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5 Best Survival Horror Games Like MADiSON

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Survival Horror Games

If you can handle the adrenaline rush from survival horror games, MADiSON may just be your cup of tea. It is a first-person psychological horror that features terrifying, if not nerve-wracking, gameplay. The storyline is also unsettling and may even leave you with a pit in your stomach. You play Luca, a character who awakens in a dark room with his hands covered in blood. He soon realizes a demon has forced him to carry out gruesome rituals of a century-old tradition.

Will you be able to stomach the gory acts required of you? Can you stand the sight of the creepy enemies lurking in the dark? This is just the tip of the iceberg of what experiences await when you play this game. Not many games can offer the same suspense as MADiSON. However, we have a few befitting titles we want you to check out. Here are the five best survival horror games like MADiSON.


5. Alien: Isolation

Prepare to be spooked in one of the best horror survival horror games like MADiSON known as Alien: Isolation. Despite being provided with killer weapons such as flamethrowers, revolvers, and shotguns, you may still be scared to the bone. This is because your enemies are unpredictable and can appear from anywhere at any time. As opposed to other games where you may be able to predict a pattern in your enemy's movements, here you have to rely on a motion tracker because the aliens move randomly. 

Therefore, to make it through the game, you must be quick with your trigger finger; you will also need to formulate an effective strategy. The game may seem difficult at first, but gets easier the more you play; okay, not easier, just less tough. One more thing, you not only have to look out for alien enemies but other random survivors trying to loot. As we said, this game is the toughest one yet, so you better have a good strategy when you begin. 


4. Outlast

 Survival Horror Games

The next horror game guaranteed to completely unnerve you is Red Barrels Outlast. Here, you take Miles Upshur on a terrifying investigative mission into a mysterious asylum on the remote outskirts of Colorado. Miles goes to investigate under the suspicion of poor conditions at the facility, only to find out things are way worse than he thought. But it's too late to go back as he is trapped and must find a way to escape. Moving through the facility knowing that creepy monsters may pop up at any time can be unsettling.

The game makes even the strongest horror game fans shiver in awe. The most horrifying part is that you cannot fight; all you can do is hide and try to outrun the monsters. And in the event that a monster discovers your hiding place, you have to prepare for the most gruesome attack you can ever imagine. It drags you out and shreds you to death before you can do anything about it. In the event of death, the game resets from the latest checkpoint. 


3. Mortal Decay

Moving on to a more action-filled survival horror game, we have Mortal Decay. A game based on the haunting aftermath of World War 3. As a lone survivor scouring for food and essentials, you stumble upon what looks like an abandoned prison at first, only to discover the hidden horrors that inhabit that dark place. It turns out the prison is not abandoned after all, and once again you find yourself striving to survive more horror. You must move around the building levels, solving puzzles to escape the unknown forces on your trail.

There are multiple interesting stories to uncover while playing the game, delivered through various means such as letters, radio broadcasts, and even your eavesdropping. Every room floor has its own mysteries; you never know what kind of gory sight you will encounter next. You will need stealth to sneak around and gather relevant intel to help uncover what happened to the prisoners who inhibited this facility. All this while you try to avoid multiple unique enemies. 


2. Condemned: Criminal Origins

 Survival Horror Games

Step into the shoes of an FBI agent in Condemned: Criminal Origins, a gruesome Saw-inspired horror game. Unlike most survival games on this list, this one provides you with the best weapons needed to fight back. And not just any weapons. You get baseball bats and deadly firearms that can often take down an enemy with just one shot. You can get these guns from defeated enemies, but they can only be useful as long as the current ammo lasts; once it's depleted, you can only use the guns to hit enemies. 

Condemned: Criminal Origins features amazing melee combat as well as a dingy theme that sets you up for the mood of the game. Your character walks into a crime scene, assuming it's just another day of crime fighting, but to his surprise, he finds out he's been framed for the killings of two officers. To clear his name, he must determine the real killer through all means necessary. which often involves kicking the asses of those standing in his way. 


1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

 Survival Horror Games

From Frictional Games comes one terrific survival horror game, dubbed Amnesia: The Dark Descent. If you liked MADiSON, you might also enjoy the thrill that comes with this game. Your task here is to solve puzzles around Brennenburg Castle. But there is a catch. You have to do it in the dark, equipped with nothing but your own courage and a lamp. As you move through this creepy building, you need to monitor your health and sanity, literally. There are indicators on the game screen showing the increase and reduction of your sanity. 

Reduction happens when you stay in the dark too long, which may cause you to see disturbing events or scary monsters. The lower your sanity gets, the greater your chances of attracting real monsters; also, depletion in sanity may eventually lead to death. The only way to maintain sanity is to stay in the light. However, light sources are scarce. You have a limited amount of oil for the lantern and very few tinder boxes for candles. Amnesia: The Dark Descent offers terrifying experiences that only heighten as you unravel the game's story.

Which of the video games from the list above do you think is the best survival horror game like MADiSON? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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