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5 Best Roguelike Games of All Time, Ranked

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5 Best Roguelike Games of All Time, Ranked

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding gaming experience, then you should check out the roguelike genre. These games offer an intense and rewarding experience that is unlike any other. With their procedurally generated levels and permadeath mechanics, roguelikes offer a level of replayability that is unmatched in most genres. 

The best games in this subgenre depict powerful human-like stories. They also add challenging missions for players to subdue, all while avoiding being killed as death results to starting the game all over again. These games can be fun and challenging. But, with many great roguelike games available on the market today, but which ones are the best?

Here, we will be uncovering five best roguelike games of all time, ranked. Let’s jump right in!


5. Transistor


The Transistor is one game that has perfectly presented what Roguelike games could offer. Here, we follow a realistic storyline about Red, who is on a mission to wipe out her enemies, regain her voice and revive her successful musical career. She uses a mighty magical sword to battle all obstacles while getting instructions from the voice captured in the sword.

Her archnemesis, aware of Red's mission, is in the hideout. All the same, they mean business and plan to finish the once failed task of eliminating Red from the world. In turn, they have placed an army of terminator robots to ot Red's whereabouts and kill her before reaching them.

The game brings limitless action-filled adventures as you strategize on the best possible ways to kill the killer variants. Enjoy the magnificent turn-based, 3D graphical layout, and superb game artwork. Lest we mention, Transistor has quite an indispensable playlist that vibes well with the tone at every level you are at.


4. Scourge Bringer

Scourge Bringer

Scourge Bringer offers an elite, action-packed Roguelike quest starring Kyhra. The quest starts with the emergence of a mysterious monster oppressing the members of Kyhra's clan. In the story, many warriors are sent to discover the beast's secrets but are all killed.

So, all hope lies with Khyra who is also strongest warrior in the clan. Khyra has to continue killing this monstrous creature to free the clan. She also has to battle very lethal opponents appearing on her tracks to unveil the secrets they hold to facilitate the murder of the beast. Kyhra wipes out her enemies through jumps and slashes, making the game one of the best air-combat games ever.

The entire journey is characterized by bloodshed, extreme destruction, and zealous dedication. Scourge Bringer is certainly a bigwig of the Roguelike subgenre. The game builds a thrilling warfare tension with a powerful music playlist, a powerful graphical view, and a fantastic 2D layout. 


3. Pyre 

Pyre is yet another nerve-racking stride down the combat fields of freedom. The game takes on a unique sporting adventure that it delivers quite superbly. And like every other Roguelike game, Pyre revolves around a thrilling storyline. It follows the story of characters sent into exile on the Downside or the crime of literacy. 

The exiles then take on a mission to gain the freedom of rejoining the commonwealth lands. The mission requires that the exiles form a pyre of four. Pyre then faces separate groups of exiles in the game of Rites. Winning in Rites is the only key to freedom and forgiveness of all sins.

Re-winding Rites is a sport that involves a three on three competition on the Downside. Now, here is where all the excitement comes to life. In the game of Rites, your goal is to wade off the competition from extinguishing your globe of fire. While at it, be careful not to be rendered inactive by stepping within the death aura surrounding your opponents.

One of the most outstanding features Pyre offers is the ability to make endless decisions. Accompanied with a wholesome playlist, the game has nice extensive playing lands complemented with a scenic graphical layout. Denying that the game is a significant turn would be unfair. 


2. Dead Cells 

Our list of the best Roguelike games can't be complete if we don't mention Dead Cells. If you're thinking of Dead Cells, you're thinking of zombies. Dead Cells introduces us to an apocalyptic era of zombie attack. We follow the story of a prisoner who finds a way to escape the prison dungeon. However, once outside, he finds the once-mighty kingdom filled with zombies looming around aimlessly. 

His mission then turns to fighting the zombies to escape. Without in-game narratives, the player has to figure everything out through trial and error. The nuance in Dead Cells takes you into an ever-changing layout and positioning of enemies. This way, you are always electrified from not knowing where to expect your next enemy. Additionally, Dead Cells also incorporates endearing features like fast-paced runs, high jumps, swift turns, and the deadly pounding to make sure that you enjoy every experience when playing this game.


1. Hades


On the top spot we have Hades – the game of Legends. Hades is arguably the best roguelike game as it offers an unbeatable mix of challenge and rewarding gameplay. The levels are randomly generated, which means you never know what's going to happen next, and the enemies are always coming at you with new strategies. The player gets an endless set of predetermined weapons which he uses in his combat. Hades keeps you enchanted with the hack and slash combat against magical superpowers.

The game is based on an extraordinary story of son and father enmity. Zegreus, son of Hades – the ruler of the Underworld, wants to escape the mythical Greek Underworld, which Hades forbides.

To block his son's escape, Hades places obstacles consisting of magical creatures with magical powers to stop Zagreus. However, stopping Zegreus proves to be more challenging as he manages to continue his mission to get to Mount Olympus by creating new allies who help him, acquiring endless gifts and unlocking hidden secrets. As the game progresses you can increase the level of gameplay difficulty to make the game more challenging; this will in turn enable you to add extra quests and modify some game aspects like activating “God mode.”

Although, Hades is a challenging game, with enough practice, you can learn to overcome any obstacle. Plus, the dark and brooding atmosphere is perfect for anyone who loves a good action role-playing game. So if you're looking for a game that will test your skills and keep you on your toes, make sure to check out Hades. 

I should also mention that the new game Sifu, as another must-check roguelike game. The game, however, comes with a twist. Instead of instant death an game start over you are given a chance of redemption through aging before your ultimate death which comes when you reach a certain set age limit.

So do you agree with our Roguelike Games list? Which is your favorite Roguelike Game? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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