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5 Best Marvel Games of All Time, Ranked

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The Marvel enterprise is one to watch. Year after year, Marvel keeps releasing fantastic films that quickly gain popularity worldwide. Their games division, Marvel games, is striving to rank just as high. Marvel’s releases are based on films and others created from original stories. Featuring a wide variety of genres and game plays, Marvel games have significant weight in the market. Mainly because of its most popular Spider Man and X-Men games. It goes without saying that even for a legendary enterprise, there are games that didn’t quite settle in nicely with fans. 

In this article, we are looking back through decades of hit-and-miss releases to rank the five best Marvel games of all time. Let’s dive right in.


5. Lego Marvel Super Heroes (2013)

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego-themed video games are of a particular niche where younger fans may find it thrilling, while others, not so much.  At a time when lego games were on the rise, Marvel released Lego Marvel Super Heroes which fans enjoyed more than we may want to admit. The game features tons of super heroes to take control of. Each character comes with different super powers and abilities. Of course, there are an impressive bunch of powerful super villains to match. In this game, players experience an original epic adventure spanning across the entire Marvel universe. 

Whether you want to cool off from a long day off work, or simply relax your mind through smashing villains into Lego bricks, each level of the game will leave you incredibly satisfied. Fans and critics alike praised the delightful dialog among characters, They also commend the variety in characters, missions, and game play. For a lego game, the Lego Marvel Super Heroes did well to explore action-adventure sequences and puzzle solving missions. These helped to keep gamers on the edge of their seats. Before dismissing this release, give it a go. You may find it surprisingly accessible and quite fun to play with friends and family alike.


4. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (2005)

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Taking after Hulk and the Incredible Hulk movies, Ultimate Destruction is pretty much what you would expect from playing the Hulk. The only difference is the creativity in Hulk’s abilities. Also, the open-world environment gives you the freedom to roam around smashing and annihilating your enemies. Much like the movie, gamers can run straight through walls, kick tanks five blocks or throw missiles miles away like toys. It gets more interesting when Hulk’s powers increase with every level. At a certain level, you will lift buses and wrestle a helicopter mid-air to the ground. 

Furthermore, you can get creative and use smashed cars as boxing gloves. These strategies come in handy in boss battles that are much more intense. Simply employing the same techniques will not get you through to the next round. In-between the destruction, there is a storyline that adds compelling sentiment to the game. Hopefully there will be a sequel of equal or improved quality that does justice to this open-world Hulk game.


3. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (2006)

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Following the X-Men Legends games, Marvel games released another role-playing Diablo style gameplay. The Marvel: Ultimate Alliance edition stood out for its freedom to choose your ultimate superhero team. Alternatively, you can choose to go with the classic Avengers. It is quite thrilling actually, as gamers have a staggering variety of comic book super stars to pick from. 

Regardless of how popular a superhero is, or whether they are relatively unknown, Ultimate Alliance has them all. It is an enticing game to play with four friends, incorporating collaboration in working as a team in some wild scenarios. It was no surprise when Marvel released two more games in this series: the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3. Thus, quenching the thirst from fans for more editions. Even so, over a decade later, the original Ultimate Alliance is a whole lot of fun to play.


2. X-Men: Arcade (1992)

X-Men: Arcade

A worthwhile mention among Marvel’s top games of all time is X-Men: Arcade. Notably, the game is an old-time edition featuring the classic side-scrolling beat ‘em up mechanics. However, it was the first ‘X-Men’ game to feature a remotely playable game. 

With six superhero X-Men characters to choose from, players fought their way through super villains to the ultimate Magento show down. Moreover, you could hype it up with five other friends – or random fans of the game – to reminisce through the arcade cabinet and joystick times. Alternatively, you can go for the modern deployments on PlayStation and Xbox, or Android and iOS. Thirty years later, the graphics and gameplay of XMen: Arcade still hold up which is probably why developer Konami chose to re-release PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game.


1. Spider-Man (2018)

Flashy enough to sell to J Jonah. Jameson.

It is no surprise that Spider-Man ranks highly in the top Marvel video games of all time. The Spider-Man superhero character is a super fan favorite among players. Further, Insomniac Games does well in matching up to Spider-Man’s praise. Among the most outstanding features are Spider-Man’s combat style and the compelling storylines. It also features excellent costumes and a well-mastered open-world mission around the streets of New York City. 

There are many things that could go wrong in a Spider-Man video game. However, the fluidity and momentum as Spider-Man swings, crawls, and flips between skyscrapers and the side of buildings is executed perfectly. It feels great dropping in the game every once in a while, without the overwhelming nature most common with role-playing open world games.

Critics and fans alike highly praised Marvel’s Spider-Man for its excellent adaptation of a well-made superhero video game. It has a fun playable character and well-balanced missions to safeguard the city of New York. In fact, Spider-Man goes on to feature in over 15 additional gaming platforms. Without a doubt, Marvel’s Spider-Man stands as the most perfectly executed Marvel game of all time.


So what’s your take on these top five Marvel games of all time? Do you agree with our listing? Let us know in our socials here or the comments below.


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