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5 Best Rogue-Like Adventure Games Like Cult of the Lamb 

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Rogue-Like Adventure Games

Rogue-like adventure games are gaining in popularity, and for good reason. These games are a type of video game that is similar to the classic rogue adventure game style. These types of games typically have you exploring a randomly generated dungeon, and usually involve permadeath (meaning that when your character dies, they're dead for good). They can be an immensely rewarding experience if done correctly, and here are five of the best out there right now. 

If you haven't had enough of these games yet, you may need to brace yourself for Cult of the Lamb. An upcoming god-sim strategy game where you play a lamb cult leader. Here, you must create a flock of worshipers and venture into various regions, taking down rival cults and other enemies. While the game is set for release in a few days, there are a couple of similar rogue-like adventure games like Cult of the Lamb you should check out. Let's have a look. 


5. Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Fight your way through a hopeless post-apocalyptic world filled with mutant enemies in Nuclear Throne. The game is a fast-paced top-down shooter that provides you with a range of characters to select from. Your task is to explore the wasteland left behind after the extinction of the human race in search of the nuclear throne. This said throne is supposed to be the planet's ultimate power and the solution to your dreary existence.

You can improve your abilities by collecting radiation which helps you mutate additional new limbs. Although you begin the game with just a small revolver, you can upgrade to more powerful weapons as you progress. The game also offers two play modes, single-player and cooperative gameplay, with daily and weekly challenges where players can compete against each other for the best scores. 


4. The Binding of Issac

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance Launch Trailer

Experience one of the most vicious dungeon adventures in The Binding of Issac. Despite featuring biblical references, the game does not cease from having one of the most fierce gameplay in the genre. The hellish dungeon sequences will have you in a brutal loop that may prove difficult at times. But, in the end, all your wins feel very rewarding due to the difficulty in achieving them. It all begins when Isaac's mother hears the voice of God demanding a sacrifice. To prove her faith, she must slaughter Issac, who, unlike the biblical version, is unwilling to participate.

Upon hearing this, the boy attempts to flee through the basement, where he meets countless other monsters. Each level contains randomly generated enemies and dungeons, which means you never know what to expect. The game's replayability is limitless, with more than 50 different kinds of enemies to fight, including fierce bosses; one of which is Issac's mother. You can use a number of weapons, the most common one being bombs while the most bizarre being Issac's tears; the more he cries, the more powerful he becomes.


3. Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon - Reveal Trailer

If you are a rogue-like fan who also enjoys shooter games,  the good folks back at Devolver Digital have something specifically for you. A bullet hell top-down rogue-like game known as Enter the Gungeon. Here, you can play one of either four adventurers, where you move from one crazy gun-themed room to another in search of one special firearm; the gun with the power to erase your past. In each of these levels, you will face a range of enemies who you must defeat to move on with your quest. You can also collect new items and guns that empower you with epic abilities.

You must evade enemy attacks whilst issuing a series of shots to counter successfully. Besides, after each floor level, you are presented with a boss whom you must defeat to collect a gun or other items. As you advance through each level, you will encounter NPCs at certain points that need rescuing. Once you save them, you have to take them to the provided safe areas above the Gungeon. The game also has a spin-off dubbed Exit the Gungeon, which you can play if you enjoy the first entry.


2. Achilles: Legends Untold

Achilles: Legends Untold - Official Story Trailer

Moving on, we have Achilles: Legends Untold, an adventure title that jointly represents rogue-like, souls, action and RPG in one. This game is based on Greek mythology, where your task involves battling against Greek gods and other mythological creatures. Brace yourself for the brutal combat system the game features as you take part in the war between humans and gods. We are talking about decapitated limbs and gushing blood, which you can view in slow motion thanks to the zoom-in mechanisms available. The game also features both single-player and co-op modes, which lets you form a squad to help take down enemies. 

Achilles: Legends Untold is currently on early access and you can play via Steam. However, since it's not a hack and slash game, it may be challenging for some new players. Still, the best thing about rogue-likes is they give you the opportunity to replay and learn in order to move past each level. Your first death in the game takes you to the underworld god, Hades, who offers you a deal you can't refuse. In exchange for doing his bidding, he can bring you back to the world of the living. The plot takes you through a series of exciting quests that any rogue-like fan would enjoy.


1. Don't Starve

Don't Starve - Origin Trailer

Last, we have Don't Starve, a game that takes you through the struggle for your character's survival under numerous challenging situations. You play Wilson, a scientist who finds himself in a harsh dark world called the Constant. Your task is to survive for as long as you can by collecting all the necessary survival resources. To keep Wilson alive, you have to feed him and ensure his mental health is stable. This is due to the various threats that may attack at any time if you are not well prepared. The threats in question include an invisible force named Charlie, who attacks you whenever the screen goes dark at night. That's why you must make sure to keep the light on at all times. 

You are less at risk of getting attacked during the day; therefore, you must utilize this time exploring to gather food and firewood. However, you still have to craft weapons to defend yourself against enemies you may run into on your daytime explorations. Aside from Charlie, there are other dangerous creatures to look out for during the night. The various plots in this game allow for the inclusion of a second player. The story eventually pits you against one more character named Maxwell, who is sort of the main antagonist. The gameplay is dreary but gives players the chance to repeat plays to improve performance and survive longer with each play.

In our list of the best rogue-like adventure games like Cult of the Lamb which title have you tried? Which game are you looking forward to playing? Share your pick with us in the comments below or over on our socials here!


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