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5 Games You Should Definitely Play After Stray

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Blue Twelve's production provides an impactful experience that leads players to want to swoop further into the Stray experience. If you enjoyed the adventures of the cat and his drone companion in this title, you must be craving similar adventure games. Fortunately, the industry is flooded with amazing games like Stray that may provide you with the same, if not better, experience. Whether you are looking for games with the same adventure, action, or puzzle elements, the list below provides you with variant options. Experience the various virtual worlds from the perspective of animal protagonists as well as companionships that are bound to last several lifetimes. That's why, once you complete the game and your exploration of Cybertown, you may want to look at our list of five games you should definitely play after Stray.


5. Tunic 

TUNIC Launch Trailer

There are various desirable aspects you can find in Tunic that make the game an important inclusion in this list. Not only does it compare to Stray, but other adventure games like The Legend of Zelda. Here you play as a fox protagonist who moves through specific areas uncovering missions and solving puzzles. Movement is restricted until you collect a new ability or weapon to use in the next stage of the game. Like Stray, Tunic lets you figure out your way around without offering exact instructions in each location.

The game also puts an emphasis on puzzle solving, as it's the only way to unlock new areas of the map. That's not all you have to deal with. You must fight enemies whilst avoiding various traps in your path. Your own curiosity will be your guide through the rundown world. The game also features epic bosses in the different locations you explore. Strike, dodge, and parry your way through every obstacle and obtain manual pages that help complete the game's manual. If you liked Stray, you may enjoy Tunic much more than you could expect.


4. Never Alone

Never Alone - Launch Trailer

Next, we have Never Alone, an amazing adventure featuring an even greater story. Here you play between two intriguing characters, Nuna, an Iñupiaq girl, and her fox companion. In a story that unfolds into eight chapters, your end goal is to restore harmony to Nuna's village. This is done once you find out the source of a chaotic blizzard that threatens the lives of everyone you know. Like Stray, the game does not let you travel alone and provides you with a helpful companion by your side. 

You can switch control between both characters according to their usefulness within certain areas. Since the fox is fast and agile, he's more suitable for exploration, while Nuna is better at handling puzzles and collecting equipment. The game features various other tales that help characters uncover more about their mission. Having a companion while going through the brutal Arctic world is what makes the game all the more satisfying.


3. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps E3 2018 Gameplay Trailer

Explore beautiful artistic environments in an incredible platformer puzzle game dubbed Ori and the Will of the Wisps. The game features the same puzzle elements as Stray but follows a slightly different style. Step into the shoes of a little spirit creature named Ori. Your adventure begins after Ori is separated from his owl companion, named Ku. The poor little creature now has to set out on a solo adventure to find Ku as well as bring healing to the land. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is one of the many interesting alternatives to Stray

The emotional story behind the action and puzzle solving will keep you invested throughout the journey. Not to mention the progressive elements the game offers. You attain new abilities and upgrades the more you play. You also get to engage in various side quests that help you collect more rewards and various essential relics. Explore beautiful forest environments and engage with NPCs that will help you get past various obstacles in this amazing 2D Metroidvania platformer game.


2. Cat Quest

Cat Quest - Official Launch Trailer - iOS, Steam

Leap into various action-packed adventures following an adorable but fierce orange cat in Cat Quest. The game features amazing RPG elements that will keep you hooked on the never-ending flow of content. Follow the heroic cat on a mission to save his sister from Drakoth, the game's main antagonist. Along the way, you will battle many foes and collect various rewards. You will also come across different NPCs, such as mages like Mewlin and Meowgan, who may require your assistance in their quest.

Like Stray, this game maintains an interesting open-world concept with pretty straightforward gameplay. Not to forget the catchy motifs and gear your character can acquire; not only are they great fashion statements but can also influence the cat's fighting style. As you progress through the game, you will discover new areas to explore and loot to collect. Everywhere you go in Cat Quest, you can find incredible stories to engage in. 


1. The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian Trailer

Explore a whole new level of action in The Last Guardian, an adventure game with a blend of puzzle elements. If you cared for the companionship in Stray between the cat and its robot B12, prepare for another heart-melting story between another adorable duo. The game features a young boy alongside his giant fantastical beast named Trico. The two complement each other with their unique skills. For instance, Trico's giant size allows the boy to reach areas that would otherwise be impossible for him to get to alone. 

Similarly, the boy is able to carry objects such as food barrels and operate levers that would be impossible for Trico to do with paws. While the beast helps fight off guards and protects the boy, he is also vulnerable to certain elements that can scare him. The boy helps remove these elements to calm Trico down; he also takes out the spears that hit and wounded the beast after battle. The teamwork between the two is what makes The Last Guardian special and one of the best games you should definitely play after Stray.


Which video game from the list above do you think you should definitely play after Stray? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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