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Hades II: Everything We Know

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Hades II is the upcoming sequel to the highly-popular roguelike Hades. This game once again will feature heavily Greek mythology, as well as a great combat system. It is hoped that the developers can improve upon the combat system in many meaningful ways. Players who enjoyed the first game enjoyed its systems and level design, both of which look to be improved upon in the sequel. So without further ado, we have compiled the information we have to bring you Hades II: Everything We Know.

It Seems To Be Another Roguelike

The sequel to the highly-praised Hades appears to pick up the roguelike torch from its predecessor. It will do this by improving upon the foundation laid before it. The developers at Supergiant Games know full well just how well-received the first game in the series was received. I'm sure that they intend to improve upon it. For example, one of the aspects that players wished was more fleshed out was the weapon aspect system. While the system presented in the first game is undoubtedly serviceable, changes could certainly be made.

It is thought by many who have played the game that giving the areas and weapons more variety will undoubtedly liven up the sequel. That isn't to say that the quality of the weapons and variety of enemies wasn't up to snuff, either, just that more would be appreciated in the future. At the same time, the first game featured excellent Roguelike mechanics. These can be improved upon and streamlined in a way that makes them more accessible to a larger group of players for the sequel.

It's a Direct Sequel

One of the most exciting prospects about the new game is that it is a direct sequel to Hades. This means that all of the events and characters we got to meet in the first game. Assumedly, they will return in the sequel, which is fantastic. This being a direct sequel also means that players who were invested in the narrative in the first game. As a result, you don't have to deal with any clunkiness going into the second. So often, when games have sequels sometimes, there is a bit of narrative clunk in between the titles. This being a direct sequel means that this isn't likely.

Players can look forward to continuing the journey with familiar characters, which is always great for first impressions of a title. In addition, this means that the game developers will not have to go through the trouble of reintroducing characters. As this often can be a cumbersome experience. In conclusion, being a direct sequel is a fantastic launching point for the next game in the series and makes it a title to look forward to in the coming year.

It's a Single Player Experience

The sequel being a single-player experience, lends itself well to the amount of depth that will be put into the game. As a result, players can enjoy a solid experience without having to worry about any multiplayer aspects. This is great for the game because it allows it to be created with a focus without throwing too many eggs in one basket. Players have lauded the Hades experience as providing them with hours upon hours of content. So it will be great to see how they move forward in the future.

The single-player experience of the first game saw players going through dungeon after dungeon fighting off waves of different enemies. With the second game in the series, it is hoped that some enemy variety can be added that will amplify the gameplay. However, anyone who enjoyed the narrative and characters of the first game should be excited about what is coming. In conclusion, the single-player experience is the bread and butter of Hades, and it will be interesting to see what they can implement to improve upon it in Hades II.

You Play as Melinoë

This time around, you will be able to play as a different character. Playing as Melinoe will allow players to attack different situations in various ways. The daughter of Persephone is sure to shake things up in the sequel. Players will be able to enjoy the game from a different perspective than what we had previously. Being the sister of our protagonist from the first game, it will be pretty interesting to see how she fares in combat.

It would appear that she comes equipped with many magical weapons and abilities. This means it will be interesting to see how you will approach different problems in the game, as playing as this new character is sure to offer quite a bit of variety. The mission of Melinoe is quite simple. They want to kill their grandfather Chronos, who escaped the underworld in the first game. This change in the main character seems like the Hades community as a whole will welcome it.

It Will Improve Upon The First's Systems

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It goes without saying that the sequel will intend to improve upon Hades's first outing. That being said, there are various improvements that can be made regarding both gameplay and presentation. These will go a long way regarding how the sequel is received. One of the main problems of Hades is the lack of enemy variety. This makes going through its levels a little tedious at times because you feel you are slaughtering the same type of enemy.

There are a few things that seem like they can easily be implemented to improve the user experience. For example, the environmental design could use a brush-up, as many of the environments from the first game felt quite similar to one another. This will go a long way in separating the sequel from its predecessor. This assuredly will make it stand out more in the minds of players. So if players enjoyed the first title in the series. There are a few fixes that will make the quality of life much better. In closing, Hades II has some rather big shoes to fill, but if they heed the advice of their core players, it can go a long way.

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