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10 Best Keepsakes in Hades 2



Best Keepsakes in Hades 2

Supergiant Games released their highly acclaimed roguelike Hades in 2020, unleashing one of their best dungeon crawlers. That perhaps explains why, unlike all their past releases, the developers are all set to release a sequel, Hades 2. Although they are yet to announce the full release date, the Hades sequel’s early access dropped on May 6, giving fans a glimpse of what Supergiant Games’ first sequel will feel like. And like the original game, Keepsakes is still one of the key features elevating the franchise’s playthroughSilken Sash. Here are the 10 best Keepsakes you will be catching in Hades 2

10. Silken Sash


Enter the underworld’s first region, the Erebus, to find Arachne, the non-playable character to whom the Silken Sash is owed. You will quickly locate the location provided you know it's the room with a pair of hands and a speech symbol. With Arachne’s sash, you get additional armor protection, but not much, whenever you start a run. You won’t find Arachne in every run, but when you do and have at least one armor before you leave a location, you acquire an extra two once you enter the next region.

9. Metallic Droplet

Metallic Droplet

Hermes will gift you the Metallic Droplet, the Keepsake that boosts three abilities for Melinoe. To unlock the ability, you only have to access Hermes in the Underworld and Surface World. With Metallic Droplet, you can move, strike foes, and channel faster up to 20% for the next 200 seconds of your gameplay. Players who are already equipped with a powerful build will get the most out of this ability as you will be brushing off the bosses. 

8. Aromatic Phial

Aromatic Phial

The Aromatic Phial is Narcissus’ Keepsake, the NPC who rejects all his suitors only to fall in love with his reflection appearing from a pool of water. To Melinoe’s advantage, you have some gifts to collect, including the Aromatic Phial, once you offer him some Nectar. The Keepsake is part of the gifts he receives from potential suitors, and the Aromatic Phial will help restore your fountains. Restore more life to your healing fountains and boost the rarity of your next Common Boon.

7. Knuckle Bones

Knuckle Bones

Knuckle Bones Keepsake gives you the courage to face any boss fight in Hades 2. If you could couple the Keepsake with the Luckier Tooth, you would be guaranteed to take down any opponent. Just gift Odysseus some Nectar at the Crossroads and proceed to take on the Guardians. With the Keepsake equipped, the Guardians you encounter will lose a portion of their health, depending on the Keepsake’s rank. Additionally, you will be taking 15% less damage from strikes of all bosses.

6. Evil Eye

Evil Eye

Hades 2 lets you pick up fresh gameplay after you die, and you can exert revenge on the enemies you hold a grudge. So, for players with an appetite for revenge, just keep an eye on Nemesis, the winged goddess of righteous anger and justice. Her Keepsake, Evil Eye, sits right with her character and will serve any player with a taste for revenge. The Keepsake gives you an extra 30% damage when hitting the enemy that ended your last run. 

5. Lion Fang

Lion Fang

In the City of Ephyra, the NPC Heracles will give you this Keepsake to help you deal more damage to foes. Heracles only appears randomly in the game, just like Icarus and Artemis. So once you get to the Surface World and begin to stroll in the City of Ephyra, you will encounter him. You might not be able to offer any Nectar during the first few encounters. The damage you can deal with this ability will depend on the Keepsake’s rank, ranging from 30% to 50% bonus damage. However, this percentage gets reduced by 5% each time you encounter an enemy. 

4. Ghost Onion

Ghost Onion

Ghost Onion will come in handy in your Hades 2 encounter thanks to its ability to restore your life. Coming from Dora as the Underworld’s talking Shade spirit, this Keepsake saves you from the desperation of running into the healing fountain or maintaining a stash of enough coins to buy the Centaur Heart. So primarily, Ghost Onion is the health version of the Silver Wheel Keepsake, restoring your HP up to 50 HP per run whenever you leave a location. 

3. Silver Wheel

Silver Wheel

Hellcate’s Silver Wheel is one of the most frequently occurring boons, so you can easily overuse it. The Keepsake will restore your Magick after every other second or two but with a cap on how many times you will replenish it per run. The cap is, however, a little quite generous and will even increase as you go higher on the Keepsake’s rank. In the first round with the Keepsake, you will have Melinoe’s Magick replenished every three seconds up to a cap of a thousand Magick points.  

2. Engraved Pin

Engraved Pin

Engraved Pin tops the list of the best Keepsakes in Hades 2 and is still the most unique ability you find at Crossroads. You will get the Keepsake from Moros, but you must finish the Doomed Beckoning to make Moros a Crossroads hub resident. Once you unlock the Engraved Pin, you can cheat death for at least a few seconds. If your HP falls to zero, you will become immortal for ten seconds when you are immune to any damage. If you manage to exit that location within these ten seconds, you get to escape death and acquire 30 HP. 

1. Luckier Tooth

Luckier Tooth

Bounce back to the arenas of Hades 2 with Schelemeus’ Luckier Tooth. Having the Luckier Tooth is akin to playing in Death Defiance or having an Eternity Arcana Card equipped. With this Keepsake, you don’t have to worry about your JHP falling to zero. It restores enough HP to keep going, probably more than you had at the beginning of the run. Each time your life falls to zero, the Luckier Tooth automatically replenishes it to 51, 76, or 101 once. The number of lives added depends on the Keepsake’s rank. 

So, what’s your take on our picks of the 10 best Keepsakes in Hades 2? Let us know your thoughts here on our socials or down in the comments.

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