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Best Weapons in Hades 2

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Though still in Early Access for at least the remaining months of 2024, Hades 2 is already shaping up to usher in a bigger and better sequel than we could have imagined. And it’s no exaggeration either, with the already overwhelming sheer wealth of content to mull over. Supergiant Games has so cleverly maintained the essence of what made Hades one of the best games ever. Yet, they have taken a step further to add much more content, variety, and gameplay, ensuring that both newcomers and veterans alike find excitement and the enticing challenge they seek. All the more reason to prepare beforehand, then, by prioritizing acquiring and upgrading the best weapons in Hades 2

5. Umbral Flames

Hecate's Umbral Flames Weapons! | Hades 2

If you like to keep your distance in battle, then Umbral Flames is the perfect weapon for you. It’s a ranged-only weapon that shoots out large projectiles that inflict 15 damage points on enemies. The range is so good, in fact, that you can summon the magic orb of fire and send it out to enemies across the screen. Feel free to charge it up, too, with the Omega attack for the base creating bigger and more devastating projectiles. Further, you can use the special attack to shoot the projectiles in a spinning spiral around you. Then any enemy within range takes up 25 damage points. 

If you start to feel overpowered, you can always unlock the Omega Special attack, which summons more magic orbs of fire that inflict 20 damage points for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, the damage output is quite low compared to the other weapons in this list. Additionally, it can take a while to master. The trick is to bait enemies into a hot spot and then unleash the magic orbs on them. 

4. Argent Skull


Unfortunately, the Argent Skull will serve you in the later stages of the game. However, don’t let that stop you from discovering its potential for explosive damage. It comes in threes and performs as a heavy-hitting ranged weapon. To inflict damage, you’ll fire off the skull, which drops to the ground and unleashes an explosive attack. Each skull inflicts 50 damage points on enemies. Despite its basic attack’s power speaking for itself, the downside is that you must retrieve the skull every time to use it again. Not to mention that you’ll need to keep track of how many skulls you have left. 

Sometimes, you’ll be forced to run toward danger, evading incoming fire, just to retrieve the skulls. Yet for all its trouble, the Argent Skull’s Special and Omega Special attacks are hard to ignore. Specifically, you can throw the skull to a binding circle and inflict 90 damage points on all enemies within range. What’s more? You can dash forward and inflict 100 damage points on all enemies in a single line. The latter also eases the burden of retrieval. Plus, it’s the unique weapon of all five in Hades 2 and sums up a great deal of grenade-like fun to tinker around with. 

3. Witch's Staff

This Machine Gun Witch's Staff Build SHREDS Hades 2 Bosses | @syrobe

The Witch’s Staff may be Meloine’s default weapon. However, it still offers competitive service as you learn the ropes of Hades 2’s challenging combat system. You can either unleash melee or range attacks, covering all the bases. It’s also the easiest to use. The basic attack is like many games you’ve played before: unleashing multiple strikes on the enemy, and building up to a swinging attack. 

You can, however, take its power to the next level by charging up its long-range special attack. This ensures you use the staff as a projectile on far-away enemies. Furthermore, if you charge it up to unlock the Omega special attack, then you can ensure that the projectile explodes on impact, inflicting 80 damage points.

2. Moonstone Axe


While the Moonstone Axe is the heaviest and slowest of all the weapons in Hades 2, it’s also incredibly powerful. More so for beginners who want to deal heavy damage in one fell swoop. The basic sweeping attack of the Moonstone Axe inflicts 40 damage points. However, you can unlock even more of its power by using it to block incoming attacks. This will ensure you kill two birds with one stone by taking less damage, but also inflicting 10 damage points on the enemy. 

Furthermore, you can unlock the Omega elemental attack of the Moonstone Axe to push its power to its maximum. At the base Omega, you’ll unleash not just one sweeping attack, but a flurry of consecutive blows, each inflicting 50 damage points. This ensures enemies have no room to catch their breath. Moreover, you can unlock the Omega for the block move, which will charge up a crowd-control AoE attack. When unleashed, the Moonstone Axe’s AoE attack inflicts 140 damage points on all enemies who are in the vicinity of the axe’s three cast circles.

1. Sister Blades

The Sister Blades are AMAZING! | Hades 2

For such a cool name, Sister Blades seems irresistible. And when you grapple with it in battle, it proves well worth keeping by your side. For starters, its basic attack already makes a good case, unleashing three slashing attacks that each inflict 20 damage points, a thrust that inflicts 50 damage points extra, and a sweeping attack that inflicts 80 damage points. As if that’s not enough in the early game, you can unlock the Omega version, which inflicts 100 damage points while dashing backwards. 

Furthermore, the Sister Blades special attack allows you to throw the dagger to inflict 25 ranged damage. Meanwhile, you can unlock the Omega version of the ranged attack and throw multiple daggers at once. This allows you to take down up to five enemies at the same time. And since you’ll be throwing the daggers from a distance, you’ll enjoy a lower risk of taking up damage.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best weapons in Hades 2? Are there more weapons we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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