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10 Best Games Like Abyss Online



Games Like Abyss Online

Abyss Online is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) RPG set in a vast world with never-ending activities. Players can explore the vast world, collect resources, and craft and build items. They can also enjoy epic combat when fighting enemies in PvP arenas, PvE dungeons, and larger PvPvE battlegrounds. Moreover, players can use the online multi-player mode to trade items, join forces, or compete against each other.

Abyss Online is one of these games that sticks with you. However, it becomes monotonous over time despite its dynamic design, leaving you longing for something more or different. Here is an overview of ten games to try if you are nostalgic about Abyss Online.

10. World of Warcraft

Should You Start Playing WoW in 2024? (World of Warcraft)

World of Warcraft enjoys a special place among other MMORPG games, thanks to its creative design and regular updates to its ever-expanding world. Players explore diverse worlds while fighting monsters, demons, and their fellow players. Notably, the series features various versions with unique worlds and gameplay designs. Interestingly, some versions enable players to tweak their levelling experience, making it one of the easiest MMOs to get into.

9. Warframe

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Warframe is a story-driven MMORPG with more than 50 million dedicated players. Interestingly, the game began as a mission-based online game but has since grown into a vast MMO with open-world environments and many exciting activities. Interestingly, the open worlds include planet surfaces and open space. Your objectives are to explore your environments and fight your enemies while continually levelling up your warrior.

8. Star Wars: The Old Republic

STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ - 4K ULTRA HD – ‘Return’ Cinematic Trailer

Star Wars: The Old Republic focuses more on adventure and combat than life skills like crafting and building. Adventure is on a grand scale, considering that the game features more than 20 planets with unique landscapes and environments to explore. The game also offers a robust RPG system, enabling you to play eight different roles. Interestingly, players determine their own stories based on their roles, in-game decisions, and the game’s six narrative expansions.

The fights in Star Wars: The Old Republic are epic and feature diverse weapons and 16 unique combat styles. Players can also form alliances or fight against each other in the game’s multiplayer mode.

7. Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is Bonkers

You can further your exploration of space with Star Wars Online, a massive and ever-growing MMORPG. Each mission in the game is like an episode in the TV show, featuring multiple story arcs and occasional filler episodes. You command and manage your own crew and starship as you explore the universe. Besides adventuring, you can collect resources, engage in diplomatic missions with new civilizations, and go to war against hostile aliens.

6. EVE Online

Equinox in Focus | New Upwell Ships

EVE Online is one of the largest MMORPG games, featuring thousands of solar systems, tons of content, and over 20 years of player-inspired history. It shares many similarities with Abyss Online, including lots of adventure, epic combat, and a player-driven economy. However, it is set in space instead of a magical land. Players can explore over 7,000 solar systems. Moreover, they can engage in endless fights, including vast PvP battles with up to 8,825 players in the multi-player mode.

5. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay (PC UHD) [4K60FPS]

Guild Wars 2 is the best alternative to World of Warcraft. The two games share many similarities, but Guild Wars 2 features several notable improvements over the latter. Most notably, the storylines are deeper and the worlds are richer, as the game focuses on exploration and discovery. However, much of the gameplay also involves fast-paced fights against menacing enemies.

4. Albion Online

Albion Online What NEW PLAYERS Can Achieve in Under 6 Hours, EU Server

Albion Online offers everything you get in Abyss Online and more. It features a vast world with five unique biomes featuring unique environments for an epic adventure. You can also put down roots when you aren’t exploring. You can claim land, plant crops, raise livestock, craft items, and trade with other players.

Besides adventure, the game also features lots of action as you face deadly foes along your journeys. The enemies range from small scouting bands to huge bosses, and you can also fight other players in the multi-player mode. Moreover, you can join other players to form guilds and go on massive open-world battles. Notably, the game supports cross-platform play across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices.

3. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - The Complete Story | Comicstorian

Final Fantasy is one of the largest MMORPG games, popular for its stunning graphics, vast worlds, and epic fights. The sequel, Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn embodies the series’ best aspects and shares many similarities with Abyss Online.

The game features a deep and engaging story for an immersive experience. It also offers a thrilling adventure as players explore the strange and beautiful worlds. You can play various roles in your adventures. Last but not least, it features epic fights with bosses, and players can try diverse weapons and combat styles.

2. New World

New World, like Abyss Online, is set in a strange land with magical powers, mysterious secrets, and various dangers lurking at every turn. You play an adventurer shipwrecked on a strange island. You must explore the island for the resources you need to survive while fighting the mysterious inhabitants.

Surviving the dangerous world entails collecting resources and crafting items, and you can claim territory for development and settlement. It also entails fighting your enemies using diverse weapons with varying abilities. The fights are epic, and you can go solo or partner with other players in multi-player mode.

1. Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online - Official PvP Trailer

Black Desert Online is an MMORPG with many similarities to Abyss Online. It features a vast open world that players can explore in an epic adventure while engaging in various fun activities. Notably, Black Desert supports more in-game activities, including hunting, gathering, fishing, cooking, trading, training, alchemy, and more.

Besides life skills, combat is also a major aspect of Black Desert’s gameplay. The combat system is combo-based and beating enemies relies on fast-paced movements. In addition to one-on-one fights, players can also join forces to form guilds and fight in large-scale battles.

So, what’s your take on our picks for the ten best games like Abyss? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below. 

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