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Gary Denham, CEO of Wamba Technologies & Gamers Oasis — Interview Series

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Wamba Technologies, the company that has only recently spread the foundations for Gamers Oasis—an online platform where fledgling combatants will be granted the opportunity to compete, earn, and ultimately elevate their social status in a risk-free and economically active community—recently caught up with us to discuss its latest patent, as well as Gamers Oasis' upcoming projects. Curious to learn more, I spoke with CEO Gary Denham, who brought me up to speed on the company's plans to incentivize online gaming and competitive multiplayer.

Tell us a bit about your background in the gaming industry. How did it all start for you, and what brought you to the frontline of Gamers Oasis?

Gary: I began working in the gaming industry with Andy Ashcraft (designer: God of War 2, God of War 3) and Brian Upton (lead designer: Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon, Tom Clancy: Rainbow Six).  Working alongside these guys was akin to working alongside some of the greatest game designers in the industry. I told them about a patent I had filed (which has since been granted to me) where I integrated a tournament management system into a video game so players could compete against each other for real money.

They flipped out over the concept that players could pay an entry fee, compete against each other, and actually earn money by competing with the same games they had designed.  That patent is ultimately what has been fueling our growth and is now carrying us into the next phase of our work together.

Speaking of Gamers Oasis, when was the company founded, and what inspired you to establish a presence in the competitive scene?

Gary: Gamers Oasis is our upcoming project in conjunction with our company, Wamba Technologies. It is not yet up and running. That said, I was inspired by the fact that there are hundreds of millions of people around the world who are participating in esports right now, in real life, who still have very few options for online competition that is truly available to everybody.

I saw a real need for a product that would allow gamers to compete against each other, 24/7, and feel secure that the competition was fair and that cheating was not occurring.

Let’s talk about your licensed patent, Wamba Technologies. What is it, and how does it work?

Gary: Our company, Wamba Technologies, will be licensing our patent exclusively to Gamers Oasis so Gamers Oasis can offer players the experience of competing against each other for real money over the internet where everything is built natively into the games and is fully automated (as opposed to the current barrage of websites that are merely organizational and not actually connected to the games which they are organizing tournaments for.)

As an example, there could be dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of players who all “buy in” to a tournament where they each pay an entry fee ranging from $0.10 to $1,000.00.  Those funds will then go toward a prize pool, similar in nature to a poker tournament. First place will win the largest amount of money, but the person who comes in the last paying place will at least get their money back. A good player could win tens of thousands of dollars in a single tournament!

In your own words, why do you think competitive gaming is so important in this day and age? What is it that draws people into this portion of the industry, in particular?

Gary: Competitive gaming is the backbone of the entire gaming industry, whether people realize it or not. The reason Call Of Duty has remained number one, next to Fortnite, is because early on, both production houses for these games, Activision and Epic, made sure to sponsor tournaments where players could win large amounts of money.

In their debut year, Epic announced they would pay out a minimum of $100 million in prize money! That attracts players, which attracts influencers, which creates buzz, which drives the masses. So, in conclusion, competitive gaming is the absolute backbone of the industry and it is vital to the industry's continued growth and prosperity.

Do you have any advice for those looking to launch a career in competitive gaming? Are there any useful tools that can help fledgling gamers to find a foothold?

Gary: I think that, up until now, it has been VERY difficult for fledgling gamers to find a foothold in competitive gaming. The reality is, unless you are a top player in competitive matches, you are running into top players who are sneaking into matches where they know they outperform everyone, essentially making it so the fledgling players don't have a chance to win.

This has been a big issue in terms of discouraging players. This exact problem is what our platform will solve. It will allow beginners to compete, safe in the knowledge that they are truly competing against other beginners, and that the competition is evenly matched. When even matching occurs, it then creates a fun atmosphere for all participating parties, so they enjoy the competition and have a fair chance of winning.

I would encourage beginners to look for competitions featuring beginners, be sure to check out reviews first, and make sure the promoters for those competitions have a history of fair play and integrity.

Tell us about your plans for the forthcoming year. Are there any important dates that we should know about?

Gary: We are preparing to release our debut, fully-built mobile game. It should be fully available on iPhone and Google Play on Sept. 1.

Any final words for our readers?

Gary: Always be happy to hear constructive criticism, but always ignore blatant criticism. There are two types of people who are going to critique you as you begin to grow: those who want to see you succeed and those who want to cut you down.  Learn to know the difference and surround yourself with the first kind of person.

Finally, don't ever forget that you can hear them, evaluate their opinion, and then decide whether or not to take their advice. At the end of the day, your success or failure lies with you, so don't be afraid to take charge and make the decisions based on the best information you have at any given moment.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Gary. We’re wishing you and the team at Gamers Oasis all the best for the next chapter!

For more information on Gamers Oasis’ active projects and other upcoming events, be sure to check in with the team over on their official social handle here. Alternatively, you can visit their site for additional details here.

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