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5 Superheroes That Deserve Their Own Video Game Series



Video game protagonists, like those in comic novels, are often viewed as superheroes. That's why it comes as a surprise that comic heroes aren't frequented in their own superhero video game series all that often. You think it would be a popular idea that spring's opportunities across the board, however, that just isn't the case. Over time, it has become clear that it is a very narrow niche for which superheroes function to generate a solid video game counterpart.

With all that said, there are some superheroes that fall into this niche but haven't been given the oppurtunity yet to be portrayed as an exciting video-game series. These are characters that occasionally fly beneath the radar of the public eye, yet whose biography is more in-depth and thorough than that of superheroes who live in the limelight. That's why we are bringing you the five superheroes that deserve their own video game series.



5. Moon Knight

Marvel's white-cloaked avenger has been popping up just about everywhere with the premiere of the Moon Knight TV series. With all the buzz and anticipation surrounding him, a video game series might be incredibly successful. Especially once you get to know Moon Knight's background, there are definitely some interesting plot lines at play that could work great in a video game series.

To start, Moon Knight or also known as Marc Spector was betrayed by his own brother. This separated him from his life of CIA work to spending his days doing mercenary work. Inevitably though this work is where he finds the Egyptian deity Khonshu's tomb and gain's the powers of the Moon Knight. This alone set's up a pretty good plot line that could kickstart the first act in the first game.

What's even more interesting is Moon Knight's struggle with multiple personalities and amoral inclinations lead's to an interesting thought. What if there was a Moon Knight RPG much like Mass Effect where you're in-game decisions affect the storyline. Or like in Bioshock when you played as “Big-daddy”, and you had to decide whether to save or harvest the little girls. Gamers admire these genres of games, and Moon Knight's backstory deserves to be made into a video game series of this type.



4. Deadshot

Since Deadshot's debut in DC's Suicide Squad, there has been a lot of buzz about the marksman shooter. Although he may be viewed as a supervillain, his backstory proves he holds superhero intentions making him an anti-villain. One that could be made into a very interesting superhero video game series.

Deadshot is based out of Gotham City, so that is already a solid start. Also, we know that he pursues his criminal career not just to provide his daughter Zoe with the life she deserves, but also to ensure that she does not end up with the same one as him. Now that's an emotional narrative, and if you're thinking Last of Us vibes, then you're right on the money. A video game series that is working with this plotline has all the best aspects of a storyline to work off of.

You have an emotive narrative of a dad who loves and cares for his daughter, check. You have a sympathetic backstory for how Deadshot came to be a mercenary, check. Combine that with the confines of wanting to do right by his daughter Zoe while being conflicted with his old life and eventually needing to change to be better, check and mate. Also, the game-play of expert marksmen shooting ridiculous guns, yes, please.



3. Rorschach

For those of you who don't know Rorschach, he is a superhero from DC's Watchmen. Rorschach's persona is depicted as a noir vigilante, and he makes for a really compelling and mysterious superhero.

The true meaning of his identity is the definition behind his name and mask. The superhero himself wears a mask that has moving and shifting inkblots that resembles an actual Rorschach test. For Rorschach, the psychological descriptions of his mask reveal his actual ethics and morals, in a very disturbing way nonetheless. Rorschach is led by moral absolutism and has no sympathy for punishing evil-doers. He is grungy and ghastly in his depiction, hinting toward a horror-type video game series for the character.

Much like L.A. Noir, Rorschach could play off of this same game style except solo and with a much darker atmosphere. One that tells the narrative of a vigilante with good intentions who pursues them via destructive and merciless justice. You could even tell the story through an interesting narrative like Rorschach's Journal, which document's all of his vigilante activity and give's an insight into his backstory.



2. Katana

Katana is a DC samurai warrior who looks just as cool as she sounds. Across the entire DC universe, no one knows their way around a sword better than Katana, but that's only credited to her devastating backstory. Katana once had a loving family, who were all brutally murdered by a jealous suitor. Katana then took revenge and possession of the Soultaker Sword, which holds the spirits of the lives it takes. That means it holds the souls of her family too. Now with the Soultaker Sword, Katana seeks justice for anyone who harm's the innocent.

You can't argue that is one compelling backstory and just to imagine Katana as a videogame series would work so well. The game could play off of a similar engine to Sekiro: Shadow's Die Twice, but as a story game with Katana's lore and definitely way less difficult. You can even begin to think about what different narrative aspects could emerge through her Soultaker Sword. This could provide flashbacks to her past, as well as the prior history of people the sword has murdered. The whole concept of Katana really doe's hold interesting lore and deserves to be developed into a really well-made superhero video game series.



1. Thor

Yes, Thor has been done before, but back in 2011 and not as a video game series. Plus, that game wasn't really up to standards, even for its time. Because Thor's tale is so extensive, he really is deserving of a well-executed video game series that reflects his story properly.

You can't help but turn to how well God of War produced Kratos as a mighty god-like character. However, Thor fall's under the exact same portrait with an equally interesting story. You have the love-hate relationship between him and Loki which could be played off of in a variety of ways, you have a long-lost evil sister that also can be thrown into the mix. Not to forget it takes place across the entire realm of Asgard, which makes for a captivating atmosphere already.

Out of all the superheroes on this list, a Thor video game series is the most deserved and overdue. But it must be done correctly, in a way that truly portrays him as a god and properly mirrors his dramatic past through a narrative series.


So what superhero do you feel deserves their own video game series? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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