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5 Best Clash of Clans Heroes, Ranked

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Clash of Clans continues to grow in popularity. Since its release in 2012, over a million people have joined the free-to-play mobile strategy game. 

Players must build a village and raise a clan while competing in phenomenal clan wars for loot, trophies, or stars. But with each victory comes a strategic army. And with each army, a hero almost guarantees a win. 

Generally, Clash of Clans heroes are the most powerful units of the game. Which means they are also the most expensive characters to upgrade.  As with army composition, you will need to carefully assess which heroes make a more compelling case for a strategic win. This is why we’re ranking all the Clash of Clans heroes from worst to best. 

Without much ado, here are the five best Clash of Clans Heroes, ranked.


5. Barbarian King 

CLASH OF THE CLANS Barbarian King 

The Barbarian King proves an essential must-have hero at the first few town hall levels. He’s, after all, the first hero you get to unlock. With the character on lock, you feel pretty good. Because he speaks to your accomplishments in how far you’ve come through the game. 

Most importantly, your opponents will fear you in all battles since you deal more damage and have your other troops for backup. Especially when fighting with healers, you’re almost untouchable against your opponents.

However, past the seventh base, you’ll realize he’s not the strongest of them all. He may deal the most damage where attackers and defenses are weak but may not scale incredibly well in higher levels. 

Still, most players populate town hall seven, which means you’re probably in luck. Notably, you don’t have to upgrade to more hero characters. You may never have to. Nonetheless, when the going gets more challenging and stealthier, it’s probably best to get a stronger hero to boot.


4. Royal Champion

Courtesy: [wizzArt]

Your defense specialist go-to hero is the Royal Champion. She can make the difference between getting all three stars with her shield-wielding capabilities and high damage dealing use cases. She’s unlocked at town hall level 13 and comes in handy when destroying weaker defense troops. Using her shield, she can throw it at any defense, from any distance, and win in one hit.

However, if she’s hurt, she could take time to regenerate, the amount of time you may not have enough of. So, it’s best to protect her, use healers, or send her out to attack when your opponent is losing power. 

The only caveat is her powers are restrictive to dealing damage and throwing her shield from afar. Beyond these two, she’s a carry-on trooper you may not need. Her powers are extensively high-impact above those of the Barbarian King. But compared to other heroes, she falls slightly short, granting her fourth spot of the game.


3. Battle Machine

clash of the clans

You will need a level five Builder Hall to unlock the Battle Machine. Once you do, his abilities are deemed pretty useful for offensive strategies. He’s one to use his electric hammer to destroy crowded areas, high hitpoints, or high-damage buildings.

Since his powers are free to use at any point, winning depends largely on your overall strategy. If you use him to engage the Crushers, you’re in for a treat. However, if you put your troops directly behind the Battle machine, you may end up as overkill by splash damage traps or defenses. 

Ultimately, you want to deploy the battle Machine in a corner and let it work its magic. You should get three attacks in before recharge, letting you get at least six hits that deal more damage.


2. Grand Warden

Grand Warden

It’s not all defense and offensive strategies. Sometimes, you need a supportive hero. One that looks out for the rest of your troops. 

The Grand Warden is a battle-scholar seeking out friendly troops to boost through his Life Aura abilities. His Life Aura powers are remarkable. In the same way that people exude an aura around others, the Grand Warden will take the form of a tower, walk over walls, or fly high above to give a health boost to all your troops within his reach. 

Furthermore, he can make your troops' invisible while inside the aura. Even though it’s for a brief period, an invisible cloak could make a considerable difference in more significant attacks. Also, his health aura works passively. So you don’t have to activate his powers constantly. In truth, the Grand Warden could very well take the top spot of all heroes were it not for his lack of defensive or offensive abilities. 


1. Archer Queen

Archer Queen

Without a doubt, the Archer Queen takes first place. Coupled with a few healers, the Archer Queen can successfully defend your troop in both attack and defense strategies. She’s available to unlock at the town hall’s level nine, making her the second hero after the Barbarian King. Compared to him, the Archer Queen is far worth the upgrade. 

Her damage and hitpoints are much more significant, and she can shoot arrows farther than the typical Archer. It gets enticing when she shoots three arrows per hit, though each hits the same target, so it’s a bit of a downer.

Still, her abilities are astounding. Firstly, she can clock herself with an invisibility cloak against defenses. She can also summon other Archers of the same level the player is in to help her in battle. Additionally, she can help bring down air units with her hail of arrows. So Balloons, Dragons, or Minions do not stand a chance against her. 

For most players, she’s the key to three-star raids. Though modest in health, she’s immortal, so you only need to regenerate her health through sleep for a while. Overall, she’s essential in any strategy for a glorious win and the best hero of the game.

That’s it for the five best Clash of Clans heroes, ranked. Do you agree with our listing? Feel free to let us know on our socials here or in the comments below. 


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