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Warframe: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



Warframe is an extraordinary online game that brings together high-speed action, captivating narratives, and the power of teamwork. For those venturing into Warframe for the first time, the game's intricate mechanics and expansive universe might seem overwhelming. But fear not! But don't worry! We have gathered the five best tips to help beginners like you get started on your Warframe adventure with confidence.

Warframe belongs to the action role-playing genre, immersing players in a futuristic world where they assume the role of mighty warriors known as Tenno. Equipped with Warframe exoskeletons, players traverse breathtaking landscapes and engage in monumental battles against formidable adversaries. But where should one begin? How does one progress, unlock secrets, and acquire remarkable equipment? These are common questions for beginners, and we've got the answers. So, let's jump right into the five best tips for beginners in Warframe!

5. Experiment with Different Warframe and Weapon Types

Warframe offers an impressive array of captivating Warframes and weapons. As a novice, it's crucial to explore various Warframes and weapons to identify those that resonate most with your preferences. Each Warframe possesses unique abilities, imparting distinct gameplay experiences filled with excitement. Some Warframes excel in speed and stealth, while others manipulate elemental forces or confront hordes of enemies head-on. Choose Warframes like Ash, Volt, or Nova based on your preferred style of play.

Likewise, Warframe boasts an extensive selection of weaponry, ranging from rifles, shotguns, and pistols to bows and melee weapons. Each weapon type offers its own strengths and distinctive playstyles. If you relish precision from a distance, a sniper rifle might become your trusty companion. On the other hand, if you prefer up-close and personal encounters, a formidable dual sword or hammer can prove more appealing. By experimenting with diverse Warframes and weapons, you'll uncover the synergies between their abilities and armaments, allowing you to customize your loadout to suit your preferred playstyle and tackle any challenge that lies ahead.

4. Focus on Clearing the Star Chart

Warframe: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

The Star Chart serves as a vast universe within the game, comprising multiple planets, each brimming with missions, resources, and formidable trials. Progressing through the Star Chart unlocks new planets, grants access to vital resources, and unveils quests that reward you with powerful Warframes and weapons. Each mission introduces distinct groups of enemies, each with its own strategies and strengths. Completing these missions not only earns you experience but also allows you to accumulate resources and acquire blueprints for new Warframes and weapons.

As you embark on your Star Chart conquest, remember to explore and undertake side objectives. Some missions hide hidden challenges or bestow valuable rewards that can expedite your progress. Venturing off the beaten path may lead you to discover special mods, rare resources, or secret quests with astonishing rewards. Thus, avoid rushing through the Star Chart and relish the opportunity to savor the game's expansive universe, accomplish objectives, and uncover hidden treasures.

3. Prioritize Modding and Understanding Mods

In Warframe, modding is not a mere afterthought but an integral aspect that significantly influences your power and efficacy in battles. Understanding mods and optimizing their usage is crucial for a beginner's success. Mods can be equipped on Warframes, weapons, and companions to enhance their attributes, abilities, and overall performance. When it comes to modding, it's essential to acquire mods that align with your playstyle, augmenting the capabilities of your equipment.

Mods can increase your damage output, bolster your chances of landing critical hits, or imbue your attacks with special elemental effects. Seek out mods that fit the slots on your Warframe or weapon, as this reduces their energy cost. In turn, you can equip more mods and reap greater benefits. Remember that modding is a personal journey. Experiment with different combinations of mods to discern what works best for you. Some mods may enhance your survivability by increasing your shield or health, while others may bolster your offensive capabilities against adversaries. Also, upgraded mods possess greater power and enable you to tackle more challenging missions with confidence.

2. Understand the Importance of Mastery Rank

Mastery Rank (MR) stands as a pivotal factor in Warframe, reflecting your accumulated experience and skill level. As you level up Warframes, weapons, and companions, you earn mastery points that contribute to increasing your Mastery Rank. Why does this matter? Well, reaching higher Mastery Ranks unlocks a plethora of new and thrilling content, including formidable Warframes, potent weapons, and valuable mods. Elevating your Mastery Rank grants you access to a broader spectrum of equipment and missions, essentially opening up a whole new realm of possibilities.

Moreover, a higher Mastery Rank enables you to engage in player trading, expand your collection, and tackle more demanding missions. Mastery Rank serves as more than just a numerical representation; it serves as a testament to your dedication and growth within the Warframe universe. To elevate your Mastery Rank, focus on leveling up different Warframes and weapons. This encourages you to explore diverse playstyles and discover new favorites. The more you experiment and ascend, the more mastery points you accrue. It becomes a journey of learning and progression, an enjoyable endeavor to expand your knowledge and hone your skills in the world of Warframe.

1. Take Your Time to Understand the Basics

Warframe Best Tips for Beginners

Last but certainly not least, one of the most important tips for Warframe beginners is to grant yourself ample time to comprehend the game's fundamentals. This game encompasses complexity, boasting a myriad of concepts to absorb and comprehend. Rushing through the initial stages without investing adequate time in grasping the basics may lead to confusion and frustration down the road. Begin by thoroughly exploring the game's tutorial, which acquaints you with the controls, movement mechanics, and various combat techniques.

Following the tutorial, take a moment to immerse yourself in experimentation. Undertake missions, sample different strategies, and acquaint yourself with the wide array of Warframes and weapons at your disposal. Remember, Warframe is designed to be savored over an extended period. It rewards patience and dedication.

So, what do you think of our best tips for beginners in Warframe? Have you found them helpful? Are there any other tips you would add? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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