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Undead Inc. — 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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Undead Inc. is the latest offering from Rightsized Games that puts you in the top seat of managing a pharmaceutical company.  You have one main goal: ensuring endless profitability for the guys at the top. But this doesn't come with business as usual. You may have to make unethical decisions to appease the bosses. However, sometimes these decisions come at a great cost. If you're just settling into this simulation game and still can't get the ropes. Fret not. We have you covered. Here are Undead Inc.'s best tips for beginners to get you started.

5. Pick the Right Director


Your wins and losses in Undead Inc. are tied to your director's lifeline. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a director with the proper skills. I'd settle for Coleman any day. As a trained mercenary, Coleman is well-versed in all matters of security and combat. He is the right guy you need when things go awry, and if a few guys need to be taken care of. 

That's the thing about the game. One minute, it's a smooth sail, and the next, you have the Blindspot Gang knocking at your door, demanding more money. If you don't feed the wolf, well, then they cause havoc, eliminating your precious employees. 

Coleman's mercenary experience comes in handy in such cases. Moreover, his staff gets a combat skill bonus. Admittedly, Hitch is also a formidable option, given her healing ability to get you and your employees back to good health. However, you can leverage Coleman's booster ability with a solid strategy, temporarily turning him into a mean machine. 

4. Emphasize Profit-Making


You may be tempted to stay faithful to the Hippocratic Oath when running the medical facility. As much as that is admirable, it can cost you your job. Doing the right thing may not necessarily attract the proper profit, which leads to keeping you in the game. That is why you shouldn't shy away from unscrupulous deals that turn a profit. 

Instead of selling third-party drugs, why not have your own facility that manufactures them? Sure, you might not have the right personnel for it, but getting your facility up and running is worth a start until you can expand and hire the right people. The game doesn't necessarily grant you infinite resources. You must manage those at your disposal carefully. This will revolve around hiring staff and building more rooms. You can start with two doctor's offices and a waiting room. 

However, the real cherry on top comes from illicit ventures. Once you have your research facility up and running, you can manufacture drugs and sell them on the black market. You can also trade in biological weapons and viruses. But be wary of the whistleblowers who could take down your franchise in a whisk. 

3. Always Have a Plan B

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The bottom line of any simulation game is a solid strategy that sees you through objectives. But it's good to have a plan B when you follow your strategy to the letter and the unexpected happens. 

Undead Inc. is undoubtedly out to prove that anything can happen. Your top researcher could be knee-deep in a scandal. Should you fire him or continue to appease the top bosses? A troop of police officers decide to show up at your facility. A good bribe could go a long way in buying their silence. But if it's out of your hands, can eliminating them be your end or beginning?

Ideally, for every strategy you craft, it's best to work backward and consider the worst-case scenario. The beauty is that even if you get a pink slip, you can restart a new facility in a pristine city. 

2. Harvest as Much Biomass As You Can

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Creating bioweapons is one revenue source that really trickles in the big bucks. However, to do so, you need a ton of biomass. Unfortunately for you, biomass is not easy to come by. But is it? 

You typically get three options for harvesting biomass. The first option is the easiest. Head to the underground and locate a pile of green mass. Once you find it, you can assign a researcher to harvest it. They'll likely need a drone to collect the biomass. So you'll need to build a drone room. Once you find a pile, it's inexhaustible. So, to gather more biomass faster, you'll need more manpower to harvest. 

The last two options have a diabolical tag to them. You can recycle your stubborn staff by sending them to the Staff Treatment Room and turning them into biomass. Alternatively, you can harvest a lost or found dog. Keep in mind that you get the option of either returning the dog or petting it. So do as you will, but ensure you are always stocked on biomass.  

1. Keep an Eye On Employees

Emerson Pearson

It goes without saying that your employees are your greatest resource. But they can also be your downfall. Occasionally check employees for any zombie-like symptoms. If you find any with such symptoms, send them to the Staff Treatment Centre. If they are a valuable asset, you can invest in their recovery. If not, then you can recycle them for biomass.

Moreover, you also need to maintain a balance of right and wrong with your employees. Scrutinize what they know from the ‘Illegal Knowledge' section. Here, you'll learn of any illegal activity your staff knows or has participated in. If the staff is a valued member, you can keep them; if not, it's off to the recycle pile. 

Furthermore, if your employee requests a raise, you could lose them if you decline to offer it. However, a short-term option is granting the request. If they don't add value, well, that means more biomass for you. The bottom line is that, as a director at Undead Inc., you have to stay abreast of all matters.

So, what's your take on our five best tips for beginners in Undead Inc.? Are there others we should know about? Feel free to share your thoughts here or in the comments section below.

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