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Best Bosses in Lies of P, Ranked



Lies of P was released recently, and with it comes the inevitable boss rankings. The bosses within the game are quite varied, with each adding their own sense of foreboding, as well as stunning mechanics. This mechanical proficiency is part of what makes Lies of P bosses so special, coupled with the game's signature aesthetic style. While they may vary in difficulty and visual appeal, each of these bosses is great in their own way. That said, here are our picks for the Best Bosses in Lies of P, Ranked.

5. Scrapped Watchman

We begin today's list of the best bosses in Lies of P, Ranked we have the Scrapped Watchman. Serving as the player's first true test of what's to come later in the game, this boss offers players the first real challenge. In doing so, players will have to pay great attention to the boss's movements. This will ensure that players are only going to be taking a minimal amount of damage in the fight. From a mechanical standpoint, this boss fight doesn't exactly blow you away, but it can absolutely leave you sulking at the death screen if you don't respect the Watchman's damage.

After the player is able to whittle down the Watchman's health, they will enter a second phase, in which their bodies will become electrified. This will make it exceedingly difficult to strike your opponent. This is where the fight's encouragement of parrying comes in. The parry system within Lies of P greatly rewards player timing. In short, while this might not be the most bombastic on our list, it is fundamentally strong, and it is for these reasons that we consider it one of the best bosses in Lies of P.

4. Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Our next entry is a challenging battle that takes place later in the game. The Fallen Archbishop Andreus can be found throughout the St. Frangelico Catherdral, making a great backdrop for this fight. Mechanically, this fight is also rather interesting and requires the player to be on their toes against this powerful foe. While the boss fight itself mainly consists of players weaving in and out of their attacks, and dodging the many slam moves this boss has, it is rather rewarding to complete.

As with many other fights in Lies of P, the telegraphed moveset of this boss allows the player to adjust accordingly. While this certainly isn't the easiest task in the world. Adjusting to the Archbishop's movements will not only allow you to strike them more often. But it can also keep you safe from damage. From a visual standpoint, this fight is rather grim, and beautiful with a transformation occurring about midway through the fight. So for its great presentation and solid mechanics, we consider this Fallen Archbishop Andreus one of the best bosses in Lies of P.

3. Green Monster of the SwampGamescom 2022 Best World Premieres

Switching things up quite a bit for our next entry, here we have the Green Monster of the Swamp. As the name would imply, this creature takes up its residence within the Barren Swamp. This is a great and powerful creature that you will meet throughout your travels. The first thing that players will notice about this boss is its unique visual style. Mechanically, the fight has a lot to do with avoidance more so than an all-out battle. For players who are fans of bosses with subterranean mechanics, this boss has a tendency to delve underground and pop up and attack the player.

This means paying attention to your surroundings and visual cues is essential to player success. For fans of the Scrapped Watchmen fight, this fight has tons of similar mechanics. However, it comes with a few additions that really make it feel unique. For starters, the Green Monster of the Swamp will be able to use its tendrils in order to lengthen its range. This means players will have to be extra careful regarding positioning. All in all, if you are looking for one of the best boss fights in Lies of P, this certainly fits the bill.

2. Romeo, King of the Puppets

Aesthetically, our next entry is one that doesn't disappoint. Romeo, King of the Puppets is a fantastic-looking puppet that not only manages to be menacing but also imposing to fight. Players will have to pay great attention to many of this fight's prompts and ensure that they act accordingly. This is due not only to the massive amount of damage that this boss can dish out but for other reasons as well. Throughout the fight, this boss will become more nimble and mobile, adding a new level of challenge to the fight. However, if players focus on avoiding attacks and dealing consistent damage, this fight is pretty straightforward.

This is a fight that not only does a great job of emphasizing the game's parry mechanic but one that really is more about attrition than dealing as much damage as possible. This aspect makes it stand out quite a bit from other fights within Lies of P. Additionally, the weight that the narrative gives to this battle also makes it stand out as well. Altogether, if you are looking for one of the best boss fights in Lies of P, look no further than the Romeo fight.

1. Laxasia the CompleteLies P

Rounding out our list of the best bosses in Lies of P, here we have Laxia the Complete. While they may be human, the amount of deception that is held within their attacks is impressive. This is due to the fact that Laxasia does a great job of fooling the player. Tactics that this boss will use include things like messing with the timings of specific attacks. This essentially throws the player off of their game and hides the rhythm of the fight for a short while. This can make it tricky and unpredictable at times, and that is part of what is so great about it.

Couple this with the many defenses that this boss has, and you have quite a tough battle on your hands. Additionally, the boss does a great amount of Shock damage to the player which should be avoided at all costs. Added to this, is the fact that this boss is incredibly mobile as well. This essentially means that to succeed, players will have to maneuver around the fast-moving boss and strike accordingly. In conclusion, if you are looking for one of the best bosses in Lies of P, Laxasia the Complete is one of its more stunning offerings.

So, what's your take on our picks for the Best Bosses in Lies of P, Ranked? How would you rank these bosses? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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