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Hades 2 Builds

In Hades 2, players are plunged into action-packed adventures that keep them hooked for hours. The game's thrilling battles and immersive world make it a blast to play. Players face exciting challenges and epic fights against mythical creatures, making each game session a heart-pumping journey.

Now, having a strong character build makes gameplay more exciting. Players can boost their abilities by choosing the right skills and upgrades to become more effective in battle. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of top-notch builds in Hades 2 to elevate your action-packed adventures. However, it's important to note that the best build ultimately depends on your individual playstyle and preferences.

5. Sister Blades Build

The Sister Blades are AMAZING! | Hades 2

In Hades 2, the Sister Blades Build is a dynamic and fast-paced playstyle ideal for close-quarters combat. Now, with the Sister Blades' swift attacks, players can unleash melee strikes to dispatch enemies within striking distance swiftly. The build capitalizes on the blades' rapid attack animation moveset, allowing players to engage enemies with speed and precision.

To maximize the effectiveness of the Sister Blades Build, players should focus on acquiring boons that enhance Zagreus' melee capabilities. Boons from gods like Athena, Artemis, and Dionysus offer valuable buffs. For instance, they offer increased attack damage, critical chance, and status effects. Additionally, seeking out duo boons that align well with the melee-focused playstyle can provide additional bonuses and enhance combat prowess.

Furthermore, in combat, players employing the Sister Blades Build should adopt an aggressive approach. Consider utilizing Zagreus' swift and evasive movements to unleash devastating melee combos. Also, strategic use of dashes, specials, and casts can help maintain pressure on opponents while minimizing damage taken. Eventually, by mastering the art of close-quarters combat, players can unleash the full potential of Sister Blades and emerge victorious in the challenging battles of Hades 2.

4. Zeus Build

This build will carry you in Hades 2.

Zeus, the king of the gods and wielder of lightning, offers some of the most powerful boons in Hades 2. With his lightning-based abilities, players can create electrifying builds that take out enemies with chain lightning. Zeus' boons are particularly effective for players who prefer a high-damage, offensive playstyle.

Primary boons associated with Zeus include Thunder Flourish for the basic attack, Electric Shot and Thunder Dash for the dash maneuver. These boons mix attacks with lightning, allowing players to chain lightning between enemies and significantly deal damage to groups of enemies.

Secondary boons, such as High Voltage or Lightning Strike, enhance the build's offensive capabilities by adding deflection effects to lightning attacks. Additionally, Zeus' legendary boon, Lightning Rod, periodically strikes nearby enemies with lightning bolts, dealing massive damage.

3. Hestia Build

This Hestia Build DECIMATES Asterius In Under 10 Seconds! | Hades Gameplay

The Hestia Build in Hades 2 offers players the opportunity to harness the power of flames and apply burning effects to their opponents despite Hestia not having the most remarkable character design. As the Goddess of Flame, Hestia's boons provide players with potent abilities that excel in dealing with fire damage and inflicting burning status effects on enemies.

Key boons associated with the Hestia Build include those that enhance fire-based attacks and apply burning effects to enemies. These may include abilities such as Flame Burst, Inferno Strike, Burning Embrace, and Ember Wave. By incorporating these boons into their arsenal, players can create a build that focuses on steadily wearing down enemies with relentless fire damage over time.

To complement the fire-based offensive capabilities of the Hestia Build, players can also consider utilizing defensive boons that provide additional survivability and crowd control. Abilities such as Divine Dash from Athena or Crystal Beam from Demeter can help players effectively manage enemy encounters while maintaining pressure with fire-based attacks.

While Hestia's character design may not stand out as much as other gods, her boons offer players the potential to create formidable builds that excel in dealing fire damage and applying burning effects to enemies. Similarly, with strategic selection and a combination of boons, players can craft an ideal Hestia Build. One that not only complements their playstyle but also ensures dominance in the underworld of Hades 2.

2. Apollo Build

Using Apollo's Boons for Busted Throwing Knives!! | Hades II: Technical Test

The Apollo Build in Hades 2 focuses on dealing high damage while maintaining a defensive approach. With Apollo, the God of Light, you are guaranteed abilities that excel in offensive capabilities. 

Utilizing Apollo's Keepsake, Purest Hope enhances the effectiveness of his boons throughout the run. Pairing this with the Witch's Staff as your weapon of choice enhances versatility. Key boons such as Solar Ring, Blinding Sprint, and Nova Strike offer a combination of high damage output and defensive utility, allowing players to excel in both offense and defense.

Notably, you won't survive the combat encounters without Arcana, such as The Swift Runner, The Titan, and The Huntress. They enhance the build's versatility and combat prowess. While Apollo's abilities lean towards offensive strategies, players can adapt their playstyle to include defensive maneuvers when needed. Ultimately, it will ensure a well-rounded approach to combat.

1. Poseidon build

THESE BOONS ARE BROKEN IN HADES II - HADES 2 Overpowered Builds - Best Boons To Use

The Poseidon Build in Hades 2 offers a perfect combination of freezing abilities and offensive power. It is one of the top choices if you want to shine in both regular enemies and boss fights. With Poseidon, players can maximize this build's potential by selecting the best boons available.

Utilizing Poseidon's Keepsake and Vivid Sea enhances the effectiveness of his boons throughout the run. To take things up a notch, you can pair it with the Moonstone Axe as your weapon of choice. It comes in handy during offensive scenarios, especially when unleashing  AoE damage on enemies. Similarly, Critical boons, such as Fluid Gain, Wave Hydraulic Might, and Breaker Sprint, provide a diverse array of abilities that synchronize well with freezing effects. 

Furthermore, you can include Arcana like The Swift Runner, The Titan, and The Huntress to enhance the build's versatility and combat prowess. Ultimately, Poseidon's abilities allow for the freezing of enemies with regular attacks. So, players have the flexibility to upgrade their boons according to their playstyle preferences, ensuring a dynamic and effective build throughout the game.

So, what’s your take on our picks for best builds in Hades 2? What are some of your favorites? Feel free to share your thoughts here or in the comments section below.

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