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10 Best City-Building Games Like Fabledom



Game like Fabledom feature enchanted forests and magical village scenes

Fabledom is a captivating city-building game that transports players into a whimsical fairytale universe. Here, you can shape your very own kingdom, and expand from a quaint village into a thriving fairy tale realm. And given its unique appeal, we have compiled a list of the ten best games like Fabledom.

10. Kingdoms and Castles

Kingdoms & Castles - Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

Kingdoms and Castles is a game where players build their kingdom from a small village into a large, fortified city. At the start, players manage basic resources like wood and stone to expand their village. They need to plan their town carefully to make sure the villagers are happy, which helps the village grow. Players collect taxes to build up their castle, make sure there is enough food for winter, and keep everyone healthy. Players can also build churches and taverns to keep their villagers from becoming sad and to boost their spirits, and they can hold festivals if they have a town square. However, building a peaceful town is not easy because Viking raiders are always ready to attack. Players need to build strong castles where they can place blocks freely to create walls and towers.

9. Ostriv

Ostriv Alpha 5 trailer

Ostriv is a city-building game that sets players in the role of a governor of an 18th-century town. The game emphasizes realism and player choice, focusing on intricate details of city management. Players start with a few households and must grow their settlement into a bustling town through careful resource management and planning. Players must balance the production of materials like wood, stone, and metals, while also ensuring that food distribution is efficient throughout the town. The challenge lies in adapting to changing seasons and managing supply chains to prevent shortages and economic downturns.

8. Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition

Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition – Official Console Launch Trailer

Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition marks a special update to a favorite game, adding new ways to play and more content. In this updated version, players can choose to lead one of two new civilizations. They might pick the Malians of West Africa, a group famous for their wealth and skill in gold mining, or the Ottomans, known for their strong military and powerful cannons. The game also includes eight new maps, offering a variety of landscapes for battles and city-building. This edition enriches the game with extra challenges, fun taunts, and cheats, and provides more ways to enjoy and succeed.

7. Northgard

Northgard - Announce Trailer | PS4

Northgard is a strategy game where you lead a Viking clan trying to control a new and mysterious land. The game has several ways to play, the story mode follows a young Viking leader named Rig who tries to find out why his father was killed. This journey takes players through new lands, meeting friends and foes. There's also a Conquest mode where players face a series of challenges alone or with others, which offers over 100 hours of extra gameplay. Plus, in multiplayer mode, you can compete against other players, testing your strategies and leadership in various game setups.

6. Infection Free Zone

Infection Free Zone - Kickstarter Trailer

Infection Free Zone lets players pick any real-world place to set up a safe area in a world overrun by a dangerous virus. You start by choosing a city or town, downloading its map, and using it as your game setting. As the leader, you guide a group of survivors, turning old buildings into useful places like farms and power stations to help everyone live. You need to think about where things were in the city before—like food stores and medicine shops—to help you decide where to build defenses and look for supplies. When night comes, your base will be attacked by groups of infected people, and you have to fight them off with weapons, walls, and light.

5. RimWorld

RimWorld - Anomaly trailer

RimWorld is a sci-fi colony simulator driven by an intelligent AI storyteller that adjusts the game's events based on your actions and the personalities of your colonists. Players begin with a few survivors of a spaceship crash on a distant planet, and their goal is to build a functioning colony. This involves constructing buildings, managing resources, and ensuring the colonists' mental and physical health are maintained. This game stands out because of its deep simulation of colonists' moods, needs, and interactions. Each colonist has a unique background that influences how they react to situations, interact with other colonists, and cope with the planet's challenges.

4. Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars - Release Trailer

Surviving Mars invites players to establish the first human colonies on a barren, inhospitable planet. This sci-fi city-building game challenges you to plan and build a thriving community under harsh conditions. Initially, players select a space agency that provides resources and financial backing, setting the stage for their space-faring adventure. From there, the task is to construct domes and vital infrastructure, necessary for any life on Mars. Survival hinges on smart planning—poorly designed colonies risk colonist lives due to factors like oxygen shortages and power failures. Additionally, players must manage food production, mineral mining, and the mental well-being of colonists, ensuring they can withstand the psychological pressures of extraterrestrial living.

3. Kingdoms Reborn

Kingdoms Reborn - Trailer | City-builder with Multiplayer and Open World

Kingdoms Reborn is a fun city builder game where you start with a small medieval village and grow it into a large global empire. In this game, you move through different historical times, from the Dark Age to the Industrial Age. In each era, you can discover new technologies and upgrades that make your city better and more advanced. Plus, you can choose from different cultures like Duchies, Emirates, Norsemen, Shogunate, and Tlatoani. Each one gives your city a special look and unique benefits, and lets you play the way you like. The game world has different environments such as forests, jungles, deserts, and tundras.

2. Timberborn

Timberborn Gameplay Trailer: "Beavers thrive!"

In Timberborn, players enter a world where humans are gone and beavers have taken over. You get to manage a city of advanced beavers either from the Folktails, who love nature, or the Iron Teeth, who are great builders. Your job is to use wood and metal to build homes, workshops, and machines like water wheels and pumps. It also makes you face environmental challenges such as droughts and toxic seasons that can harm your beaver colony. You need to control the water by building dams and canals to keep your land good for farming and safe for your beavers.

1. Manor Lords

Manor Lords - Launch Trailer

Wrapping up, Manor Lords takes players to a medieval world where they rule over growing lands as a lord. In this strategy game, you start with a small village and grow it into a large city. The game lets you place each building freely, helping you create a realistic medieval town. Seasons change in the game, bringing new challenges that affect how many resources you have and how well your people work. You must also manage how resources are turned into goods that keep your people happy and alive.

So, what's your favourite city-building game that captures a similar magical charm? Are there any other games like Fabledom that you would recommend? Let us know on our socials here.

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