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5 Best Casual City-Builders like SUMMERHOUSE



A pixelated cafe in casual city-building game SUMMERHOUSE.

SUMMERHOUSE is an excellent recommendation for players who enjoy city-builders with a more laid-back nature. However, many players may be looking for similar titles. These games reinforce the player's ability to be creative and often forego a more strict and structured foundation. This gives the subgenre of Casual City-Builders an accessibility and intuitive nature that more in-depth and rigid titles may lack. This, in turn, makes them somewhat more accessible for new players to jump into. To highlight some of the best, here are the 5 Best Casual City-Builders like SUMMERHOUSE

5. Dorfromantik

Dorfromantik - OUT NOW on Nintendo Switch! - Official Launch Teaser

Today, we begin our list of the best casual city-builders, like SUMMERHOUSE, with Dorfromantik. This title takes many of the elements that make City-Builders so great and fuses them with a turn-based strategy game. This proves to be a winning combination, as it combines the reward that players receive from a well-constructed settlement with the calming nature of a more meditative game. The game manages to have an intuitive gameplay style that anyone can pick up as well. Through the management and placement of different titles, players are able to stake their claim on various landscapes. Each of these landscapes plays a pivotal role in the player's success throughout their journey.

After that, players can build upon these locations, participate in quests, and much more. The game's visual style also wonderfully complements this more laid-back nature. The color palette is vibrant and varied, making for an aesthetic treat. The different locations are also created with different biomes in mind, further varying the player's experience. All around, Dorfromantik is one of the best casual city-builders like SUMMERHOUSE available currently.

4. Minami Lane

Minami Lane - Trailer

We are continuing our list with Minami Lane. This cozy management game emphasizes city-building. In Minami Lane, players can customize the interiors of buildings to a great degree. They will manage shops, open storefronts, and much more. Along the way, players can build a rapport and relationship with many of the charming characters around them. In doing so, they will be able to tailor the creation of shops and other buildings to suit the needs of their community. The game, as a whole, has an emphasis on its laid-back environments, making for an especially calming experience.

Players can employ a number of tactics to attract customers to these various shops. Whether it be running specials on particular products or simply hosting events for the community, the choice is yours. This freedom of choice makes every decision feel impactful without the added stress of timers or any particularly stressful conditions. This is wonderful, as it gives players unfamiliar with the casual city-building subgenre a great place to jump in. For these reasons, we consider Minami Lane to be one of the best games like SUMMERHOUSE.

3. House Flipper 2

Official Release Trailer - House Flipper 2

Our next entry switches things up quite a bit. Here, we have House Flipper 2. In terms of the core premise of the game, it is rather self-explanatory. In House Flipper 2, players must flip houses in order to build their profits. The game has a wonderful gameplay loop that sees players turning relative trash into treasures. This is done through the hard work of the player, making renovating these houses feel exceptionally rewarding the further you go along. Players are able to control which homes they choose to renovate, as well as many of the renovations themselves.

For players who prefer a less structured take on the building present in the game, there is a casual Sandbox mode. This mode, as the name would imply, allows players to not only create to their heart's content but gives them unlimited resources with which to do so. That said, the Story mode offered in the game is also fantastic in its own right, especially for players who enjoy a more fleshed-out structured experience. To close, House Flipper 2 is one of the best games like SUMMERHOUSE.

2. Timberborn

Timberborn Gameplay Trailer: "Beavers thrive!"

For the next entry on our list, we have Timberborn. In terms of the sheer novelty of its core concept, Timberborn is undoubtedly the most interesting title on today's list. In Timberborn, players can choose to aid two different civilizations or factions of intelligent beavers. Both of these civilizations have their own unique approach to society as a whole, as well as industry. The game does a terrific job of giving players control over these aspects as well, all while not being overbearing or overwhelming for the player.

Throughout the player's time with the game, you will be able to control waterways and use them to your advantage. Controlling these waterways becomes extremely important the further you get into the game. Planning your civilization around the different technologies in the game also gives this title a certain depth to it. Players can also shape the very landscape around them through the use of terraforming. So, if you are someone who is interested in casual city-building games like SUMMERHOUSE, give Timberborn a try.

1. Pioneers of Pagonia

Pioneers of Pagonia: Early Access Release Trailer (English)

Today, we are closing our list of the best casual city-building games, such as SUMMERHOUSE with Pioneers of Pagonia. In terms of the variety of buildings and opportunities for exploration this game offers, Pioneers of Pagonia is fantastic. Despite being an Early Access title, players can look forward to jumping into a vibrant world full of things to do and a populace of great people to do it with. Players are able to tailor their society to what they want it to be. Whether you wish to focus heavily on agriculture or industry, the choice is yours.

The game also features a procedurally generated map system, which gives players access to different landscapes and resources each time they boot up the game. The game also features a large amount of trading, which can be rewarding in its own right. Learning the various trade routes in the game and who to trade with feels rewarding in and of itself. With a casual nature and staggering depth, Pioneers of Pagonia is one of the best casual city-building games, like SUMMERHOUSE, on the market.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Casual City-Builders like SUMMERHOUSE? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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