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5 Best Subscription Platforms Like Xbox Game Pass



Subscription platforms aren't all that uncommon in this day and age, and they've actually gone on to save gamers mounds of spare cash since taking the market by storm. Take Xbox Game Pass, for example. Each year, the library employs a selection of upcoming day one releases, all of which can be downloaded for free, whereas non-subscribers will have to fork out the full price for them.

It's because of things like this, as well as all the other perks Game Pass boasts, that other heavy brands are cashing in on the concept by forming their own subscription modules. The question is, which fall beside Microsoft's flagship platform, and which are worth buying into? Well, in our opinion, these are the best alternatives to Game Pass in 2022.

5. PlayStation Plus / PlayStation Now

Source: PlayStation Now

The most obvious choice in this case would be PlayStation Plus, Sony's all-in-one package that offers both monthly freebies, as well as all the luxuries that tie in to its online multiplayer. Although rumors of Sony making its online world free, similar to Xbox, it is currently bundled in with PlayStation Plus. So, if you're already coughing up coin to play online, then you already have the free games waiting for you on the side.

PlayStation Now, however, is more on track with Game Pass, in the fact that both share the digital library of downloadable games. Although its selection is bite-sized in comparison to the banquet over on the Game Pass frontline, it still offers plenty of PS3, PS4, and a couple of PS5 essentials, most of which can be streamed via the Cloud, or downloaded straight to your console.

You can pick up PlayStation Plus for $9.99 a month. PlayStation Now can also be picked up for $9.99.


4. Prime Gaming

Source: Prime Gaming

Prime users have been soaking up the benefits of Amazon's blossoming platform for years now. What started off as a super fast delivery option on checkouts eventually transitioned into Prime Movies, and now, Prime Gaming, wouldn't you believe? And as luck would have it, all three tie in to the same monthly cost.

Prime Gaming offers subscribers a selection of free games every month, which can then be downloaded and stored forever. Come the following month, the games are swapped out for another batch, and so begins a standard rinse and repeat motion. But that's not the only thing the retail giant offers its subscribers. In fact, there's also plenty of in-game loot, DLC, and exclusive perks, all of which come bundled with the freebies. So, hardly a bad deal by any means.

You can pick up a monthly subscription with Amazon Prime for $12.99.


3. Epic Games Store

Source: Epic Games

The Epic Games Store has become the go-to platform for millions of PC gamers over the last few years. Next to Steam, it stands as one of the most popular hubs in the industry, and currently owns up to having just under 500 top-shelf titles for gamers to delve into.

The reason why the Epic Games Store has garnered so much attention is down to the weekly freebies it serves up. Typically, the platform will give out a small selection of titles to anyone who steps forth to claim them. With no tie-ins to water down the promise, it means anyone can step in and enjoy the perks of being a PC gamer. That's really all there is to it—and we love it.

You can view all the latest freebies over on the Epic Games Store.


2. Nintendo Switch Online

Source: Nintendo

Ever since Nintendo announced the Expansion Pack tier for its Nintendo Switch Online service, its popularity has only gone on to escalate all over the world. With Nintendo 64 games being added to the library, as well as a whole bunch of early access perks to top-shelf games, the platform has crossed from being an optional add-on, to a full-fledged essential.

Playing online involves having a NSO subscription. That's something nobody can bypass. But having the Expansion Pack to bolster the experience does have its many, many perks. Of course, the main giveaway is the plethora of N64 classics it owns. And then there are features including exclusive access to DLC for games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and other Nintendo best-sellers. Basically, if you're an avid Switch user, then it's an essential tool to have in your library.

You can pick up a monthly subscription for Nintendo Switch Online for as little as $3.99. the Expansion Pack, however, has a yearly fee of $49.99.


1. EA Play

Source: Electronic Arts

EA Play is exactly what it says on the tin. It's a selection of Electronic Arts games on a relatively small stage, all of which can be downloaded or streamed direct to any major platform. Of course, EA Play does come included with Game Pass Ultimate, though purchasing it on its own does have a lot of additional perks.

These perks conveniently include extended discounts on all upcoming games and DLC. Also, subscribers receive game time for upcoming releases, often coming with 10 days worth before their respective launch dates. So, the bottom line is this: if you're a die-hard EA fan and want to absorb all the perks on the market, then be sure to subscribe to the official handle.

You can pick up EA Play for $4.99 a month. Or, you can get it as part of the Game Pass Ultimate subscription plan, minus one or two exclusive features.


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