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5 Best City-Building Games Like Townscraper

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City-building games like Townscraper

Townscraper is a city-building game with no objectives, however, there is a methodical joy that comes from that. And it comes from the game's nature as an artistic form of expression that can even serve as some good therapy. Since aimlessly indulging in a world you've made for yourself is one of the best ways to escape the pressures of the real world. If that sounds down your alley, then you'll surely enjoy the five best city-building games like Townscraper.

Believe it or not, creative city builders are actually a widely popular gaming genre. There is a long list of games that fit into its category, all of which have been developed with their own individual style and poise. However, unlike Townscraper, one game on this list comes with some challenges and obstacles for the players that need more of an incentive. However, if it's just the creative city-building expression you're looking for, then these five games like Townscraper will also deliver exactly that.


5. Super Build

Another game that takes on the beautiful free-flowing city building aspects is Super Build. The sandbox game is an un-restricted city-building game with no end, nor any goals. That means, there is no management, economy, or timers involved, purely just the freedom to build and create as you see fit. On top of this, there is no story, other than the fictitious one you might make in your head as you're world slowly comes to life.

The options really are endless, you could build a never-ending farmland community, a medieval castle society, or a world that dwells in the Aztec ruins. You can stack, merge, and rotate over 1,000 items at any angle to create any build you can comprise. What's more is you can add life to your cities, with people, animals, giants and even dragons. You also are free to grab inspiration by exploring other people's creations. Furthermore, you can even develop your city on the go with the mobile version – Pocket Build.



4. Kingdoms And Castles

If you're looking for a game with the same aesthetic as Townscraper, but with a list of challenges and objectives, then Kingdoms and Castles is worth checking out. The city-building simulation game is all about growing a prosperous medieval kingdom while warding off the threats and implications that stand in you're way. That could be Vikings looking to steal your citizens, a dragon wreaking havoc on your city or even the cold harshness of winter.

You can even make trade agreements, alliances, or worst case, war with neighboring AI-controlled kingdoms. The whole point is to do everything in your power to ensure the prosperity of your kingdom and its inhabitants, failing which will result in a death screen. Visually, the game presents itself in a similar way to Townscraper, however more rigid and structured. We will say that fighting for it makes enjoying the benefits of seeing your beautiful city come together even better.



3. Islanders

City-building games like Townscraper

Okay, let's step away from the stress of management to another city-building game, like Townscraper, which doesn't have any at all. Islanders is a strategy-building game in which you're given an island and left to develop it into a village or city until you are no longer able to do so. Once finalized, your city will be given a score depending on its layout and placement. From there you can choose to travel to the next island and compose you're next city-building masterpiece.

What most people might not know about this game is that it is actually only made by three creators. They were inspired to make a game that lets any create their own peaceful little world, yet provides some depth for players who like to challenge themselves with the scoring system. The best feature is that no two creations are alike because each city you create has a wholly original appearance. From the island you're given to the way you comprise it, it's all up to you.



2. Atlas Architect

City-building games like Townscraper

If you not only want to build a city or kingdom but its land from the ground up, then Atlas Architect is a title to look into. Really the only thing that should hold you back in this game is your imagination. You begin with an area of open water, and to add any type of land, surface, or structure, simply click it into existence. From there the game will automatically generate an organic construct that will blend seamlessly with what's around it.

Atlas Architect at heart is a quick, simple, and easy city and world builder. It really is a relaxing, creative, and stress-free game that just lets your imagination run wild. And much like Townscraper, there are no restrictions or limitations to what you create. With really no restrictions, Atlast Architects lets you express your city and world-building creativity to the max.



1. Dorfromantik

City-building games like Townscraper

The number one choice for city-building games like Townscraper, in our humble opinion, is Dorfromantik. The peaceful city-building game starts you with a stack of procedurally generated tiles. One by one, you take the top tile in the stack and masterfully create your world by rotating the tiles as you see fit. Think of Tetris, however, shapes take the place of pre-generated hexagons, to construct a world and its city from the town up.

Much like Islanders, the game will give you reward you with points depending on how well you're world is constructed. This is done by grouping, forests, villages, and bodies of water together. The game has endless progression but expands you into new biomes with new hexagons as you progress. The result is a peaceful and free-form city/world builder that you can really get lost in. The best part is that every session is different and no world builds the same. Which gives you something new and relaxing to build, every time you step into the game.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other games city-building games like Townscraper that we should know about? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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