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5 Best Games Like Sons of the Forest

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Games like Sons of the Forest

Avid gamers drawn to survival games have long been anticipating the May 2022 release of Sons of the Forest. It’s the sequel to The Forest – a 2018 best-seller by Endnight Games. The Forest saw gamers take on the role of Eric Leblanc in his quest to find his son. This happens after surviving a terrifying plane crash deep in a remote forest.  Its gameplay involves players battling off scary cannibals, all while surviving in the unforgiving wilds – adding yet another unpleasant element to an already terrible scenario. 

However, as luck would have it, the official release date is moving to October 2022. The Canadian developers were admittedly overly ambitious. As such, the wait is far from over. And the franchise’s fans will need to find alternative games to sample in anticipation of the sequel. 

If you are part of the demographic directly affected by this forthcoming delay, look no further. Here is our pick of five best games like Sons of the Forest that will keep you at the edge of your seat. These will satisfy your urge for survival in the thick of terror and vulnerability akin to Sons of the Forest.


5. Minecraft

Official Minecraft Trailer

I know you may be wondering how on earth Minecraft is on this list. However, suppose you substitute Minecraft's scary rattling spiders for bloodthirsty cannibal savages. We reckon it'd be a lot like Sons of The Forest. Although Minecraft is a laid-back game with limited gameplay options, upping the difficulty level in Minecraft produces an uncanny resemblance to Sons of the Forest. Particularly because both games cater to players that have a niche for building and survival genres.

And while similarities exist between the two, there are some differences as well. Some of the most prominent differences are that Minecraft has no unique storyline, Sons of the Forest is really far scarier, and, of course, Minecraft's box-like aesthetic cannot compare to Sons of the Forest's gameplay, graphics, and playability. However, it is an absolute must-play for fellas who’d like to hone their creativity since its base-building opportunities are boundless!


4. Rust

Rust - Official Trailer

What could be more exciting than battling Sons of the Forest's cannibal monsters? Battling other players. It’s wicked and brutal. And this is where Rust comes in. It trades intelligent AI foes for even smarter, crueler human foes by plunging you into a massive multiplayer server with nothing but a rock and a torch. That's right!

You know the drill: smash rocks and trees, construct crafting tables, scavenge rare resources, and gradually improve your gear. The aim is to eventually wield formidable weapons and don hefty armor. Sound familiar? It’s basically Sons of the Forest’s M.O., only that the latter incorporates an intriguing storyline.

The gameplay involves looting from other players to gain better riches. This could range from catching them as they amass resources to executing them with target headshots. Alternatively, if you're feeling particularly cunning, you may wait for them to go offline before blowing their base to bits and grabbing anything precious from their chest. The construction and crafting aspects of Rust are satisfyingly complex. Especially if you need to let your creative energy flow. Very much like Sons of the Forest.


3. The Long Dark

The Long Dark - Launch Teaser Trailer | PS4

Your plane crashes in a huge, unfriendly country, and you wake up alone, surrounded by wreckage and flames, just like in Sons of the Forest. And aside from this uncanny resemblance in the setting, fans of Sons of the Forest will also love The Long Dark's episodic story mode. Which sees the player seeking a missing companion in the freezing wilderness. It also has a sandbox mode, where players can choose a difficulty, pick a starting point from one of eight maps, collect materials, and craft to their heart's delight.

The Long Dark takes place in the Canadian wilderness and is just as deadly as the tropical island of Sons of the Forest. On one hand, wolves and bears aren't as scary as cannibals. On the other hand, they're just as dangerous, and you'll spend many dreadful nights snuggling close to a fire, and fearfully listening to distant howling.

The believable location, as well as the storylines that organically flow from it, take center stage, much like Sons of the Forest. However, managing resources and keeping track of your hunger, thirst, and energy never gets in the way of exploring the planet, making The Long Dark one of the greatest survival games available right now.


2. Green Hell

Green Hell - Launch Trailer | PS4

If you love the fictional world in Sons of the Forest and are looking for a similar yet realistic version of the game you should try Green Hell. While you ward off mutants and cannibalistic beasts in Sons of the Forest, you’ll fight against fellow humans in Green Hell. Not to say that one is better than the other as both present their own sets of challenges. Just like Sons of the Forest, Green Hell's plot focuses on the psychological issues of surviving in harsh environments. They both see players trapped in a cruel circumstance, alone and struggling for survival; not only against the environment but also with their ability to maintain their sanity. 

Additionally, while both games need players to check on their feeding, Green Hell goes a step further in that players have to maintain a balanced diet. By ensuring that their protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and other levels are at par. Both games have multiplayer mods for those who enjoy co-op. But it is worth mentioning that in Green Hell, team members affect your sanity, mostly to your detriment. So you may want to use the single-player mod to boost your chances of survival.

Just a heads up before you get too excited though – Green Hell’s storyline is not as developed as  Sons of the Forest. You’ll still have to wait till October to enjoy all the goodness The Forest’s sequel has to offer.


1. Subnautica

Subnautica Cinematic Trailer

While both games have an open world, survivor, crafting, base building, first-person perspective, and horror nature, Sons of the Forest is scarier and has more base building potential. It's also more enjoyable to explore the map. But none of this detracts from Subnautica in the least. Subnautica begins when your ship crashes on an alien aquatic world, forcing you to scrounge for food and resources in order to stay alive while searching for a means to return home. When you first venture outside of your escape pod, you’ll be taken aback by the underwater surroundings.

The enigmatic plot of Subnautica demands you to explore more and further out from your pod, with deeper seas and unfamiliar species. And confronting the pitch darkness of the waterbeds can be quite dreadful. Worse yet is the fact that eventually, you'll have to plunge into the deep sea. Or should we say better yet?

This wraps up our 5 best selections of games similar to Sons of the Forest. Do you agree with our listing? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, or through our socials here.


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