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Games on Steam: Best Indies of 2022



2022 has been a fantastic year in terms of indie development on Steam. The studios behind these great games have proven that you don't need a AAA budget in order to bring a fantastic experience to the player. These games often have a ton of love, and attention poured into them from a relatively small team, which is certainly admirable. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to these games. So without further ado, we present to you Games on Steam: Best Indies of 2022.

5. Cult of the LambRogue-Like Adventure Games

Cult of the Lamb is a fantastic indie title that came out on Steam in 2022. This game follows a cult leader as they amass their following. The game has players exploring the world and, as they do so, run into a number of memorable characters that all want to join the player's ranks. The game is well underway when the player character gets possessed and asked to create a cult as recompense for saving their lives. These events jumpstart the game to be rather interesting from the moment you press play.

Players are able to go throughout the world and destroy various structures that commemorate false prophets. Until they are the only ones left standing, of course, this game, while dealing with some rather dark subject matter, it is actually incredibly enjoyable and a great experience overall, after all. Who hasn't wanted to create a cult in a stress-free environment? Now's your chance with Cult of the Lamb. So if you have not picked this title up and added it to your Steam library, now's your chance to grab one of the best indie games of 2022.

4. Signalis

Signalis is a very unique game in its own right. The game is heavily inspired by dark survival horror games of the past, which give it a distinct tone and flavor. It wears these influences on its sleeve, all while improving on the formula that makes these game's so great. The game actually delves into some pretty serious subject matter, such as dreams and the nature of existence. It handles these topics flawlessly. And it does all of this while coming across as a very polished survival horror game to boot.

If players have typically strayed away from the survival horror genre. They should definitely give this one a try. The game approaches things quite differently in the way that its gameplay is presented. There are many different influences on the game as well, most of these being from cinema, that really add to the weight and atmosphere of the experience as a whole. These aspects accumulate to make Signalis an experience that players won't soon forget. All in all, players should definitely add Signalis to their list of games if they haven't already.

3. Tunic

Tunic is a game that has captured the hearts of many different kinds of players. Many players love the game for its retro design and old-school difficulty, while others love the adventure aspects of the game. But, no matter your reason, one thing is for sure. The level of quality present within Tunic is outstanding. Players will be able to go through the expertly crafted dungeons and enjoy every little journey along the way.

This is in no small part due to how the game is designed. That is to say. The game is designed in a way that makes exploration and problem-solving feel very rewarding to the player. Players can find themselves in many different situations throughout the game, which is excellent, as it keeps every playthrough of the game fresh. There is very little hand-holding in this game as well, which to some will be a fantastic decision as it relies on the player's wits to get them by. In closing, if you haven't, you players should definitely play Tunic, especially if you are fond of older school RPGs. Simply stated, Tunic is one of the best indie titles on Steam in 2022.

2. Neon White

Neon White is an absolutely gorgeous game that players have become rather fond of speedrunning. The freedom at which players can accomplish goals in the game is one of the reasons why this indie title initially stood out so much amongst its competition. With an insanely stylized aesthetic, this game is undoubtedly striking from the moment that players lay their eyes on the game. That isn't where this title stops, however. It also rewards players with one of the best gameplay experiences of this year.

The gameplay is buttery smooth and allows for players to get a grasp of its mechanics relatively early. This has led to many players learning how to speed run the game. And a healthy community has been built around just this aspect of the game, actually. With enough sidequests to keep everyone busy for quite some time, players will have no shortage of tasks to complete within the game. In closing, NeonWhite is not only one of the best indie games to release this year, but it is also one of the better indie games to release in quite some time.

 1. StrayBest PlayStation Plus Games

Stray is a game with a simple, deceptive premise. However, it shows us that sometimes a game about a cat can also be so much more than that. Set in a world devoid of humans and mainly inhabited by cybernetic robots. Stray has a unique setting that lends itself well to the game as a whole. The perspective of a cat in a world that is really quite dangerous to cats puts players far and away from the usual power fantasy fare.

No, in Stray, you are simply a cat, and that is fantastic. It allows players to enjoy the world and its quirks and small details without getting in its own way regarding gameplay. Players will have to solve questions about the world around them, and it can lead them to really surprising places. The art in the game is also simply gorgeous to look at. Making for one heck of an experience for players regardless if they are feline lovers or not. Simply put, Stray is one of the best indie games to come out of 2022 and undoubtedly deserves the title.

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