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5 Best Games Like The Tribe Must Survive



Inventory management in The Tribe Must Survive.

The Tribe Must Survive features a unique blend of horror and building aspects. In doing so, players are tasked with ensuring the survival of their tribe. Set in a warped Lovecraftian Stone Age, players must fend for themselves. This title, which was recently released, hopes to blend together horror aspects with its building mechanics. The game hopes to do this by incentivizing the player to plan their decisions ahead of time. So, to highlight some of the best titles in a similar vein, here are the 5 Best Games Like The Tribe Must Survive.

5. dotAGE

DOTAGE Launch Trailer - out NOW!!

For the first entry on our list of the best games like The Tribe Must Survive, we have dotAGE. For players looking to find a deceptively grueling challenge, this title is for you. While the game may feature a pixel-art style, the amount of aspects that players will have to juggle can be somewhat challenging. This not only reinforces the game's concept of difficulty but makes the player think and rethink every decision they make. This makes it much more than meets the eye initially, especially from a mechanical standpoint.

For fans of both roguelike replayability and survival mechanics, this title meshes them together beautifully. Players can look forward to combat, managing resources, and other ins and outs of the survival genre as well. This makes it an experience that feels all at once wholly unique and yet strangely similar. The game features thirty different professions for players to specialize in as well, greatly adding to the game's sense of variety and progression. In short, dotAGE is one of the best games like The Tribe Must Survive.

4. New Cycle

NEW CYCLE | Official Release Date Trailer - "Beyond Survival"

We are continuing right along with our next entry. Here, we have New Cycle. In terms of its more gritty aesthetic, this title feels much more in line with The Tribe Must Survive‘s general feel. In it, players can look forward to building grand cities and capitalizing on a variety of different industries and resources. This gives the game a multi-faceted sense of progression, which can be felt throughout the game in its entirety. As with many titles within the city-building genre, players will utilize a grid-based building system. However, where this title differentiates itself is its use of weather mechanics and other hardships that are thrown your way.

This not only rewards players for being able to pivot their colony toward success but is a great way to vary the gameplay from person to person. As players progress, they will learn more and more about the world around them, leading them to discover and rediscover technology that they can use in order to improve their lives. The production systems in the game are also top-notch, allowing players to have control over every facet of the process. All around, New Cycle is one of the best games like The Tribe Must Survive.

3. Timberborn

Timberborn - Better Early Access Trailer

The next entry on our list is Timberborn. Conceptually, Timberborn is perhaps the most interesting entry on our list. Within Timberborn, players are cast in the role of supporting either a more rustic and technologically subdued nature-loving colony of beavers or a more technologically advanced, industrious society of beavers. These two choices are juxtaposed in such a way that each of them has their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Players will have to worry about things such as the turn of the seasons and other aspects in order to make the most out of their decisions.

In doing so, players can interact with the game's weather and water-control systems. This can lead to players building entire civilizations around the control of the flow of water, which makes a load of sense in this beaver-themed colony sim. Players are able to turn their raw materials into shocking weaponry and gadgets, which gives creative players plenty of options to choose from. All in all, Timberborn is fantastic, and one of the best games like The Tribe Must Survive.

2. Sons of the Forest

Sons Of The Forest 1.0 Trailer

We are following up on our last entry with Sons of the Forest. In terms of survival games, Sons of the Forest is a shining example of what is possible. For players looking for a more hardcore survival experience, this title has you covered. The game's building mechanics also allow players to have an impactful touch on the game's world as a whole. Throughout the game's hostile environments, players will have to scavenge and scrounge in order to find what they need to survive. The enemy AI in the game is also quite sophisticated, making survival all the more difficult.

One aspect of Sons of the Forest that shines through wonderfully is the tangibility of its items, both crafted and otherwise. Each item in the game can be crafted and broken down into raw materials. This allows players to get creative in regards to how they wish to make due in the wilds. Coupled with this is the game's seasonal system, which makes the game feel wholly new in rotations, which is great to see as well. To conclude, Sons of the Forest is one of the best games on the market, as is The Tribe Must Survive.

1. Frostpunk

Frostpunk | Official Launch Trailer

Our final entry on today's list is one that has a wholly unique approach to its more societal elements. Throughout Frostpunk, players are able to greatly shape the attitudes and laws of the land within their civilizations. This is great, as players are able to see both the direct and indirect ramifications of their actions. This gives the game a tangible sense of weight with every decision that the player makes. Aesthetically, this game is also one of the most visually stunning on our list.

Along the way, players will have to manage their resources well, both human and otherwise, in order to survive. The game is rather harsh in its difficulty, which only serves to ramp up the tension all the more. The ability to create laws in the game also gives players a staggering amount of control as well. This is wonderful, as players are able to shape policy in such a way that it benefits either their society or them as individuals. So, if you are looking for one of the best games like The Tribe Must Survive, check out Frostpunk.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like The Tribe Must Survive? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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