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5 Best Chase Sequences in Video Games



There is honestly nothing more exhilarating than feeling the cold whisper of a killer graze the hairs on your neck as you flee for your life. Video games, of course, have been able to envelop this very feeling for years, with chase sequences that have often dared to make us feel helpless, alone, and bound for death like lambs to the slaughter. This is, of course, a scare tactic that many survival horror enthusiasts employ as one of the bread and butter components for establishing a full-fat video game. And it works, as hard as it is to admit.

Anyway, the fact is, we've rage quit countless games because of such things in the past, and not once has a second attempt made the miniature heart attacks any less horrifying. The question, though, is which games have given us the most chills? Well, let's see. Here are, in our opinion, the five best chase sequences of all time.

5. Water Monster (Amnesia: The Dark Descent)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a survival horror game that places players in the shoes of Daniel, a withered and helpless soul plagued by an intense case of amnesia. After waking up in the crumbling halls of Castle Brennenburg, a note, written by Daniel himself prior to losing his memory, asks that he venture deep into the cloisters of the inner sanctum, a forbidden place in which he must murder a man named Alexander.

As you navigate your way through the old castle, players are forced to either flee or hide from the monsters that flood its cracks and crevices. A monster that brings out your deepest fears, however, is a creature that wades beneath the underground waters. In order to progress, you are tasked with solving various puzzles, all of which involve staying above water level. Should you fall in, of course, then a deadly chase sequence between you and the monster down below will begin. And honestly, if there's one thing Frictional Games know how to conjure — it's a heart pounding chase sequence.


4. Monster Ock (Spider-Man)

One doesn't necessarily associate your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man with the bone-shattering thrills that tie in with survival horror. And yet, in a strange turn of events, Neversoft was able to marry the two and conjure one of the most unexpected chase sequences of all time, using the same engine that built Tony Hawks's Pro Skater, wouldn't you believe?

The section between Spider-Man and Monster Ock went down as one of the most memorable chase sequences ever built. To call it nightmare material would only be an understatement — even for a game that had about as many pixels as a Nokia 7650. And to think, this came from a game that employed more than enough cheesy quotes to make even Bruce Campbell wince in his boots. Go figure.


3. SCP-096 (SCP – Containment Breach)

The community-built survival horror known as SCP – Containment Breach has seen its admirable share of monsters come to life over the years, none of which have collected as many fear-induced heart attacks as SCP-096. Thanks to its spontaneous movements and piercing shrieks that basically shatter bulletproof glass, fans of the franchise have spent more time cowering in the forums than openly confronting it in its in-game chapter. And honestly, we can't even blame them.

SCP – Containment Breach sees you going toe-to-toe with a number of corrupt test subjects in an underground facility. In order to escape the horrors encased within, you will need to solve a variety of puzzles, as well as play a game of hide and seek with some of the creatures that call the facility home. SCP-096, being just one of the creatures that you will need to bypass in order to claim sanctuary will, unfortunately, give you more of a run for your money than the vast majority. Flip the switch, and you'll see just what we're talking about.


2. Lydia (Don't Be Afraid)

Don't Be Afraid is an indie survival horror that builds off the foundations of movie franchises such as Saw, Dead Silence, and Escape Room. As prisoners in a labyrinth of bloody mannequins, possessed dolls, and hazardous traps, you must use a mixture of stealth and initiative to overcome the challenges encased within. One of these challenges, unfortunately, involves outsmarting and outrunning a young girl named Lydia.

As you progress deeper into the maze, Lydia, the daughter of your captor, makes her entrance by inviting you to a game of hide and seek. The only problem is, she prefers to run after you, which means a single eye on you will result in a horrifying cat and mouse chase until you're either caught, or fleeting for safety behind a not-so sturdy hardwood cabinet. Whatever the outcome, it's difficult to shrug off the creeps that bolt on to the chapter. And honestly, the whole scenario is perhaps one of the creepiest in any modern horror video game.


1. Little Nightmares

If Studio Ghibli had leapt at the opportunity to develop a survival horror game, Little Nightmares would have been the fruits of its labor, without a doubt. And yet, the actual game served as more of a homage to the beloved animation studio than anything, with references that connected to movies like Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle. A feature it did retain, however, was the quirkiness of the locations and unintentionally creepy characters.

Little Nightmares is mostly built on stealth-based activities, with the odd chase sequence taking place to nudge the plotline along ever so slightly. The final sequence, though, is one of the most bone-shattering ever developed for a horror game. And if you don't believe us, then be sure to look up a few reactions over on YouTube. Better yet, play it for yourself and witness the horrors that unfold from Six's monochrome nightmare.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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