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5 Marvel Games We Want in 2022



One of the biggest comic, movie, and overall franchises of all time, Marvel recently announced it's working on a new MMO RPG. In light of this, we thought it would be a good time to discuss what other potential Marvel video games we want to see in the future. I can start by saying, it's definitely not a small selection.

With how vast and expansive the Marvel Universe is, theoretically they could come out with a new game every year for the next millennium. I mean we saw how well the Spiderman games did so you could imagine that this would work with other prominent Marvel Characters. Which leaves the question up to debate of what Marvel games could show up in the future? There are a lot of possibilities, however, we narrowed it down to the top five Marvel games we want to see in 2022.



5. Punisher Story Game

You can't deny that a Punisher game would make for a great gothic and grueling atmospheric story. The dark presence of this character, who's often looked at as an anti-hero could really pull some interesting contrast in gameplay and story. We've seen it done well with other not-so vigilantes aka Spiderman, however, the Punisher could really take this concept to the extreme.

His backstory is perfect for building a character and narrative arch for a story and if I got to choose I would say 2K Games would be the perfect bid. Their experience working in dark fantasy with the Bioshock series showcases their ability to create a gruesome dystopic world.

The ironic part is that there was a Punisher game dated back to 2004 which received great feedback. So diving back into this concept with technology today isn't sounding like too bad of an idea.


4. Marvel Universe Battle Royale

I know your first thought was Fortnite, don't worry it was mine too. Since the game has been crossing over with the Marvel Universe it has shown us the potential of what a possible Marvel battle royale could bring. On a more serious note, if Marvel was able to work with a publisher to create a battle royale of this type I bet my top dollar it would be a hit.

For example, take the likes of Apex Legends where your character or Legend has different abilities that change the field of battle in-game, now apply that to the Marvel Universe. Players could create interesting team compositions of not just heroes but villains and fight other team compositions.

It surely would be interesting enough to see the potential abilities and ultimates that could come from this. Just imagine you're in the final circle and your teammate, Thor comes down with a huge lightning barrage.


3. Black Panther Story Game

Worldwide, Chadwick Boseman's single-standing depiction of Black Panther was a massive success. The character was relatively new to most Marvel fans until the debut movie, however, that is where this game can shine. In terms of back story and lore, the superhero really has a lot to play off of.

Thinking in terms of a story game, an open-world experience of Wakanda as Black Panther would surely provide mass appeal. Now that I think about it, it almost would be unjust to do. I mean who doesn't want to fight off enemies as Black Panther tearing around the Jungle with the power of Vibranium.

The world of Wakanda is so vast and mysterious it feels like Marvel has only begun to touch upon it. Don't even get me started on what else could be incorporated with the use of Vibranium in the game as well.


2. Loki RPG

Loki is a Marvel character that we grew to love over time. His ongoing dispute of whether he is good or bad is a perfect fit for his joker style and could work equally as well in an RPG. One where the player decides the outcome of his character through in-game decisions that have an effect on the storyline.

We've seen this done across games like CyberPunk and Fallout but no one has perfected it as much as the Mass Effect series. If you could incorporate that level of dialogue and narrative outcomes with a character like Loki, well it would work perfectly. To be frank, it almost works too well.

This could be done in numerous ways, from Loki betraying Thor, to even other Avengers. Or on the contrary, you decide not otherwise and end up fighting alongside them. There really are endless possibilities with how multiple storylines could play out, but regardless it needs to be done.



1. X-Men MMO RPG

It recently came to the headlines that Marvel is working with End Global 7 to make a new Marvel Universe MMO RPG. This got me thinking of future possibilities for this genre and one could involve the X-Men. One where you start out at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and work to develop your own mutant.

For real this time, the possibilities for this game are endless, I mean we are talking about Mutants after all. There isn't a limit to what is a capable ability for a mutant as they are all unique. How you want to build your own mutant is up to you but inevitably you would get to progress through the school with other mutants.

It could even be a potential DLC component to the new Marvel Universe if the game sees the right amount of success to do so.


So what are your thoughts? Is there a game Marvel game idea you want to share? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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