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5 Best Dark Fantasy Games on Steam



Games within the Dark Fantasy genre have a way of whisking away players to dark and mysterious worlds. This oftentimes adds to their charm and appeal as players make their way through their grueling experiences. These are games that can really challenge the player and often have a darker tone to their narrative and as well as aesthetics. However, there are plenty of aspects to enjoy about these games. So if you like us, enjoy these games. Please enjoy our list of the 5 Best Dark Fantasy Games on Steam.

5. Bramble: The Mountain KingBramble: The Mountain King Review

Today, we begin by starting off our list of the best Dark Fantasy games on Steam with a newcomer to the genre. Bramble: The Mountian King is a lush yet horrifying depiction of Norse fairy tales coming to life. This gives the game a distinct sense of setting and style. However, the narrative for this game takes a rather dark turn rather quickly. This will entice the player to continue playing the game in search of answers. The gameplay for this title is really solid as well, which aids player enjoyment.

Players will have to go along this journey in order to save their sister. Along the way, they will meet many terrifying-looking creatures and explore vast worlds. The boss battles in this game are phenomenal, and players should definitely enjoy them. Added to this is the freedom that is displayed within the design of the game's world. Players may discover any number of things along their path to the end of the game. All in all, Bramble: The Mountain King is a fantastic Dark Fantasy game that players should definitely check out on Steam if they have the chance.

4. Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Next on our list of fantastic Dark Fantasy games on Steam, we have Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Now this game has an enhanced edition that players should definitely check out if they have the chance, as it is a great way to experience the game. Players will be able to explore the world and enjoy the mechanics within this isometric RPG. The setting for the game also gives it a Dark Fantasy vibe, which is great for players looking for that aesthetic specifically.

There are up to twenty-five character classes to choose from, meaning there is a ton of variety between characters. This is great for those players who want to tweak their characters to their heart's content., Added to this is the game's unique approach to skills in the game as well. There are thousands of spells for players to learn if they put in the time and effort, meaning you can be playing this game for quite some time. To close, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is a fantastic CRPG in which players can explore a world of Dark Fantasy on Steam.

3. Darkest DungeonDark Fantasy Games

Our next entry on our list of Dark Fantasy games to check out on Steamwe have Darkest Dungeon. While there are currently many fans of the series clamoring about the release of Darkest Dungeon 2, now is a great time to get into the series through the first game. Within Darkest Dungeon, players will have to delve deep through many dungeons in order to undergo their journey. This roguelike has a distinct gothic art style which helps it stand out even among other Dark Fantasy titles.

Added to this is the game's superb mechanics, which by some accounts. Stand as some of the best to be found within the genre. The style of combat within the game is turn-based, which gives you plenty of up close and personal time with many of the game's grotesque creatures. There are a number of classes to choose from which means that there is something here for everyone in terms of those players who want a Dark Fantasy adventure. So if you haven't done so already, definitely check out Darkest Dungeon.

2. Grim Dawn

Firstly, Grim Dawn is a fantastic ARPG. Secondly, it pulls from influences, such as the Diablo series, to create something nearly wholly unique to itself. And lastly, it wraps all of this up in such a tightly woven experience that players can find hours and hours of enjoyment in the game. The aesthetic style of Grim Dawn is one that players will be able to enjoy. It is inspired by gothic horror and other elements. This is a game that many players and critics have praised as a spiritual successor to Diablo 2. And considering how many ARPG fans, let alone Dark Fantasy fans want that game, this is high praise.

This isn't without its merits either, as the gameplay mechanics within Grim Dawn are simply phenomenal. As they show an understanding of the game design behind the genre that the developers clearly love so much. Additionally, the price point of Grim Dawn is a great factor in its success as well, as the game only costs 25 USD. And for the amount of content you get, that is a marvelous price. So if you are looking for a Dark Fantasy ARPG on Steam, make sure you don't overlook Grim Dawn.

1. Elden Ring

5 Best Weapons in Elden Ring

Closing out our list of wonderful Dark Fantasy games available on Steam, we have Elden RIng. Now there isn't much to say about Elden Ring that hasn't already been said. The game itself features a stellar sense of world and boss design. And a Dark Fantasy aesthetic that makes it stick out simply from screenshots. Added to this is the variability within its gameplay. Players can choose from a number of weapons, each of which feels distinct from one another, and carve out their own identity in the game.

Along the way, however, there will be many boss enemies that players will have to learn how to defeat in their quest throughout the game. This gives the game a really strong sense of challenge that, to some players, will be appealing. However, through the game's strong multiplayer component, even players who aren't as familiar with Souls games can have a lot of success. This is great and allows the world of the game to open up for the player. To close, Elden Ring is simply a masterpiece and one of the best Dark Fantasy titles available on Steam.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Dark Fantasy Games on Steam? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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