your parries out on weaker enemies, the game has several things you can utilize.

These helping hands that the game gives you come in the form of training dummies. These training dummies allow players not only to practice their guarding but also the perfect parry. For those unaware, in Lies of P, if you block an attack, you take a bit of damage. However, for players who are precise in their timing, you are able to parry attacks away to the point where they do no damage to the player. This makes paying attention to attack patterns extremely important. In short, perfecting the parry is one of the best tips for players in Lies of P.

1. Sharpen Your Weapons

Wrapping up our list today, here we will cover sharpening your weapons. One of the more understated mechanics within Lies of P is weapon durability. each of the player's weapons has a unique amount of durability, that can be mitigated and repaired by using the sharpening tool. Luckily for players, this is a mechanic that players are able to use due to the player character's mechanical arm. This essentially means that players will have the freedom to utilize this mechanic whenever it is convenient for them.

Some situations where this will come in handy are right before boss fights. Additionally, players can sharpen their weapons in their downtime in the game. This will not only ensure that players will be doing the maximum amount of damage they can but is also just a great habit to get into. This ensures that you are always putting your best foot forward so to speak when facing tough enemies. All around, one of the best tips beginner players can use is getting in the habit of sharpening your weapons.

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