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5 Best Games Like Lies of P

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Lies of P has just been released, and with its release, players have been itching for similar titles. The dark aesthetic of the game, coupled with its harsh but fair difficulty, makes this title stand out. That said, many players have been searching for more options. Well, we have you covered in this regard, as we have done the legwork in order to bring you the best of the best. With all of that out of the way, please enjoy our picks for the 5 Best Games like Lies of P.

5. Blasphemous

Beginning our list today of the best games like Lies of P, here we have Blasphemous. Despite not having the name recognition of other titles on this list, this title manages to stand out. While not strictly a Souls-like title, Blasphemous certainly brings challenging content to the forefront. While the title takes more of a Metroidvania approach to its combat, there are many parts of Souls games present in the game's DNA. Players will be taken to a land in which they will have to fight against hordes of enemies in order to survive. All of these fights throughout the game's wonderfully designed levels are beautifully punctuated by boss fights.

One of the game's great aspects is, without a doubt its nonlinear approach to gameplay. This ensures that no matter how many times you play through the game, or with multiple people's playthroughs, there is plenty of variance. This manages not only to ensure that you have a different experience each time but also this replayability meshes well with the game's customization system. All in all, Blastphemous is without a doubt, one of the best games like Lies of P.


Following up on our last entry is another spectacular title, here we have CODE VEIN. This is a great recommendation for fans of more anime-inspired aesthetics. This aesthetic style, coupled with the crushing difficulty of Souls-like games like Lies of P, makes CODE VEIN among the best in its genre. One of the unique aspects of CODE VEIN that makes it stand out, even among its genre is its inclusion of an AI partner. This makes the grueling challenge peppered all throughout the game more enjoyable without a doubt.

Players are able to choose from an assortment of armaments. Each of these feels unique to the player and offers their own strengths and weaknesses. This is great, as it not only manages to vary the gameplay in its own way. But it also allows players to have quite a bit of control over the kind of engagements they wish to partake in. This coupled with the game's immense difficulty makes every choice you make matter. To close, CODE VEIN is one of the best games like Lies of P on the market.

3. Elden Ring

Next up on our list of the best games like Lies of P, we have a title that hardly needs an introduction. Elden Ring took the gaming world by storm when it was initially released. This was in no small part due to the game's great approach to multiplayer and cooperative gameplay. This coupled with the phenomenal standard for quality from a FromSoftware title, proved to be a recipe for success. Players are able to customize their experience quite a bit as well. This gives them a great amount of build variety, as well as weapon variance.

One of this title's greatest aspects is its subtle world-building and stunning environmental design. The Lands Between manages to immerse the player wonderfully. And they manage to do quite a bit of the heavy lifting from a storytelling standpoint. The bosses in the game are also really memorable, both for their mechanics, as well as their personalities. All around, if you are looking for one of the best games like Lies of P, either for yourself or a friend, Elden Ring certainly fits the bill.

2. Remnant II

Best Gunslinger Build in Remnant 2

Our next entry on our list of the best games like Lies of P is one that third-person shooter fans should enjoy. There are few games that manage to perfectly encapsulate the challenging shooter experience, all while feeling wholly unique unto themselves. However, this gargantuan task is one that Remnant II pulls off wonderfully. The combat in this game is simply stellar, with some of the best hit detection and registration in the industry. Couple this with the game's open-ended approach to combat, and you have a recipe for success.

Additionally, the game allows for fantastic cooperative play, which is great to see. That said, players can absolutely play the game solo and derive a great amount of joy and a sense of satisfaction from doing so. Another one of this title's strongest aspects is its replayability. The replayability of the game is only bolstered by its fantastic progression and itemization systems. Each of these manages to make the player's experience feel wholly new, even hours in. In short, Remnant II is one of the best games like Lies of P.

1. Bloodborne

Wrapping up our list of the best games like Lies of P is a title whose praises cannot be sung loud enough. Bloodborne manages not only to bring a superb balance of challenge and accessibility but also remains unique unto itself. The action combat present in the game allows players to greatly customize their character and experience. Each of the game's varied weapons feels quite different from one another. This ensures that no matter which way you choose to play, there is a playstyle and corresponding weapon for everyone.

This is only one of the game's many strong suits, however. Another one of the game's greatest aspects is its atmosphere and environmental storytelling. Many of the story elements within Bloodborne are tucked away well, for more diligent players to find. This makes learning more about the world of Yharnam feel like an experience unto itself. The boss design of the game is also some of the best ever seen in the industry as well. In conclusion, Bloodborne, despite being one of the older titles on this list, remains one of the best games like Lies of P.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games like Lies of P? What are some of your favorite games like Lies of P? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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