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10 Best Zeus Boons in Hades 2



Best Zeus Boons in Hades 2

In Hades 2, making the right choices about which Boons to pick up can make all the difference in your run. While every Boon has its uses, some stand out for their versatility and power. These Boons offer amazing effects that can electrify your gameplay, whether you're facing a bunch of enemies or challenging bosses. 

Zeus offers one of the best Boons in Hades 2. From Storm Ring to Thunder Dash, Zeus' Boons bring thunderous might to your arsenal and help you conquer the challenges of Hades 2 efficiently. However, it's important to remember that the best Boon depends on your preference and personal play style. That said, let's explore the ten best Zeus Boons in Hades 2

10. Storm Ring

Storm Ring

Storm Ring, also known as Storm Lightning, is a top pick from Zeus in Hades. It's super powerful when taking out one enemy at a time. This boon makes your cast ability hit enemies with lightning strikes, making it great for boss fights. Furthermore, with Storm Ring, you can let your cast do the heavy lifting while you dodge attacks. To stir things up, it works better when combined with other Zeus boons that boost your abilities. 

9. Electric Overload

Electric Overload

Electric Overload is a powerful Zeus boon in Hades 2. When you get it, every time your Blitz effect kicks in, it shoots lightning that jumps between nearby enemies. Consequently, it causes a lot of damage. It comes in handy when fighting against groups of enemies or when you're surrounded. So, you can pair it with other Zeus boons that boost your Blitz effect or make you attack faster, and you'll be unstoppable. 

8. Toasting Fork

Toasting Fork

Toasting Fork is a cool Zeus boon in Hades 2. It makes your attacks hit harder without needing to hit enemies multiple times. This is especially helpful if you're focusing on Zeus' Blitz ability. In addition, with Toasting Fork, every hit you make is stronger, whether you're fighting one enemy or a bunch of them. Ultimately, Toasting Fork turns your attacks into a powerful storm of lightning, making it a must-have for anyone aiming to be a top fighter in Hades 2.

7. Thunder Dash

Thunder Dash

Thunder Dash is a strong boon from Zeus in Hades 2. When you grab it, your dash gets a lightning strike added to it, hitting nearby enemies. It's handy for zipping around while dealing damage to enemies close by. This makes it great for clearing out groups of enemies quickly or for adding some extra punch to your mobility. Pair it with other Zeus boons that enhance your dash or increase your movement speed for more effectiveness. 

6. Double Strike

Double Strike

Double Strike is a potent boon from Zeus in Hades that gives your attacks a chance to hit twice. It's like getting double the bang for your buck with each swing or shot. When this boon kicks in, your damage output will increase significantly, especially against tough enemies or bosses. It's a straightforward yet powerful upgrade that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. With Double Strike in your arsenal, you'll be dishing out lightning-fast punishment to anything that stands in your way as you journey through the Underworld.

5. Thunder Flourish

Thunder Flourish

Thunder Flourish is a lightning-charged boon from Zeus in Hades 2. When you pick it up, your special attack gains the ability to unleash a lightning strike, dealing extra damage to enemies. It's a fantastic way to add some electrifying power to your special moves to make them more effective in battle. 

Whether you're using your special to chip away at enemies' health or to deal burst damage in critical moments, Thunder Flourish ensures that each hit packs a punch. Undoubtedly, with Thunder Flourish, you'll be striking fear into the hearts of your enemies as you unleash the full power of Zeus.

4. Zeus' Aid

Zeus' Aid

Now, when you activate the Zeus Aid, a powerful chain lightning effect is unleashed. It is so powerful that it can damage multiple enemies in the area. Notably, it's a game-changer in tough situations, allowing you to clear out groups of enemies or deal significant burst damage to powerful bosses. 

Additionally, you can pair it with other Zeus boons that enhance your Call or increase your damage output. With Zeus' Aid at your disposal, you'll harness the full wrath of the gods to overcome even the most formidable challenges in the game.

3. Clouded Judgment

Clouded Judgment

Clouded Judgment is a strategic boon from Zeus in Hades 2 that increases the likelihood of enemies being struck by lightning when hit by your attacks. This boon effectively enhances the effectiveness of all Zeus boons across the board. It ensures that your lightning-infused attacks have a higher chance of triggering their additional effects. 

Clouded Judgment amplifies damage output and crowd control capabilities by increasing the frequency of lightning strikes. Essentially, it makes it easier to dispatch enemies and overcome challenges in Hades 2

2. Heaven Strike

Heaven Strike

Heavenly Strike is a stellar boon from Zeus in Hades 2 that packs a punch with heavy power. The Boon adds the Blitz effect to your attacks. Additionally, it comes in handy when wielding a weapon or casting spells, making every hit count. Essentially, with it in your arsenal, you’ll unleash devastating hits on your enemies as you fight your way to victory in Hades 2.

1. Double Strike

Double Strike

Double Strike is a cool boon from Zeus in Hades 2 that allows your attacks to hit twice instead of just once. It's like getting double the hits for the same effort. This means you can dish out more damage to enemies, especially the tough ones like bosses. For a better experience, pair it with other Zeus boons that boost your damage or make you attack faster. With Double Strike, you'll be shocking enemies left and right as you journey through the world of Hades 2.

So, what’s your take on our picks for the best Zeus Boons in Hades 2? What are some of your favorites? Feel free to share your thoughts here or in the comments section below.

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