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5 Best Soulslike Games on Switch



Since Dark Souls, many games tried to recreate its balance of unforgiving boss fights and a dark, atmospheric world where you never feel really safe. Most of them failed, but throughout the years there have been some notable exceptions. These are the 5 best Soulslike games on Switch.

Eldest Souls

Hectic and immensely challenging, Eldest Souls may be the closest game on Switch to capture the DS atmosphere. Old Gods have devastated your world, and as a lone warrior, you stand as humanity's only hope. Armed with just a greatsword, you'll have to slice through each of them, gaining new skills in the process. Eldest Souls has a delightfully complex skill tree that lets you create distinct builds. If you are looking for a hard and atmospheric soulslike that's short yet highly replayable, look no further than this baby.

Eldest Souls gameplay

A boss rush game of epic proportions Steam

Death's Door

Death's Door is a beautiful dungeon-crawler inspired by Zelda and Dark Souls trilogy. In it, we follow Crow, a  grim reaper tasked with traveling to a land untouched by death. Tight and challenging combat mechanics are finely balanced with wacky characters and relaxing OST. Death's Door also rewards exploration and offers an alternative ending for those that reach 100%. While it isn't the most challenging entry on the list, it is a short and sweet experience that works on all levels.

Soulslike Games on Switch: Death's Door

Death's Door isn't short on epic moments Steam

Dead Cells

When it came out in 2018, Dead Cells cemented itself as one of the toughest roguelike Metroidvania's on Switch. You'll have to be really careful while exploring the shape-shifting castle, as only death is a guarantee. As levels are interconnected, you can explore the world non-linearly, similarly to Hollow Knight. Dead Cells takes it up a notch by not giving you any checkpoints, so it will definitely test your patience. Again and again, it teaches you to learn through failure, so what's not to like?

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight may be Team Cherry's first game, but it's a flat-out masterpiece. This mix of Metroidvania and platformer has everything going for it: fluid combat, cryptic and emotional storyline, great visuals, and a massive world that keeps on giving. Basically, it's one of the best Soulslike games on Switch. Team Cherry also finished working on Silksong, and I can't wait to see how it will measure up.

Hollow Knight gameplay

A one of a kind soulslike platformer Steam

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights

Ender Lilies is a dark fantasy 2D RPG that doesn't hide it's From Software influence. However, it stands out thanks to the superb atmosphere and satisfying combat mechanics. In it, you guide a young Lily, who united with cursed knights to explore the unforgiving area of Land's End. Playstyle is very customizable, and you'll quickly get comfortable with mixing spirit abilities to suit your gameplay style. In short, this is like Dark Souls went anime.

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