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Best Decks in Marvel Snap (2023)

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Best Decks in Marvel Snap (2023)

The Marvel franchise is the gift that keeps on giving. From cinema to gaming, there's plenty in store for Marvel fans. In line with this tradition, Second Dinner has unveiled an innovative and action-packed collectible card game showcasing the most iconic characters from the Marvel Universe. Diving into this new game will feel like coming home for those familiar with Card Guardians or Hearthstone.

In every card collector or battler game, the key to success lies in crafting a remarkable deck. While some games might have challenging deck-building mechanics, Marvel simplifies the process, making it accessible to all. Still, it can be quite a challenge to grasp the essentials of building a formidable deck. Fret not, as we've got your back.

Whether you're a seasoned expert or a fresh-faced newcomer to card battles, get ready to uncover the Best decks in Marvel Snap (2023).

5. Zoo

marvel snap zoo deck card

This deck primarily holds 1-Cost cards and centers on the legendary comic book hero, Ka-Zar, also known as Kevin Plunder. Players can spread domination over the three locations with this deck using cheap cards. In most cases, this play confuses your opponent since they become unsure which area to play.

While this is a grand strategy to outcompete your opponent, getting most 1-Cost cards is challenging. Mainly because the Collection comes with only a handful of them, but fret not; you can still get the most out of the game with a Zoo Deck.

A formidable Pool 3 Zoo deck must feature the likes of Dracula, Ka-Zar, The Infinaut, Zero, Ant-Man, Sunspot, Iceman, and Squirrel Girl. To achieve optimal results, complement these cards with the inclusion of Cosmo, Lizard, and Armor.

However, beware of the lurking threat of Killmonger when wielding a Zoo Deck, as this card excels at obliterating 1-cost cards in play. You can counter this menace by strategically placing Armor in one location and stacking higher-cost cards in the other, rendering Killmonger's attack strategy less effective.This deck is ideal for novice learners to grasp what each card and their combos are capable of unleashing.

Here's the Zoo deck list:

1-cost: Zero, Ant-Man, Squirrel Girl. Sunspot, Iceman

2-cost: Lizard, Armor

3-cost: Cosmo

4-cost: Ka-Zar, Dracula

5-cost: Red Skull

6-cost: The Infinaut

4. Sera

Sera Monkey or Sera Miracle cards are extremely powerful. Almost as powerful as the Destroyer deck, which calls for you to know all your options. This deck is comparable to Bounce, although it doesn't come close to its absolute power. Nevertheless, you have solid prospects for Shang Chi, Enchantress, and Killmonger.

Sera grants you the power to unleash top-tier combos by reducing all your card costs by 1. This deck can give you victory over two or more locations in the right hands. However, you need to be creative in your thinking. For this reason, this deck is ideal for seasoned veterans or, if you're willing to put in work, learn the ropes of the game.

Here's a breakdown of the Sera Control deck:

1-cost: Kitty Pryde, Nova

2-cost: Angela, Scarlet Witch, Invisible Woman, Mysterio

3-cost: Bishop, Hit-Monkey, Killmonger

4-cost: Shang-Chi, Enchantress

5-cost: Sera

3. Discard

Discard deck

With the launch of M.O.D.O.K, Discard is proving to be a formidable choice that is reasonably consistent. This deck has a simple premise to it; discard the right card. In this case, we advise you to use Apocalypse as often as possible.

You simply can't go wrong with this deck unless you discard the wrong card. To avoid this risk, you can include America Chavez. Nebula is a crucial card in this deck; however, if you miss out on it, you can swap it with Sunspot. You can also swap Storm for Swordmaster. However, pairing Storm with Dracula works well.

Here's the deck list:

1-cost: Nebula

2-cost: Morbius, Wolverine, Swarm, Colleen Wing

3-cost: Storm, Lady Sif

4-cost: Dracula, Hell Cow

5-cost: M.O.D.O.K.

6-cost: Apocalypse, America Chavez

2. Zabu 4-cost

Another deck that you can't miss out on is Zabu. It is simply one of the best decks in Marvel Snap for its Ongoing ability. With this, you can reduce the cost of 4-cost cards by two. Moreover, you can also combine the deck with plenty of potent 4-cost cards.

Zabu is a powerful card, which, when combined with the likes of Shang-Chi, Shuri, and Moon Girl, you get enough power to oust your competitor. While some may believe that Stature decks don't make the cut, it depends on your game's strategy. If you find that the deck needs to be more formidable, you can replace Moon Girl, Lizard, Iron Lad, or Stegron.

Moreover, you can include various combos such as Absorbing Man and Shuri or Darkhawk and Black Widow.

Here's the deck list:

1-cost: Nebula, Korg

2-cost: Zabu, Jeff

3-cost: Polaris

4-cost: Darkhawk, Shang-Chi, Enchantress, Miles Morales, Rock Slide

5-cost: Stature, Black Bolt

1. Kitty Bounce

Kitty Bounce

Unbeknownst to most, low-cost cards can also unleash a major win. Kitty Pryde is a 1/0, placing the card in the low-cost category. But this card will keep low cards bouncing back to your deck. When Kitty Pryde returns to hand, the card gains a +2 power. When you combine these cards with The Hood, Falcon, Hit-Monkey, or Best, you can conquer all locations in 6 turns or fewer.

Furthermore, the introduction of Kitty Pryde has had a notable impact on the Dino archetype. The card enhances its strength significantly by creating a formidable combination with The Collector.

So, witness the mesmerizing dance of low-cost mastery as Kitty Pryde and her loyal companions strategically weave through the game, reclaiming their cards and reshaping the battlefield to their advantage

Here's the deck list:

1-cost: Kitty Pryde, The Hood,

2-cost: Angela, Mysterio, Jeff, The Collector

3-cost: Bishop, Pit-monkey, Beast

5-cost: Iron Man

6-cost: America Chavez

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our list of Best Decks in Marvel Snap? Do you have any useful tips for the newcomers? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.


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